Jun 13 2006

Pakistan Offensive Continues Against AQ

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I have been saying for months the region to watch this summer in the War on Terror is the northern Pakistan region where supposedly OBL, Zawahiri and Omar are hiding out. More news is out today on successful efforts in that unruly area of Pakistan:

The Pakistan Army on Sunday raised the number of militants killed in a raid on a training camp a day earlier to more than 30, mostly foreigners including Arabs, Uzbeks and local fighters who also took part in attacks inside Afghanistan, AP reported.

Twenty-two Arabs, three Uzbeks and seven local tribal militants linked with Al Qaeda and the Taliban were among those killed in the attack, a senior Pakistani security official said on condition of anonymity.

Pakistani security forces backed by helicopter gunships struck the militant facility before dawn Saturday in the North Waziristan town of Drub Lokai, a tribal region near the Afghan border.

Given the recent news that many elite forces are now heading to the region in Afghanistan across the border from this area in Pakistan, I think we are about to see the effect of political rabbit punches to the gut of Islamo-fascism.

Here is my theory: once the coalition saw the Iraqis form a stable government, the attention of the West could return to the broader war on terror. Iraq has been a very challenging enterprise, but it has continued to show progress through constant focus and effort. It is not impossible to see a plan to strike out at Al Qaeda strongly at the same time Iraq stands up the first Arab democracy with western styled civil rights.

So my guess is the West wants to keep applying body blows to the Islamo fascists. The first was the new Iraqi government, second was Zarqawi and rounding up all his key people. The third and fourth are now focused on the heartland of Islamo fascism and the remaining leaders. That is my theory from what I am seeing transpire.

Addendum: The above story contains this interesting tidbit:

Among those killed was the purported militant commander, identified only as an Arab by the name of Abu Nasir, the official said. No further details were available on either the victims or their nationalities.

Apparently Abu Nasir was targetted as an Al Qaeda leader in Iraq as well (here), or was this the Nasir who escaped custody in 2005? (here). My guess is I am chasing “John Smith”.

Addendum: More here on the strategy of dealing with the foreign fighters hiding in Pakistan

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  1. For Enforcement says:

    Another logical theory may be that with the continued succes in Iraq, it is going to be more in the continued interests of Pakistan to be more supportive of the US. So as much progress as is possible between now and the elections in Nov to insure the US gov doesn’t change too much, therefore insuring the continuation of improved cooperation from Pakistan. If all that makes sense

  2. crosspatch says:

    Remember that the unit formerly known as TF-145 was originally in Afghanistan before it was pulled to Iraq to chase down Zarqawi. It would be perfectly logical to assume they would go back to Afghanistan. Those guys deserve a week in Hawaii first, though, and we also need to give Jordan a little more public thanks for their efforts in bringing Zarqawi to justice. I have no doubt that Jordan did indeed play a significant role in getting us some vital pieces of the puzzle that lead to his demise.

  3. lawhawk says:

    This would also apparently coincide with the combined arms operation in Afghanistan – Operation Mountain Thrust, which will involve roughly 10,000 US, UK, Afghan and Canadian troops . The operation will target areas in Uruzgan and Helmand provinces.

  4. MerlinOS2 says:

    Remember that the unit formerly known as TF-145

    Hmmm reminisent of A rock star formerly named Prince

    But they did get the Prince of AQ in Iraq…

    and so it goes

    New search term for those following TF-77