Jun 13 2006

Making The News From Whole Clothe?

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*** as folks have pointed out, the article says the meeting was Monday which makes the reporting POSSIBLE – though it was released late today.  Consider this my Mea Culpa!  ***
Anyone want to guess how this reporting came about?

Bush, aides meet on strategy for Iraq

By Associated Press
June 13, 2006

CAMP DAVID, Md. – President Bush has reassured Iraqis the United States stands ready to help their new government, but he said success in Iraq largely depends on Baghdad’s ability to secure the nation and care for its citizens.

During a strategy session Monday on Iraq at Camp David, Bush also said Iraq’s neighbors should be doing more to help.

He said the United States expects countries that have promised $13 billion in financial assistance to make good on their pledges.

Bush’s huddle with top advisers was a chance to outline ways the U.S. government can best help Iraq, where the power runs sporadically and Iraqi civilian and U.S. troop deaths are mounting.

OK, I could have sworn Bush was in Iraq this morning, not huddled at Camp David as advertised to throw everyone off. Apparently this story, with quotes, was created when??? One would have to guess this was written before news broke of Bush in Baghdad. But where did the quotes come from? Someone should be investigating the AP!

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  1. MerlinOS2 says:

    And I thought the double was just used for the Washington Press Club gig. LOL

  2. AJStrata says:

    Good one Merlin. The Media wouldn’t detect the difference given how blind by hate they are.

  3. clarice says:


  4. growler says:

    Um…Bush was at Camp David on Monday. He slipped out of there on Monday night to go to Iraq.

    (CBS/AP) “I’m losing altitude — I’m going to read,” President Bush announced to a Camp David after-dinner gathering that included several members of his administration, the nation’s top intelligence officials and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

    Vice President Dick Cheney was about the only one among them who knew that, by the time the rest of the group disbanded their get-together about 15 minutes later, a weary president would not be tucked safely into bed in his cabin at the mountain retreat but already on board a helicopter bound for Andrews Air Force Base and, eventually, Baghdad.

  5. For Enforcement says:

    I’m confused, the story says Monday, you said he was in Iraq today, Tuesday. Not trying to argue, but what is what?

  6. Wicakte says:

    For Enforcement beat me to it. I was going to ask the same question. The quotes do sound “suspiscious” since one has to ask how the “secretive White House” would let the comments in an internal meeting get to the Press, and Bush didn’t hold a press conference about it, but I don’t see the date conflict.

  7. MerlinOS2 says:

    It is because of those pesky little things called time zones.
    The get Tuesday before we do.

  8. az redneck says:

    I read somewhere that Bush flew from Camp David to Iraq last nite. Also, IIRC, there was a video conference scheduled for today with Iraqi officials and the Camp David group. Perhaps Bush participated in that conference, but from Bagdad. Wouldn’t that be a great pr for the new Iraqi officials!
    Long flight, but with sleeping facilities on AF1, he could still have been brighteyed and BUSHytailed. (sorry–couldn’t resist!)

  9. az redneck says:

    Yep–it was at Mac’s.

  10. crosspatch says:

    I read that this morning, journalists were loaded into a bus to go to Camp David to see the “video conference” but were told once the bus was underway that Bush was in Iraq. Priceless. Also, maybe there was a video conference. Journalists viewing a big screen with Maliki and Bush on it.

  11. MerlinOS2 says:

    Remember the lead up to this. It was a story that GWB was gonna spend a couple of days with staff at Camp David doing the Web Conference thing. I had a bit of doubts of that in the beginning and just didn’t make the connection myself.

    I mean it is not like the White House doesn’t have this capability.

    Got to give GWB credit where credit is due, the suprise stop in Pakistan and this one show a man commited to what he believes. Getting in caught everyone by suprise. But he was there long enough that it really had to be high risk getting back out.

    Every last terrorist in Iraq would have loved to be the one that brought down AF! with an RPG.

    I bet there were troops on every street corner withing RPG range or maybe more, but still it was a good move.