Nov 07 2011

Fox News Surrenders For Herman Cain

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Good Lord, save us from armchair experts with no backbone, morals or standards.

Fox News spent an hour  claiming HermanCain has now been destroyed by unfounded accusations (clearly designed to destroy the peoples’ preferred choice).  Fox News has demonstrated why the Political Industrial Complex right and left don’t understand what is happening outside the Beltway on Main Street America.

Supposedly, even though there is no proof of the latest allegation being true or in character, Brit Hume, Jonah Goldberg and Charles Krauthammer have once again ordained Cain doomed and Romney the only option to beat Obama.

Their so called thinking is that winning the election is more important than sending a libertarian outsider like Cain to DC to lead real change in DC. Somehow we are only going to look at variations of the same big government candidates so these people can remain the center of America.

What a joke.

Well, all I can say is the crow is being prepared and these political experts are going to be eating piles of it when Cain’s ascension to the GOP presidential nominee continues. What I am hearing on the ground is this October Surprise is not much of a surprise, not credible and not the prime issue for this election cycle. When the Super Committee fails and we see more of the same dysfunction from DC it will be clear Romney is too timid, too small thinking, too much like Obama to waste our time with. Cain will survive this hiccup.

When Obama and Romney are two sides of the same coin, and the anger from the 2010 election has not been soothed by a serious change in direction in DC, it will be clear We The People are not kidding – no matter what muckrakers like Allred try and fling.

Addendum: I have actually been out of the political loop this past week, so I am confident I don’t have DC Insider blindness on this subject. What amazes me is someone has not realized that the same electorate that refused to take Clinton down for sex on the job with an intern, or take Bush down for a DWI, or take Obama down because of the birther nonsense, has become deaf to the scandal mongering from DC.

It’s called crying ‘Wolf!’ – and it doesn’t work anymore.

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  1. lurker9876 says:

    Count Karl Rove.

    Did you read about how LBJ literally destroyed Barry Goldwater?

  2. lurker9876 says:

    Ok so Mac Ranger posts this:

    Sharon got fired for accusing her own boss of sexual harassment???? She is already being discredited.

    I am not surprised that Sharon will be vetted. Just wait a few more days.

    “She was fired from her job, and her boyfriend suggested she contact Cain in hopes he could help her find employment.”.

    In this particular incident she was fired for falsely accusing her boss of sexual harassment, a charge denied by co-workers, as well as being pretty much a pain in the ass to work with.

    “I remember her as a time-waster, and rabble-rouser. If she didn’t get her way she cried about sexual harassment”. A former co-worker, a female no less, emailed me. “She was trouble with a capital “T”. The fact that she waited 13 years and never said a word not even during Cain’s earlier forays into politics. She only now magically appears because Cain is leading in some polls and proving a threat to Barack Obama?

    Ok, sure.

    But that brings us to the story of that day, 1996-1997, the sexual harassment case of Paul Jones vs. Bill Clinton. You’ll remember that the media vilified Paula Jones, they tore her to shreds. They did the same to Jennifer Flowers, Monica Lewinsky. But the media told us that these charges – rape in the case of Juanita Broaddrick- didn’t matter. That Clinton was the victim of a vast right wing conspiracy and witch hunt and that he should be left alone to run the country.

    Bialek’s tale is unsourced – outside her already discredited past, whereas the Juanita Broaddrick case had actual evidence, as did the Jones case. But don’t let the media do the digging for the truth. They have a lynching to attend.

  3. Frogg1 says:

    If MacRanger’s source’s allegation pans out to be true then it paints a whole new light on the issue. Ought to be easy enough to fact check.

    Cain to hold a presser to address the allegations tomorrow in Arizona at 3:00pm.

  4. Frogg1 says:

    The Herman Cain does late night!

    Herman Cain had a fabulous interview tonight with Jimmy Kimmel and I must say it was very inspiring. He came out strong, saying that the accusations from today were totally false and said that he was going to hit it hard tomorrow in his press conference. And much more!

    The entire interview was excellent:

  5. lurker9876 says:

    Wonder how much information Cain has against Sharon Buy-a-lick and how much Cain will hit her. If he hits her thoroughly, then maybe this will blow over. Gloria Allred had better not try this again with any other conservative candidate. She must be thinking that she made Meg Whitman lose and now Cain is her next target. Now we have this fifth woman accusing Cain….Cain had better hit Sharon hard today.

    Followed one of the links in a commenter post and saw this:

    CBS Newsman Bill Kurtis defends Herman Cain against new sex allegations ^
    Posted on Mon Nov 07 2011 23:06:33 GMT-0600 (CST) by OUTKAST

    CBS Newsman Bill Kurtis defends Herman Cain against new sex allegations

    Says Sharon Bialek has a history in Chicago.

    I had no idea that Gloria Allred was Paula Jones’ lawyer. Jeffrey Lord writes at American Spectator:

    In sum, the court finds that a showing of a tangible job detriment or adverse employment action is an essential element of plaintiff’s Section 1983 quid pro quo sexual harassment claim and that plaintiff has not demonstrated any tangible job detriment or adverse employment action for her refusal to submit to the governor’s alleged advances. The president is therefore entitled to summary judgment on plaintiff’s claim of quid pro quo sexual harassment.

    For the foregoing reasons, the court finds that the president’s and Ferguson’s motions for summary judgment should both be and hereby are granted. There being no remaining issues, the Court will enter judgment dismissing this case.
    It is so ordered this 1st day of April 1998.

    — Susan Webber Wright, United States District Judge

    Not so fast.

    Excerpted from a 3 page article.

  6. dhunter says:

    Via drudge report, just weeks ago Sharon was in a full embrace with Herman Cain in Chicago backstage at an event and whispering in his ear. Sounds like either Cain and Sharon are pulling a Brietbart type setup of the leftard media Presstitutes or she really enjoyed the encounter she is now so upset over?
    ALLred and Bailek, Loons and gold diggers, or more delicious would be a setup by Cain and company of the lyin, totally discredited Presstitutes.

  7. ivehadit says:

    Just watched the Kimmel show. FANTASTIC, HERMAN!
    He is so comfortable in his own skin, imho.

  8. Mordecai Subaru says:

    Fox is Murdoch,
    Murdoch is Bilderberg

    The Fox sea change was noticeable to me about three months ago,

    they have joined the NWO machine,

    whether by blackmail or whether by personal direction from Rupert,
    who cares,

    You think the Murdoch scandal in the UK about phone hacking
    was just coincedental? Do not be naive. Organized by the same
    central intelligence that is organizing the OWS mob.

    they no longer are fair and balanced,
    they deserve no more respect than the tingly leg guy.