Jun 16 2006

War On Terror Moves Out

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The focus on the war on terror is now centered more on Afghanistan and Pakistan as both countries step up efforts to take out Taliban and Al Qaeda remnants. While hundreds were killed in Iraq after the intel treasure trove from Zarqawi’s death, forces in Afghanistan are racking up impressive totals as well:

Coalition forces killed about 40 militants in an operation in eastern Afghanistan this week, a military official said Friday.

The insurgents were killed Wednesday and Thursday during a coalition air and ground strike in a remote part of southeastern Paktika province, bordering Pakistan, said Lt. Col. Paul Fitzpatrick.

The operation was launched in support of a massive anti-Taliban military offensive that has been launched across southern Afghanistan, he said.

And these activities are being mirrored to a great degree on the Pakistan side as we posted earlier.  In an interesting turn of events, a senior Taliban leader is renouncing the Afghan insurgency as part of a reconciliation process:

Thanking God and Canadians, a senior Taliban leader in Kandahar province has renounced the insurgents under an Afghan government reconciliation program.

Mulla Ibrahim, who has lost a leg, was rolled before the international media in a wheelchair Friday to repent.

“I have signed the papers to join the Strengthening Peace Program. I want peace and national union in Afghanistan in an Islamic system,” Ibrahim said through an interpreter as beefy international “contractors” armed with machine guns stood by.

“It was God and the Canadians who saved my life.”

This is an interesting event.  Hopefully we will see more of this over the summer.  Not holding my breath, but I can hope.

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  1. Terrye says:

    I wonder if they are after Osama?

  2. crosspatch says:

    The thing that worries me is that you have Canadian forces with French air support. Everyone knows that you can’t have beer or wine in Afghanistan so I have to wonder how effective these forces will be.