Jun 18 2005

Call for Carnival of The Chillin’ #2

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Greetings fellow Coalition members! It is time for another Carnival of Chillin’ to reatain pressure on the politicians to keep progressing judicial nominations and snuff out the unnecessary use sof the filibuster. I will be accepting links to your carnival posts through Tuesday evening so we can get our Carnival rolling by Wednesday. The first Carnival of the Chillin’ is here for reference, since I went through and just grabbed recent, applicable postings from member sites.

Please your links by Tuesday evening to

Just in case you missed some recent news, with the Durbin Debacle and all, I have a few posts you can check out here, here and here to catch up a bit. Please note the Powerline links on the last one, they have a lot of historic background on the Boyle nomination. Just thought I would add these in for any one who is interested.

Thanks for your participation!

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  1. Decision '08 says:

    Quick Shots: Debunking Bowers

    AJ Strata has been on a roll today. He highlights some tough talk from Bush that is music to my ears, and puts the call out for a second Chillin’ Carnival…

  2. Decision '08 says:

    Don’t Miss the Second Carnival of the Clueless

    There’s all kinds of Dick Durbin-ish goodies, a mention for yours truly, and surprises galore, so what are you waiting for? And don’t forget the call for the second Carnival of the Chillin’…