Nov 03 2011

Hasn’t The God Complex Gone Far Enough?

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Yesterday, Obama not only brought God into his Jobs plan whining but apparently he is now a spokesman for God. It will be interesting to see if this statement hurts him with voters. Most people have realized he is far from the “messiah” that was promised in ’08.

“There’s no good reason to oppose this bill, not one. And members of Congress who do, who vote no, are going to have to explain why to their constituencies,” Obama said.

“The American people are with me with this,” Obama said, intensifying his campaign to blame Republicans for inaction on bills he says could put hundreds of thousands of Americans back to work and cut 9.1 percent unemployment.

I can think of a few reasons not to back this bill. The fact that every time Obama’s idea gets passed it hurts the economy, causes the stock market to drop, costs the tax payers, etc. The House has passed a jobs bill and Reid refuses to allow it near the Senate floor. Americans need to point fingers at the do-nothing Democrats who have continued to throw temper tantrums and pout in the corner since they were voted against in 2010.

We do not need a politician who thinks he is God’s gift to the people anywhere in our government, let alone the White House. Vote this fake out!!


DJ Strata

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  1. WWS says:

    What Obama says from now on really doesn’t matter – his remaining supporters are now locked in to him, with no place else to go. Obama could cook and eat a live puppy on TV and it wouldn’t change his level of support now.

    So, it comes down to – who can seal the deal on the GOP side? Cain’s getting his baptism of fire; he should’ve known this was coming. If he survives this, there will be worse down the road, that’s the nature of political life these days. He’s got to not only beat these attacks, he’s got to learn to anticipate them before they happen. That’s what separates the pro’s from the wannabe’s.

  2. lurker9876 says:

    www – do you think that Romney has the nomination in his pocket?

  3. lurker9876 says:

    I guess Santorum is now the only clean politician….

  4. Wilbur Post says:

    If God really wants to put people back to work, the next time he talks to Barack Swaggart, he’ll tell him to resign.

  5. WWS says:

    If Cain can put this contretemps to bed, then he could still do it. But he needs to put it to bed – this is his first real test. It’s survivable, if he figures out how to handle it quick. But if he’s really just been shooting from the hip without putting any real thought into things – well, if that’s the case, might as well find out now.

    Who knows, maybe Sarah could jump back into the race!

  6. lurker9876 says:

    www. I agree. NRA’s response should be that these cases were investigated and found nothing so settled and that’s that.

    Move on, Bennett.

    Cain, put a closure on this one with similar message. If he could, then maybe he will learn from this so that he will know how to handle the next attack better with better messaging.

  7. dhunter says:

    In my opinion a person is naive to believe these attacks will end here with Herman. The left has shown us their playbook early and it is, in the tradition of Obamas’ campaigning, to win at any cost, by any means necessary and all the better if the opponent can be eliminated, even by using a compliant court and the down on their knees presstitutes.

    As soon as Herman puts these three to rest I bet more liberal Obama water carriers pop up to claim harassment, the method is in place for Herman.
    It is incumbent upon We The People to stand by our man and not allow this else we cease being a country of rules and law and all become anarchists like the OWS stinkers and leeches.
    I am sad and disillusioned to see all the right wing bloggers and commenters piling on Herman in the stupid assumption the same will not be done to their guy should he rise to the top.
    We are own worst enemy, it was shown to be the case in Tuscon where hardly a single Repug candidate rose to defend Palin and thus their ignorant selves against the blood libel of the left.

  8. joe six-pack says:

    I find it interesting that President Obama blames Republicans for the inability to pass anything. “We need to pass this bill so that YOU can find out what is in it.” How the heck can anyone reasonably expect the Republicans to work with him and the Democrats after that?

    I had thought that President Obama was going to get us all working together. He does not make allies, he makes enemies.