Jan 13 2012

Romney Is Not The One

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I am a small business owner and fiscal conservative. I am pro-business and bullish on America’s economic engine: small business. I am all for smaller government (actually, the smallest possible government). I support the Tea Party and Libertarian goals. I would take the free market over central government controls any day of the week.

And I cannot support the kind of person portrayed in this 28 minute documentary about Romney and how  he made his millions. It may be one sided, but I doubt he and his fellow vultures created enough good to offset a fraction of the pain and suffering they put people through. This is not the free market of small businesses, this is bullying and pillaging.

In 2008 the Democrats elected an image and never once looked behind the spin to see who Barack Obama really was. Now the GOP is promoting an image, and we cannot afford to make the same mistake again.


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  1. Redteam says:

    These stories are humorous. Always written by Dimocrats, always blaming capitalism.

    Just how many steel mills have gone out of business in the USA in the last 20 years? (very many) How many was Bain involved in? (very few)

    That article itself said the plant had employed 4500 people but was down to 750 when bought out. Who gets credit for the other 3750 people that lost their jobs? THE UNIONS….. that’s who. If the Unions had continued to work with the owners and kept the price of steel below what the imported steel costs, then those people would still be employed. People should thank Bain for keeping those people employed for about 10 more years than they would have had the plant just bankrupted and shut down instead of Bain coming in and extending it’s life for 10 more years.
    Maybe reading up on the steel industry will shed a lot of light on a good study of how unions have destroyed an industry, that same lesson carried over to Automaking in the US also. Now those same unions are controlling the US government. What do you suppose the end result of that is going to be when the Supreme Court Justices are required to be union members?

  2. Redteam says:

    As a follow-up, I just googled this:
    “US Steel combined finishing firms (American Tin Plate (controlled by William Henry “Judge” Moore), American Steel and Wire, and National Tube) with two major integrated companies, Carnegie Steel and Federal Steel. It was capitalized at $1.466 billion, and included 213 manufacturing mills, one thousand miles of railroad, and 41 mines. In 1901, it accounted for 66% of America’s steel output, and almost 30% of the world’s. During World War I, its annual production exceeded the combined output of all German and Austro-Hungarian firms.

    After 1970 the company could no longer compete effectively with low-wage producers elsewhere. Imports and mini-mills undercut its sales – see also steel crisis. It went into oil then was spun off in 2001. Finally US Steel reemerged in 2002 with plants in three American locations (plus one in Slovakia) that employed fewer than one-tenth the 168,000 workers of 1902″

    I don’t see Bain mentioned in that write-up.

    Here’s link:

  3. Redteam says:

    You can find all kinds of good stuff when you look very little, just read this:
    “The steel industry was beginning its long stumble when it turned to Washington for help in the late 1970s. The Carter administration responded by committing $300 million in loan guarantees to five struggling companies. Nearly a third of the funds went to help Wisconsin Steel, a Chicago outfit that had been around since the 1870s.

    Thanks to a strike at a key customer, Wisconsin Steel promptly went under. The company locked its gates one winter day without even bothering to notify its 3,000 employees that their wages were history.

    So was most of the government’s money.”

    anyone see the word ‘Bain’ in that write-up? I did see mention of a Dimocrat administration…

  4. alwyr says:


    Although I read you religiously, I oftentimes don’t post.

    My question to you AJ: Although Mitt is OBVIOUSLY not our choice, IF he ends up as our Republican nominee WILL YOU VOTE FOR HIM AND ENCOURAGE OTHERS TO DO LIKEWISE

  5. AJStrata says:


    Thanks for being a regular reader. To answer your question – I honestly do not know if I would vote for him. I do know I would never encourage others to support Romney. Something I did for McCain even though I really did not want him to win.

    Romney may be one of those GOP candidates I cannot support.

    Yes, he is that bad. However, I will cross that bridge when I get there. Because Obama is ALSO that damn bad.

  6. dbostan says:

    As for me,yes. I would vote for Mickey Mouse over obama. That is not the issue. Not even Mittens/Romney is the issue. The issue is the repubic estsblishment who manipulated the process and pushed Romney, as they did with McCain.

  7. Redteam says:

    I would vote for Putin over Obama, Putin does not plan to destroy the US as thoroughly as Obama does.

    I would certainly vote for any American over Obama, and I don’t even have to think about the answer to that question. I certainly don’t have to wait til it ‘comes down to it’ I know now that there is no worse thing that could happen to America than the re-election of the Mombasian Candidate.

  8. Redteam says:

    Raymond Shaw is alive and well

  9. lurker9876 says:

    I would not vote for any American over Obama as there are so many progressives as bad or worse than Obama.

    I went to the Saddle Up Texas Straw Poll in the last two days. I missed Andrew Breitbart’s speech but I heard that the main topic of his speech is the mainstream media’s agenda. Of course, Fox News were following him around and Andrew was bashing them as well. LOL!! Not good. I don’t think we saw Fox News after that.

    As naturally, they saved the best speakers in the two last sessions. Dan Patrick’s main purpose was the “Get Obama out” vote no matter who the GOP nominee is.

    Louie Gohmert and Michael Berry gave very good speeches. Louie ran a “True or False” quiz and talked about each “question”. Ten or 12 questions. All of them very good. Examples: 1) Repeal ObamaCare. 2) Repeal the automatic spending increases / payroll raises enacted in 1974 (?). 3) Do we need a balanced budget? 4) Will the economy improve once Obama is voted out of the office?

    Jerry Patterson just announced that he will run for Lt governor in 2014. Good. The audience loved him.

    Louie and Michael warmed the audience up for Herman Cain’s speech. The audience still loves him. He’s great as ever. My husband said after listening to him that he wishes Herman was still in the race or he would’ve voted for him.

    Sadly, Herman is not. He’s pushing for a “Cain Solution Revolution”. I don’t know how that will work out.

    My husband and I talked to a representative of FairTax. She said that she’s been on travel for FairTax. In her trips to WDC, she noticed that the politicians inside Beltway 8 are afraid of losing their jobs.

    And that’s basically the message Dick Armey gave us Friday night. No more going along just to get along mentality. We have to put fear in those politicians hearts by telling them that if they don’t represent us, they will lose their jobs and have to go back home.

    So, as an hindsight, one of my mentors in politics is right. The purpose of your vote is to vote someone out of office.

    The Tea Party movement knows that voting Obama out of the office this year does not complete its job as they have more to do after 2012.

    If you go to “Saddle Up Texas Straw Poll” site, you’ll see the results of two ballots: One over the phone and one is the paper ballot. The phone ballot is to attract the voters in the entire state. The paper ballot is for those that register at the event.

    The phone ballot showed Ron Paul winning the entire state by 54.4 percent with 3300 votes. The paper ballot showed a nearly three-way tie between Romney, Santorum, and Paul.

    There were just two presidential booths: Ron Paul and Newt. Both showing lots of enthusiasm.

    Ted Cruz has almost 50 percent of the votes on both ballots so I think he will ultimately win the whole thing in November. Ted is strongly backed by FreedomWorks for a very good reason.

    Pete Olson won the phone ballot with but barely lost to Barbara Carlson. Barbara had a booth selling her book. Pete reserved a booth but barely showed up for about an hour or two. Pete must think he’s got the race in his bag by now.

    It was fun and well done for the first straw poll ever held in the state of Texas. I don’t know if they will do it again but I am sure they will.

  10. lurker9876 says:

    Oh yeah…the event was at Minute Maid Baseball stadium. Interesting place to host an event but it worked out great as we utilized the Union Station’s old building and conference rooms.

  11. Layman1 says:

    Did anyone see the line the other day in the WSJ? I paraphrase: “Criticize Romney all you like, but do you have to sound like Michael Moore while doing it?” Perfect!

    Also loved the interview today on FNS with head of the Gingrich SuperPac. One of the people on the video was complaining about the people who layed him off and closed the plant in 2005 – after Bain sold the plant in 2002. Clever editing makes it look like he was criticizing Bain. The guy stood by it by claiming that Romney says he left Bain in ’99 but really left in 2001. Huh? The plant was still closed 3 years after Bain sold it.

    AJ:Be careful of all claims in political adds.

  12. WWS says:

    Lurker, very glad to hear Cruz did so well – that’s who I’m backing. Dewhurst has been a decent Lt. Governor, but he’s never done anything to make me think he would ever be much of a reformer. He should run for Governor when Perry’s term ends, since it’s time for Perry to go do something other than politics.

    Louie Gohmert is my congressman, and he is at the forefront of the reform movement. Most MSM outlets won’t interview him or print what he says since he has way too good a handle on his facts and arguments for them to deal with.

  13. crosspatch says:

    Right now the most important thing to me is a sound economy, a strong defense, and snipping the wings of the UN a little bit.

    The conservative social issues would be secondary issues to me. We have a President who has blown our money on bailouts and giveaways and now can’t afford to fund a military.

  14. crosspatch says:

    “Just how many steel mills have gone out of business in the USA in the last 20 years? (very many)”

    You can thank EPA for that. You can’t burn coal for a blast furnace and you can’t build electric arc furnaces because they won’t allow nuclear reactors. You can’t power an electric arc furnace 24×7 from windmills and solar panels. If you can’t burn coal, your only choice is nuclear. Obama is removing 10% of our power generation capacity off the grid for reductions in emissions that will not even be able to be measured in the global atmosphere.

  15. Redteam says:

    “”“Just how many steel mills have gone out of business in the USA in the last 20 years? (very many)”

    You can thank EPA for that.””

    I don’t think so. I’d put most of it on unions. They’ve made the cost remain high and escalate so much, the cheap foreign steel has taken over.
    I do know that electricity can be generated with Natural gas of which there is enough in the US to last forever, or longer.

    with the unions doing all they can to drive them overseas and the tax breaks the government gives them to move, there is little or no reason for them to exist here.