Jun 13 2006

Protecting Us From Lying Liars

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Michelle Malkin has been doing this country and our military a great service by running down each and every case where the lying, lazy or corrupt news media have been using photos of Iraqis slain by insurgents to supposedly represent acts by our brave men and women.  Michelle should be commended for stopping this misinformation as it is coming out, and exposing the media as the sewer it has become.  Any news organization that cannot determine that  a well known photograph was the massacre of Muslims by Muslims should not be in business, let alone a credentialed news organization.  Keep up the good fight Michelle!

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One Response to “Protecting Us From Lying Liars”

  1. Rob says:

    The easy one that I saw was the artillery shell sitting on a wall in Waziristan that the NYTimes chose to label as a missle warhead. The simple uninformed stupidity of the NYT accepting this propaganda from the French and the Taliban simpathyzers just boggles the mind. Of course there has been much worse and much more proactive propaganda generated at the NYT. Michelle is defending the honor of our troops against these fabulists. Well done!