Jun 15 2006

Arab Street Rises Up

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The Arab street rose up to protest sympathy for Zarqawi’s death from Jordanian government officials:

Some 3,000 people protested yesterday to condemn Jordanian Islamist MPs for visiting the family of slain Al Qaeda in Iraq chief Abu Musab Al Zarqawi to pay their condolences. From parliament the demonstrators headed for the Radisson SAS, one of three Amman hotels targeted last November by suicide bombers in attacks that killed 60 people and were claimed by Zarqawi’s group.

“We respect your sentiments, denouncing support for terrorism and terrorism itself,” parliament speaker Nayf Al Fayez told them. He condemned the “fifth column of law-breakers who threaten this country’s security”.

“No to terrorism”, “No to supporters of terrorism”, and “Those who bear arms against us do not belong here”, read some of the banners carried by protesters. Four MPs, all members of the Islamic Action Front (IAF), have been charged with “incitement to terrorism” after they visited Zarqawi’s family in his hometown of Zarqa, north-east of Amman.

I wonder if the western media will cover this amazing demonstration against terrorism and Al Qaeda in the heart of the Middle East?  Yeah, when hell freezes over.

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  1. The Roundup…

    It’s Friday, you know.Iran admits to developing nuclear weapons: Iran’s defense minister on Thursday vowe ……

  2. dgf says:

    AJ —

    But the AFP is western media !


    I take your point, tho. Do a Google News google on, say, “Jordanian Zarqawi demonstrators” in 36 hours, and we shall see.

    — Regards

  3. dgf says:

    BBC reporting on the subject, actually pre-dating (06.13) the AFP article


    – Regards