Apr 06 2012

Can Romney Be Energized By VP Choice?

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Sorry again for the lack of posting. I am simply stunned with how much work is slamming me at the moment on multiple fronts.  Not to mention we are now in the doldrums of the political season, so my interest in politics is at a true low.

Santorum cannot stop Romney – and I am not sure that bothers me at all. Santorum had enough missteps in terms of promoting a intrusive conservative government that he pretty much lost the 2010 Libertarian insurgent voters. I have accepted Romney as the GOP candidate – yawn.

One thing I hope is clear after this year is how useless Ron Paul is to the Libertarian cause. All he does is siphon off enough conservative votes to make sure the establishment candidate gets selected. It is also clear he has the backing of the GOP Political Industrial Complex to play this role of divider. He has been covering Romney’s flank the entire time – not once pointing out his fallacies. Ron Paul is a barrier to Libertarians – that much is now crystal clear. Hopefully we move beyond the quirky old uncle now and get serious.

Obama is almost a dead-pol walking. He has screwed up so many ways its impossible to list them all in a quick post. On the International front he has been the best thing for the Islamo Fascists taking over in key countries. Part of me is glad to see strong men like Qadaffi gone, but what we are getting in place of these Arab leaders is not stability but anarchy. This will have repercussions for a long time.

Obama’s economic disasters are now legend. In fact, the one thing hurting Romney is how Obama has decimated all belief in government as capable to solving any problem – without making things worse. One look at the Shovel Ready jobs of the defunct ‘stimulus’ package and it is clear how you can really make things a hell of a lot worse by applying foolish and naive socialist, progressive policies. The result was not just continued unemployment, but a pile of debt it I will not see undone in my life time, nor my kids.

Obama, Reid and Pelosi have so poisoned the image of government intervention Romney is seen as just another variant on the two-faced DC pol. It does not help that he is robotic (like Obama), too quick with the slick catch phrase (like Obama) and someone whose resume is chock full of big-government or big-business (the two banes of Main Street, USA). When Romney speaks I feel and hear nothing – its like he’s on a Charlie Brown episode speaking adult gibberish (wah, wah, wah, wah,.. wah-wah).

But I have been following the comments from our die-hard and patient readers here (thanks folks, no better sign of support than sticking through this dry spell) and maybe there is a chance for Romney to ignite some energy in his base.

McCain did this with his pick of Sarah Palin, which actually gave him a fighting chance (that he still muffed). I agree a Paul Ryan or Marcus Rubio type would be best. It has to be a Libertarian, tear-down-this-bloated-government type. The only way for Romney to tap into some of that 2010 insurgent vote is to get a Tea Party lieutenant.

The problem for Romney without this kind of fire-brand ally is the country may feel fine with divided and paralyzed government – especially if the US Supreme Court knocks down Obamacare. Divided government would impose a 4 year “Stop Screwing Up!” moratorium on DC as the Dem veto pen fights the GOP Congress. It would force a time for discussion and decision going into 2016.

Romney needs a personality implant and a jolt of Tea Party Libertarian. If he is going to sketch a new path forward, he needs to move away from Big Government and Big Business. Something I am not sure he is able to do, sadly. But if he does – then I and many others might find a reason to get interested again.


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  1. jan says:

    AJ, another one of your thoughtful essays, providing serious fodder in considering the direction of this presidential primary.

    American Thinker has a provocative piece dealing with the same subject of Romney’s personality. However, they view it with a different perspective than yours, starting off with the title of Mitt Romney antihero.

    The left wants desperately to diminish Romney out of the fear that he will grow to become an even more formidable politician. They seek to alienate him — to make him into what is known in psychobabble as “the other.” This is the admitted strategy of the Obama campaign. Instead, Romney fits a paternalist archetype at a time when the country seriously needs a dad at the wheel. Think Don Draper without the sinister plot lines. This is why Romney is feared.

    Professional critics always seem to parse their words. They cannot whole-heartedly embrace anything or anyone without caveats. Let’s jettison that approach: Why not embrace Romney’s candidacy with an uncritical eye, instead of the jaundiced, bored, critics’ glance? No, I don’t suggest we now drop our analytical functioning, but let’s lose the cynicism.

    When Romney explains that he does not want to “transform America”, as does Obama, but rather to “restore America”, rest assured that Governor Romney means to restore our country in the political, economic, and even ethnic sense (though of course he won’t spell that out for his audience). This wistfulness for the past, and steel-hearted hope for the future is elegantly put. Let’s internalize that slogan, and not forget what it really signifies.

    As for your additional comments about VP choice for Romney, Major Garrett put out his own VP projection, which is basically the opposite type of persona in which you hoped he would be inclined to choose:

    Rob Portman will be Romney’s Vice President

    I personally echo your VP suggestions, and might even throw in Allen West, who would be able to season and inject more flavor to the ticket.

  2. jan says:


    I saw your response to the ‘natural born citizen’ discussion, on the previous thread. There was no comment box, so I just wanted to acknowledge here that I indeed did read it.

    Personally, I can see where there can be room for dispute as to how people interpret this Constitutional clause. My husband and I bantered this about over dinner last night. And, his viewpoint was similar to mine, that to qualify for ‘natural born citizen’ status, one had to be born in the United States, period.

    I would be interested what AJ and others might have to contribute to this disparity of opinion on what constitutes a natural born citizen, in order to meet the qualification of becoming VP or POTUS.

  3. Stirner says:

    Some has speculated that Rand Paul is on the shortlist for Romney VP pick.


    Paul would be great as an anti-Obama attack dog and in delivering the red meat to the conservative/tea party base – both big Romney weaknesses.

    One other factor is that Mrs. Romney and Mrs. Ron Paul have become quite chummy with each other on the campaign trail.

  4. Redteam says:

    jan, there was a lot more to what I posted, but apparently moderation will not let you mention certain things (links to anything “birther” for example) and I don’t plan to spend much, or any time commenting about it because 99% of the people don’t know the difference and 99% of the other 1% don’t care if the person is constitutionally eligible or not. They just assume that if he is elected, he’s eligible. I don’t agree but I’m not going to change any minds and don’t want to. Ignorance is bliss for the majority. I just plan to ignore comments about Rubio and pretend he doesn’t exist and just have to hope that the Repubs are smart enough to nominate a person that is constitutionally eligible, there are several excellent people. Palin, Ryan, West, to name some of my favorites. I will fully support Romney, unless Rubio is his VP pick. (end of that discussion)

    I think AJ’s post is excellent. If Romney does seek, and sets a path to, ‘restore’ America, he should have a lot of support. There is no way he won’t be better than Obama. Santorum and Gingrich both ran absolutely terrible campaigns and ‘lost their bracket’ as WWS said. Once you lose your bracket, you don’t advance.
    “Romney needs a personality implant and a jolt of Tea Party Libertarian.” well said.

    One other point, the Walmart boycott is definitely a flop, I was just there and the store was packed (a majority of people here are Dimocrats) so I know that they aren’t following the party.

  5. dbostan says:

    We all need to support Romney at this point. I bet almost everybody will pitch in, because we just can not afford 4 more of O’s…
    I think the best pick for VP would be the female Governor of New Mexico.
    My money are on her…

  6. MarkN says:

    Unemployment came in at 8.2% in March. Looking forward to Aj’s analysis which will show the real unemployment number is around 11%.

  7. Redteam says:

    dbostan, I like the fact that you referred to what’s her name as the ‘female governor of New Mexico’. yep, what’s her name? and while I’m asking the question, who is Rob Portman? Nothing like nominating, er, uh, what’s his name for VP. That’s should add a hefty boost to the election chances of, er, uh, what’s his name? uh, Romney?

    MarkN. Real unemployment is closer to 20%. If you take the number of jobs that people actually had when Obama got elected and subtract the number now working and add the new people that have become of age. you’ll come up with close to 20. 8.2 is not based on any reality of anything, just a bunch of made up numbers to make Obama look good. That 12% between Obama’s numbers and reality are probably not going to be voting for Obama. (well, except those drawing unemployment)

  8. jan says:

    I think the name dbostan was searching for was Susana Martinez, governor of NM.

    I’ve heard of Rob Portman, as he has been part of the faithful, loyal republican support team for some time. Team player, smart, cool-headed probably describe him the best. Apparently his efforts, as jr Senator in OH, are credited for bringing that state into a slim win position for Romney, as he stumped vigorously in his own district bringing in a lot of votes. So, I guess you could say he would be an asset in possibly helping out in the swing state of Ohio in the GE.

    Portman is another numbers guy too, being that he was director of the OMB for a time under Bush. The economic part of his resume is a good trait. But, being a member of the Bush administration is negative, IMO. I’ve also seen his name crop up on another pundits opinion piece, too, other than the Garrett one. So, apparently his name is actively being floated out there.

    Personally, though, I would prefer Ryan as my current first choice. And, in deference to Redteam, won’t mention the other “R.” FWIW, that other “R” has significantly gone down in the intrade predictions, of late.

  9. dbostan says:

    Not enough time for searches…

  10. jan says:

    A Cliffnotes version detailing possible VP choices:

    Your quick guide vetting the potential picks for Vice President

  11. Redteam says:

    In that link jan provided, I found this: ” But in retrospect, both Palin and Biden complimented their running mates by providing attributes the other lacked.” I just have to make a comment on that quote. Biden complimented Obama? really? That’s just too good. I can’t even imagine that Biden could be considered better than someone else in any way. Even his hair plugs are terrible.

    I don’t know if I’ve ever heard of Portman or not, sure doesn’t ring a bell. At any rate, we need someone with positive name recognition that has actually accomplished something worth while.
    Paul Ryan a definite plus. I also like Ryan Paul, but i’m afraid Ron Paul has polluted his name a little (someone may confuse the two) Susan Martinez has no star power, haven’t heard any thing good that she has supported. we need someone to draw votes.

    The one factor that no Republican candidate is going to have the hardest time defeating is the voter fraud that will happen on the Dim side. Just this week four Dims were sentenced to jail time for voter fraud in ’08. It has been stated that they accomplished, fraudulently, getting Obama on the ballot in their state (Indiana?) and that had they not, he could not have won the election. Just one massive voter fraud in one state can turn the whole election and the Dims are spending more time on accomplishing that objective than all the other election details. So all our gnashing of teeth over the Repub may be useless if Dims can swing their planned frauds.

    Am I pessimistic? yes, I don’t think there is the will in the country to have an honest election. Oh, it’s a good idea, but so what if the Dims defraud us into more Obama? we’ll just accept it as the ‘will of the people’.

  12. jan says:


    At the time Biden was chosen as VP, I remember most people considered him to be one of the poorest choices. However, the best that anyone could figure out why Obama chose Biden was that he presented a seasoned, more establishment type of democrat to the ticket, counter balancing Obama’s more left wing associations and no experience resume.

    The big question now is will Obama keep him on the 2012 ticket, or refresh the VP with someone else?

  13. Phil says:

    I think some of the names on the linked list are better than others.

    One not listed that might also work is Scot Walker.

    I would like to see Allen West, Ryan Paul or Rubio or Niki Haley any of those would be a good choice

  14. Redteam says:

    Phil, why would Niki Haley be a good choice?

  15. Redteam says:

    I lived in SC for 15 years, til ’05 and never heard her name til she ran for governor.

  16. jan says:

    Niki Haley is struggling in her home state right now. I seriously doubt she would be considered at this time. Scott Walker is bogged down with his recall election in WI. If he can survive the union seige of money and garbage being thrown at him he will be considered a hero and invincible, IMO! What a president he would make!

  17. Redteam says:

    I agree on Scott Walker, man has principles and sticks with them.
    Nikki Haley is not a natural born citizen. Her parents were not citizens.

    people, there are ONLY 3 constitutional requirements to be President. 1. be a natural born citizen, 2, be 35 years of age 3 have lived in US for 14 years. It’s not all that hard to find qualified people and 2 out of 3 ain’t good enough.

    natural born doesn’t mean native born or naturalized.

  18. kathie says:

    The opposite of Mitt is Marco Rubio, thoughtful, passionate, speaks from the heart, and he could run after Mitt.

  19. Mike M. says:

    Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio sound good, but both are very inexperienced…and long-term Presidential candidates. McCain did Palin NO favor by nominating her – he wrecked a potential Presidential contender by doing so. The Vice President always suffers guilt by association – it;s why Bush the Elder was the first VP since Martin van Buren to succeed to the office without stepping into a dead man’s shoes.

    The way I see it, Romney needs several things…and probably can’t get all of them, he’ll have to compromise.

    First, he needs to balance the ticket ideologically. Tea Party.

    Second, he needs regional balance. Meaning a Southerner or Westerner.

    Third, he needs to deliver a swing state. Which means Ohio, Pennsylvania, or Florida.

    Finally, he needs a running mate that reinforces his own reputation for competence. The A Team versus the O Team. This knocks out Ryan, Rand Paul, and Rubio. It probably takes out Palin, though McCain’s suggestion to re-nominate her is a compliment.

    My assessment: The potential contenders boil down to Governors Perry of Texas, Bush of Florida, Barbour of Mississippi, and McDonnell of Virginia. All four good men, with solid reputations. None fits all four criteria, but if I had to bet, I’d probably go with Perry by a nose.

  20. Phil says:

    I admit that part of what I am looking at is Gender and ethnicity. That is why I included Haley.

    The Republicans can never get out from under the “Party of White Men” moniker as long as they only nominate white men.

    So Haley, Rice, Rubio, West – all make it harder to run the leftist smears

    I would be tempted to nominate someone for VP who does not meet the “Naturalized” qualification on purpose and wait for the democrats to say something. The Republicans could then the demand that Obama meet the same standard of proof.

    I would say that Condi Rice would scare Bidden to death in a debate but he is not smart enough to know he should be afraid