Jun 24 2012

Crime Scene Proves Zimmerman Covering Up A Different Story

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I now understand why the charge against George Zimmerman is Murder 2 and not Manslaughter (as I originally thought would be proper). Whatever happened that night, it is nowhere near what GZ claimed in his numerous and shifting accounts. What I discovered in crime scene photos is undeniable. GZ’s lame attempts to preclude himself being anywhere off the sidewalk “T”  where Zimmermnan says the incident happened has been destroyed. The evidence tells a completely different and irreconcilable story. (note: crime scene photos below the fold)

First, the area in question is best seen by this generated overview of the crime scene (this is not a crime scene photo):

[Click to enlarge all images] The black circle near the intersection of the two  sidewalks (the “T”) is where GZ claims the incident took place, and where with one surprise punch TM knocked GZ down and began beating his head against the side walk. The white circle is very close to where Trayvon’s body was found, as can be seen in this crime scene photo (pulled from here and enhanced).

The body is draped under a yellow plastic cover. Note that the end townhouse has added some kind of dark screen to the back of their home. TM is lying  behind the 2nd townhouse, very close to the white circle above. Here is another view from the sidewalk T:

There is even more evidence detail to come, but we first need to discuss distances. Assuming each town house is (at least) 20 feet wide, and then giving another 15 feet from the first townhouse to the sidewalk, we can compute that TM’s body is (at least) 55 ft away from where GZ claimed the incident occurred. This is no small discrepancy, but really highlights how much GZ did not want to be located down that path. In fact, the lengths he has gone to not be placed down that path are telling, and why his story is a complete crock.

Here is a view looking at the back of the townhouses taken the next day:

Easily 55 feet IMO. One thing to note in this picture are those small, grey cement squares just on the other side of the walk. Those will become very important in assessing the location of key evidence spread from the T to the location of TM’s body.

Again, a small diversion before we dive into the location of evidence that lines up with witness accounts and destroys GZ’s claims of events that night. I just want to note how far away GZ was from the actual crime scene on the day of the reenactment video, when he also exposed how it is physically impossible for him to pull his gun while being pinned down. Here is GZ showing where he wears his holster, and not how he is well away from the actual shooting location. He is behind the first townhouse with the dark screens, just beyond the tree. Still a good 30+ ft from the actual scene, and he had to adjust his original story to get this far down the T.

OK, let’s highlight some items on the second photo where evidence is located. Point A is where police found GZ’s keys with a small flashlight attached and apparently on.

In the detailed picture below is we see the leaf on the walk seen in the long view above.

Way down the path is one of two grocery bags, which I assume at least one was TM’s from the 7-11. I find it interesting Zimmerman loses his keys up near the T, but the shooting happens 50 or so feet further down. That means the altercation was much longer than GZ let on, and it confirms witnesses who heard an argument first with multiple exchanges, saw two people running (one being chased) along the walk, etc. Clearly, GZ’s claim to have been punched and then immediately straddled is bogus.

The tough items to place in the larger scene are GZ’s other flashlight (item 5), the spent bullet casing (item 6) and TM’s phone (item 7).  Here is a picture of the phone along the path near one of those grey cement squares I mentioned previously:

The only hint of where this may be is the grey cement square, and possibly the ring of greening grass around it. Now here are all these items together with the police tags:

 Whats is completely baffling here is the lack of the body in the picture. I checked the police reports and Investigator Serino clearly states that the evidence was photographed and measured for the crime scene sketch before the body was removed by the ME. So it is very odd that the body is not in this image. I can’t prove this, but I believe these items are beyond the body because I cannot see them in any picture between the T and the body.  But I really don’t know where they are. I am certain they are NOT near the T.

This is why the police did not buy GZ’s concocted story. From the moment  he lied and claimed he got out of the car to find a street name (and later house number) – when in fact he got out because TM ran and he went into pursuit, to the lies about not being far off the T intersection when being hit, GZ has been covering up something. And he is doing a piss poor job of it.

I also want to go back to the idea of TM straddling GZ while punching him, and GZ being able to pull his gun. I find that to be a total crock now.

As I noted in the picture above, GZ shows EXACTLY where he wears his gun, in his waistband over his right butt cheek.

As I noted in a previous post, GZ could not be pinning TM’s arm to his side and with the same arm pull a gun. Just not physically possible. When his arm is pinned to his side, GZ cannot reach – let alone pull – the gun in his holster. Moreover, TM could never see the gun with GZ on his back because the gun would be between GZ’s back and the ground! Two impossibilities now!

But wait, there’s more.

As I thought about it I realized there is a 3rd obstacle to GZ pulling his gun while on his back with TM on top of him. See if you can figure it out from this representation:

As anyone can see the person on top will have their knees on either side of the body, blocking access to the waist and the gun, now firmly pinned to the ground. More physics comes into play since now the weight of the person on top is adding to the weight of the person on the bottom, creating a downward force on GZ’s lower torso of probabley over 200 pounds. You are not going to pull a gun from underneath that much weight, with one hand, from a holster (meant to grip the gun), on wet grass A courtroom reenactment will demonstrate the ignorance of GZ’s claims.

Also in GZ ‘s reenactment he claimed he slid down, away from the walk – which caused his jacket to rise and expose the gun. But if GZ was really being straddled, taht kind of move would  push his waist further down between TM’s legs,  making it even harder to snake an arm between the legs, under the back, through the wet grass, to the holster. So as GZ squirms feet-ward, he adds to the barriers blocking his hand from his gun. And the gun should have mud and grass in it from being pulled out.

So what happened that night? My guess is the one whose head exploded was GZ (who is known for a short fuse). I would not be surprised that TM got off one good punch, putting GZ on his butt at the T (thus losing his keys). GZ gets up and with his flashlight in one hand and pulls the gun with his other. At this point TM (who should have run, but is just a kid and likely stood frozen) bolts. GZ races after, now furious he got sucker punched. His red hot anger boiling over.

As they run and tussle down the path the gun is out and at some point they tangle and roll, with GZ on the bottom and TM desperately trying to punch him, all the time yelling help. GZ manages to move the gun into position and shoots TM. The gun was out, because it could not be pulled under the conditions GZ claims. And the only reason to make up such nonsense IS because the gun was out.

This is why GZ avoids the scene in his reenactment. He does not want to go down to the point where his Mr Hyde took over. My guess is the man’s mild mannered demeanor is his Dr Jekyll persona he crafted over the years to control and hide is volatile temper. As has been seen before with him, when GZ snaps he snaps. GZ knows his Mr Hyde took over that night, after the kid got a punch in. And he has been doing and saying anything not to be down that path with his Mr Hyde. To the point of lying to himself and rationalizing why TM was so bad (an extension of previous burglaries) it was OK he died.

I can see now why this is Murder 2. GZ’s story has completely unraveled on him. There will be more evidence to come is my guess. More evidence of an extended brawl that left debris along a 55-50 ft path of confrontation. More evidence that demolishes GZ story, which in turn will convict him for his crime.

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  1. Redteam says:

    “putting GZ on his butt at the T (thus losing his keys).”

    At the “T”? that would be the ‘same’ T where GZ said he was attacked where you claim they never were? Must have been a ‘different’ T.

    In that 4th photo, see all those bushes? Is that the same bushes that you claim don’t exist?

    If he wasn’t attacked at the T, how did all the stuff get strewn from the T to the yellow cover?

    You just blew your ‘theory’ out of the water.

  2. gcotharn says:

    This is an interesting theory.

    If your theory is correct, except that GZ was yelling for help (instead of Trayvon), does your theory of the confrontation still justify Murder 2?

  3. gcotharn says:

    Does your theory concede that GZ did not stalk Trayvon down the path between the condos? i.e. that GZ possibly was returning to his truck along the cut through sidewalk, and then was approached by Trayvon?

  4. momdear1 says:

    OH Puleeze….It would have taken two hands for TM to bang GZ’s head on the sidewalk. I’d lose my cool, and probably turn into a Mr. Hyde too if some punk had hit me so hard he broke my nose. The facts are that TM could have avoided the confrontation if he had continued on his way to his destination instead of confronting GZ. I don’t care how or when GZ got his gun out. If TM knew GZ had a gun he should have stopped running, put his hands above his head, surrendered and waited for the Police. After all, he had his girl friend on the phone and she should have called the police once she was told he was being persued. If Zimmerman didn’t have a broken nose and banged up head as proof that he was attacked, your theory that Zimmerman was a crazed maniac intent on killing a black “child” would have more credibility.

  5. AJStrata says:


    Nice try slick but your ability to keep details straight is pretty lousy. I never said there was no fight, I just said there was no ambush. Everyone has said there was a verbal altercation before the fists and gun.

    As I said many times, GZ went across the T to the other side of the buildings to check out the back entrance. He likely walked that direction (the back entrance being were he told dispatch TM was heading, so don’t dismiss the source of the direction – GZ himself).

    As Dee Dee stated, TM headed towards home but lost GZ (who is now on the other side of the building from him). As he decides the coast is clear, GZ decides to go back to his truck. The both coincidentally head back to the T for different reasons. Each thinks the other is gone.

    I can even envision the timing as this: TM hits the T first and then see GZ coming around from the other side. I would expect TM to go away from the clubhouse, where GZ parked his truck which is likely still visible.

    He turns left and see GZ, who also sees TM.

    As TM turnsback to go once again towards his house, GZ catches him near the (but not at the T – the keys are at least 10 feet down the path).

    And no, those 2 foot high bushes 20+ feet away are not going to hide someone for long. Especially if the window is lit.

    Keep grasping all you wish, GZ is pure toast and all wannabe vigilantes will learn the lesson they so desperately need to learn. You are not empowered to play cop if you have a gun.

  6. AJStrata says:


    my theory – supported by evidence – is GZ is a lying sack of shit who killed an innocent unarmed kid in a fit of anger.

    Source of anger – who cares. They guy is scum …

  7. AJStrata says:


    While your two hands have my head my two hands are pounding your neck.

    You are not even beginning to think this through.

    Besides, what I posted today shows there was no pounding of the head. There is no DNA or blood on TM Mommy Dearest.

    Which means he never had GZ head or mouth in his hands…

    I mean duh…

    DNA – understand how it works? They man’s story is a complete and utter hash. One long continuous lie, created out of the horror in realizing what he had done in a fit of anger.

    Nothing GZ claimed is POSSIBLE….

    get it. NOT POSSIBLE….

  8. browngreengold says:


    GZ notes in his police interview that his flashlight batteries were dead.

    My theory has always been that Z confronted Martin and attempted to detain him (hence the “Get off” or “Get off me” audio from Martin as reported by Dee Dee).

    Perhaps Z told him that he had called the cops. Z did, after all, let slip in one of his interviews that Martin was upset that he had called the cops.

    My thinking has always been that this barely 17 year old kid returning home in the darkness, minding his own business, was followed…first by vehicle, then on foot by an armed stranger. He was then confronted by this armed stranger. He was doing nothing wrong. He was scared out of his wits, and ended up dead as a result of Z’s actions.

  9. Redteam says:

    “Nice try slick ” did your excellent skills of guessing lead you to the conclusion that my name is slick?

    ” I never said there was no fight,” and I never said that you said there was a fight.

    But you did very clearly state that GZ was not at the T when the confrontation took place and then you start spinning your wheels and say that is where Treyvon punched him. Just how could he punch GZ at the T if they were not at the T? As you continue to hypothesize. And you think you kept those details straight?

    Did you or did you not state that there are no bushes anywhere near the scene that TM could have hidden in? What are those little things at the back of each apartment in YOUR very own photos just up above that have ‘leaves’ on them? Is that or is that not ‘bushes’? Did you get that detail straight.

    If you actually envisioned this: “I can even envision the timing as this: TM hits the T first and then see GZ coming around from the other side. I would expect TM to go away from the clubhouse, ” I would suggest you make an emergency visit to your eye doctor.

    Do you, or do you not, remember your theory that GZ pursued TM down the path (after all, aren’t you trying desperately in your whole soliquy above to ‘put GZ down the path and nowhere near the T” because it couldn’t have been at the T if your theory is ‘true’?

    then you turn right around and put GZ at the T, where you state TM punched him and caused him to lose his keys. remember that?

    you continue to blow your own ‘theories’ out of the water. That is a big KaBoom..

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  11. AJStrata says:


    That is where all the evidence and testimony points, especially when you take away the shreds of GZ’s lies.

  12. AJStrata says:


    Feel free to show me where I said NONE of the confrontation happened at the T, and if it was prior to having the latest detailed information available then I suggest you recognize this is how to actually reassess in light of new data….

    LOL! You do know putting the original conflict 55 ft away from the body only destroys your boy more than helps him. It makes his lies all that bigger

  13. AJStrata says:

    More fun with evidence. Those scrapes on the back if GZ’s head ARE NOT from being banged multiple times against concrete. There is no subsurface damage to the muscle or bone (according to Serino in one of the audio interviews).

    I agree. 2-3 hits on a concrete edge will damage the bone, likely fracture it. 160 pounds of angry boy will do damage quick.

    So RT and Mommy Dearest, what happens to your faith in GZ if it is proved medically the injuries on GZ’s head were clearly not from concrete???

    LOL! DO you really think you have all the answers, more than the army of forensic specialists who have poured over the evidence? Just by reading news articles and blogs?

    Have either of you read the transcripts, listened to all the audio, done any real research to back you claims???

  14. bystander55 says:

    i could pick this horrendous reenactment apart all day long.

    the address in which zimmerman claimed to need so badly, zimmerman could have taken the address down from the very first house by the cut….afterall his car was parked there right? you know, the one that they clearly pass in the video?

    notice the long sigh as zimmerman walks towards the “T”…lol

    if you actually watched the reenactment, you hear the investigator ask zimmerman in what direction did trayvon come from in relation to the initial confrontation. zimmerman motions diagonally to the left about where the investigator stands and said “he was about there but walking towards me” (away from where trayvon’s body was found) i don’t see any bushes anywhere near there. do you? as a matter of fact, zimmerman doesn’t even mention a bush in that reenactment, very very odd.

  15. bystander55 says:

    also notice how the investigator tells zimmerman that he flipped martin over (because that is how martin was found ~ face down). zimmerman was caught off guard, notice how he responds…quickly lol.

    zimmerman is a joke.

  16. Redteam says:

    bystander55, you really don’t see any shrubbery bushes near the back door of every apartment building in the photos? you really don’t see them? You really, really don’t see them? And you think you have any credible observation? wow.

    AJ: pardon me, but let me remind you of your theory. TM was retreating from where GZ was, heading toward his apartment. When GZ got to the ‘T’ he turned down it and pursued TM down the sidewalk toward his apartment. It is key to your ‘theory’ that GZ pursued, that means was going after, TM. Do you recall that part of your theory? That’s why you claim he’s guilty, because he had the opportunity to not pursue him, but you insist he did go down that sidewalk after TM.
    But, somehow, and this is kinda fuzzy (actually missing altogether) TM magically appears at the T, where GZ is currently not at, (he followed TM down the sidewalk, remember) and punches GZ and breaks his nose and GZ drops his keys. All this at a time and place ‘where neither one of them were’ according to your theory.

    Now if you want to retract your theory that GZ ‘pursued’ TM down the sidewalk, or change it completely to where GZ didn’t actually pursue him, then it would make sense that the attack by TM could have taken place at that spot. Blows your theory completely out of the water, but at least makes sense.

    Now here is a real peculiar hypothetical: “So RT and Mommy Dearest, what happens to your faith in GZ if it is proved medically”

    but, but, but the medical examination has already taken place AND IT DID NOT PROVE YOUR THEORY. It was entirely consistent with his head being banged onto a concrete sidewalk.

  17. Redteam says:

    Love this one:

    “There is no subsurface damage to the muscle or bone (according to Serino in one of the audio interviews).”

    That is Doctor Serino? correct? iron clad hypothesizing, I’d say.

  18. Layman says:

    Been away working. do love RT’s comment on the infallible expertise of “Dr. Serino”.

    AJ: Your theory sounds pretty good but there is one thing to consider. Ever been in a fight with someone on top of you? I have. there is a lot of squirming and bucking and shaking going on as you try to extricate yourself from a bad situation. You make it sound as if GZ would have layed there motionless and helpless. You might consider the situation dynamic vs static. Would/could that allow GZ to free his arm to grab his gun?

  19. Layman says:

    Just read the June 22 post. Do we really need such juvenile analysis as:

    “…Apparently, Trayvon was such a vicious and superhuman thug that he could see through Zimmerman’s clothes and legs.”

    Again, assumes GZ lying there flacid, unmoving. Now imaging him twisting around, moving side-to-side, and bucking.

    Doesn’t prove a thing, doesn’t dimminish the holes in GZ’s story, but at least shows that snarky commentary isn’t intelligent analysis.

  20. Mata says:

    AJ, speaking of cover ups in general, the State has little problem proving two elements of murder two.. the victim is dead and the criminal acts that created the dangerous condition that led to the death.

    The only one that the skeptics believe is impossible is the “depraved mind”.

    I mentioned to gcotharn on another thread the CVSA interview, and the peculiar unconscious and repeated exaggerated body movements that GZ does when he talks about “reaching for his phone”. It’s almost instinctive each time he mentions that event. Why the physical demonstration with the exaggerated movement?

    I’m wondering if the State is going to attempt to prove that what GZ did, upon being startled hearing TM’s voice, is reach for his gun. Or that the obvious exaggerated movements he seems to demonstrate may have given TM the impression that he was doing just that.

    You’ll see these movements on the CVSA video at both 30’41” and again at 38’40” approx.

    INRE the fight at the tee and the site of death. This remains a continuing problem for GZ. He asserts he was decked and knocked down immediately by TM, yet contends he was standing at the tee and not further south on the path between the rowhouses.

    I also wonder if the State is going to attempt to prove that GZ moved further south on that path to confront or detain TM or, as I said above, if they believe that GZ was not reaching for his cell, but his gun.

    That will be tough to prove, but again, we don’t know how they will be piecing together what they have collected as a presentation at trial. It’s like have the chapters of a book, but not compiled in a linear fashion.

    As far as GZ’s head banging…. none of the injuries are consistent with a serious head injury. He experienced no dizzyness or unsteady behavior if he could immediately mount Trayvon to restrain a dead body, easily stand up and holster his weapon then stand with his hands over his head when the police arrived. Nor did the paramedic report that injuries were substantial enough for him to warrant stitches (even one or two) at a hospital.

    Additionally, the PD were able to observe GZ’s demeanor and cogency following the event. He did not demonstrate any inability to field questions or get thru the ensuing investigative questioning or interviews. If he’s not convicted of murder two, he’s definitely guilty of being a wuss.