Jun 12 2006

US Cracks Down On Taliban

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In the wake of the death of Zarqawi, US and coalition attention is now refocused on the Taliban and Afghanistan. In recent fighting the US appears poised to getting close to Talbin leader Mullah Omar given this recent report from Qatar:

Afghan and United States-led foreign forces have killed 27 Taleban fighters in the latest clashes in the worst violence Afghanistan has seen since the Taleban were ousted in 2001.

Rahmatullah Raufi, a government army commander in the Afghan south, said a brother-in-law of fugitive Taleban chief Mullah Mohammad Omar was “most probably” among those killed in the fighting on Sunday night in the country’s south.

“Most probably, Amanullah, the brother-in-law of Mullah Omar, who was also keeping his finances, was also killed,” Raufi said yesterday.

He said 15 Taleban fighters were killed in the clashes in Deh Rawood district in the southern province of Uruzgan, while 12 militants were killed in an airstrike by US-led forces in Panjwai district of southern Kandahar province.

The coalition in the war on terror is also openly moving its top echelon forces to Afghanistan to begin putting the noose in place to snag Bin Laden.

UP to 400 elite British, American, Australian, Polish and Canadian special forces troopers are to be transferred from Iraq to Afghanistan to step up the hunt for Osama bin Laden, the world’s most wanted man.

With Zarawi out of the way and massive raids on Al Qaeda, the insurgency in Iraq has been dealt a big blow as Iraq’s permenant goverment takes control of the coutnry.  I think it is now reasonable to divert more resources to the hunt for Bin Laden and Zawahiri and Omar.

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  1. patrick neid says:

    they may find zawahiri and omar if we slip into pakistan late at night. but ole bin? they ‘ll find him by tripping over his headstone. riddle me this…..everyone else shows up reading the current issue of the new york times when they send in their timely videos. but bin, he sends in audio tapes that are dubious at best. i know, i know his hi8 has outdated batteries that he no longer can get from amazon.

    my money is on his dna being splattered on that hilltop in tora bora in december 01. the rest is pr.

  2. ordi says:

    No Indictment of Rove in CIA-Leak Case

    Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has informed top White House adviser Karl Rove that Rove will not face indictment in the CIA-leak investigation, National Review Online has learned. The word came yesterday, when Fitzgerald told Rove lawyer Robert Luskin that he, Fitzgerald, did not plan to seek charges against Rove. This morning, Luskin released a brief statement:

    On June 12, 2006, Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald formally advised us that he does not anticipate seeking charges against Karl Rove.

    In deference to the pending case, we will not make any further public statements about the subject matter of the investigation. We believe that the Special Counsel’s decision should put an end to the baseless speculation about Mr. Rove’s conduct.


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  5. Rob says:

    The US military and coalition are starting to push border control bases into the back country of Afghanistan against the Pakistan border, both up north and down south. Doesnt this sound simular to the efforts along the Anbar ‘rat lines’ that ultimately pushed Zarqawi out of Anbar and into the USAF bomb sights? And who could the object of all this attention be? Do the names Mulla Omar or OBL ring a bell.
    The Taliban are taking one hell of a beating in Afghanistan. What is not mentioned much is that clearly the strategy up until now has been conservation of force and get the government in Kabul stable. That done, now the US military, Afghan Army, and NATO are meeting the Taliban spring offensive head on in the wild areas along the Pakistan border. At the military level things are going well. The question as always is whether the “woe is me” media will awake from their doze and try to spin the progress in Afghanistan as another horrible situation and chance to cut and run.
    The real battle in Afghanistan will be against drugs and corruption, against the Taliban, our allies, even the Canadians, are doing well and that is good news.