Oct 09 2012

How Bad Is It? Even KOS_SEIU Poll Shows Romney Lead!

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Oh boy, put the liberals on suicide watch because this news is going to flip them out:

The candidates for President are Democrat Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney. If the election was today, who would you vote for?Obama 47 (49)
Romney 49 (45)

That’s a pretty disastrous six-point net swing in just a week, and the first time we’ve ever had Romney in the lead. It is inline with all other national polling showing Romney making gains in the wake of his debate performance last week.

Yep, that isĀ  disaster because President Obama is in the dead-duck range, historically. The President is too close to the 45% level which no incumbent can survive, and Romney is just under the 50% mark, which also is highly predictive of a win. Late deciders usually break to the challenger and against the incumbent. So this is a horrible poll for Team Obama. And this from a left-wing organization (KOS-SEIU)!

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2 Responses to “How Bad Is It? Even KOS_SEIU Poll Shows Romney Lead!”

  1. oneal lane says:

    These guys are not going to go down without a fight. Remember the you bring a knife, I’ll bring a gun statement from the Obama camp. Here is one possibility from Dick Morris:


  2. Mordecai Subaru says:

    I think this is what all of us already knew:


    He explained at the beginning,
    “If the winds turn ugly I shall stand with them”

    Why are people still not saying the obvious?
    Of course he wants the islamic countries to get the atomic bomb?
    New York will be the first city to go?
    Before any Israeli city!!

    Always New York!

    Fox News or CNN?

    You need to save your selves!!!!