Jun 17 2006

Afghan Offensive Against Taliban Continues

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Some 80 plus insurgents have been killed in the first three days of a coordinated offensive against the Taliban and Al Qaeda remnants inside Afghanistan.  The GWOT is hot this summer.

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One Response to “Afghan Offensive Against Taliban Continues”

  1. MerlinOS2 says:

    Lifting the hood and checking the dipstick here.

    Ah NATO troops have move into Afghanistan to fight the Taliban.

    We still have the same number of troops there.. they are not regrouping to play Texas Holdum. They may be doing other nefarious things.

    Also a group of really hyped up “Task Force” guys have crossed the border to play tag.

    Feed them red meat and give them the scent.

    Damn the polyunsaturated fats, full speed ahead!

    Can you say “border incursion”?

    Learn it , live it , love it.