May 17 2011

Toasted Newt-Romney

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It is incredible to think Mitt Romney ever thought he had a chance at being nominated the GOP Presidential candidate. Especially after the debacle that is Obamacare was forced down this nation’s throat through bribes and hyper-partisan strong arm tactics. Romneycare is just a smaller version of Obamacare, with plenty of evidence now accumulated on how bad Obamacare will be for the nation’s needy, elderly and sick:

The Massachusetts “universal health-care system” — the model for ObamaCare — is in big trouble after just five years. …

The wait time for an appointment is now routinely over a month for primary-care doctors and specialists — including gastroenterologists, cardiologists, orthopedists and even obstetricians.

As expected.

It has only been 5 years, so the damage is just beginning. But clearly Massachusetts is on a path to be as fouled up as Canada’s and the UK’s National Health Systems are, where patients wait many months for needed surgery. And some die waiting in those death panel queues.

More than half of primary-care docs in Massachusetts find themselves unable to work with Medicaid or Commonwealth Care (state-subsidized insurance), which both pay providers poorly.

This is the liberal answer to out-of-control health costs: playing God on the cheap. Death panels establish what procedures will be covered and how much will be paid. And it is ALWAYS less than the cost of basic care. No superior care here. No cutting edge procedures. No ability for your doctor to try various options to see what helps you the best. If it ain’t on the list you can’t have it. Unless you are a rich liberal running the death panels of course.

It is not their call who lives or who dies. I would argue that those who worked their entire lives to succeed and fend for themselves deserve the best they can afford without any barriers from bureaucrats. For those who did not quit being responsible, those who did not fall into drugs or crime, or those who were too lazy to work through the public school opportunities (let alone community college), the choices should be theirs. Not some death panel of cost-driven bureaucrats.

Those who failed to meet their individual responsibilities in life earned their death panel care. They decided to live off the state’s largesse, not the rest of us.

I find it amazing someone who raised a family, had a successful career and compiled some wealth is seen as evil, while drug addicts who live on the street are held up as the primary goal for society’s focus. Sorry, but Darwin was right. Some will always fall by the wayside from on their own accord. Yes, we should always hold out a helping hand to get people out of their ruts. And victims are in a totally different category than self-made-disasters. But a rich, overweight smoker is not a drag on society. A heroin addict who haunts the sewers is.

Romneycare is a disaster still building steam. Wait to see how bad it is in 10 years. Romney himself is a politician, which means his words mean nothing and all we have are his actions to discern where he would lead. We don’t need Obamacare Part Duex. We need Obamacare abolished and our private health care system strengthened. I don’t trust Romney to be that champion anymore than I trust Pelosi or Obama.

He has no hope of winning any primary. Caucuses don’t look to good either.

And then we have Newt Gingrich’s immediate implosion as a candidate. Not only is Newt deluded on Global Warming, which in itself would devastate the global economy based on botched and crappy ‘science’. But Gingrich came out and proposed another variant of government take over of our health care, all the while taking shots at the one GOP leader out there leading – Paul Ryan.

It was a despicable act of political opportunism. And no one will forget his reenactment of Benedict Arnold. It seems Newt is not nearly as smart as some claim.

So we can thankfully kiss good-bye to the bizarre Newt and the misfitted Mitt. Trump self-dumped, while Huck did his “aw, shucks”. Seems like the GOP field is turning better by the day!

Now we can look at more serious contenders who surely will be coming out of the woodwork. yet unknown future greats.

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24 Responses to “Toasted Newt-Romney”

  1. oneal lane says:

    I won’t miss any of the above mentioned, good riddance. Combined with some good new yesterday that internal White house polling has the Obama folks scared. Obama is quite vunerable. Lets hope the cream rises and we find a good candidate to take him.

  2. WWS says:

    Good points, all! Of the current candidates I lean towards Pawlenty, although I know he’s lacking in the charisma department and it’s hard for a candidate like that to ever take off nationally.

    I suppose my dream ticket would be Christie – Petraeus, but the hard part is convincing either of those two men to run. Still unlikely for either one.

    A lot of people are enthused about Mitch Daniels – wish I was, but I’m not.

    Ron Paul – the only man in the country who thinks it was a bad idea to kill Bin Laden. Idiot.

    Did everyone see the WSJ editorial a few days ago which slammed Romney? Significant, because the east coast business establishment is supposed to be his base.

    The WSJ said, based on his continuing support of Romneycare, that rather than run for the GOP nomination Mitt should try to knock out Biden and become Obama’s running mate.

    yep, they really wrote that, in one of the most influential conservative editorial pages in the country.

  3. dhunter says:

    Run Sarah Run!
    She is the ONLY one with the energy experience, the business and government combination of experiences that stands a chance of ramping up energy production to drag us out of the economic mess the Liberals and their enviroterrorist allies have put this country into.
    She would offer free market solutions to the healthcare debate and gut entire worthless government agencys and agents. Sell the perks of high office on Ebay and return the prancing panderers to subjects of We The People
    Sarah is the only qualified free market candidate to do the job that needs to be done. the rest are all Politicians first and foremost with the exception of Herman Cain.
    Palin/ Cain or Palin /West forget the rest!

  4. MerlinOS2 says:

    I have to believe that Mitt thinks that the ever so weak field he will be up against will simply make him the last man standing.

    It isn’t so much about winning the nomination but letting others lose it.

    I am following all news on those even mentioned as potential candidates and some who haven’t even hit the radar at all.

    It sure looks like the Republicans are just going to play a sort of Presidential campaign and are really keeping their powder dry for 2016.

  5. oneal lane says:

    The Washington big Govt. Republicans have “chosen” Romney, like Dole and McCain, he is “their man”, it’s “his turn”. He has major money in his pocket and major money coming in.

    This is a horrible state of affairs for conservatives. Hopefully he can be knocked off early, but its going to be hard, again because he is the “chosen one” and the wealthy one. Romneycare may be his undoing. But then again, if he wins the nomination, he has made such a big deal about repealing Obamacare, in a odd twisted sort of way, if he does become president he will be most obligated to kill Obamacare, that is if words mean things, and we are talking slick politicians.

  6. Mike M. says:

    AJ, that’s how I read it, too.

    Romney is a medicine-socializing, anti-gun DamnYankee running for the nomination of a party that is against socialized medicine, pro 2nd Amendment, and based in the South and Midwest. His only hope is to blow big money in Iowa and New Hampshire and generate enough momentum to seize the nomination. Which might happen, unfortunately.

    Newt? Past his prime. He should have run in 1996. He’s developed the McCain Disease – trying to curry favor with the Propaganda Press by shooting his own party members. It doesn’t work.

    I still don’t have a favorite in the primaries. There is a range of tolerable candidates, but nobody who really holds my loyalty the way Reagan did.

    It would not surprise me to see a brokered convention. Which might be best, as it would open the door to nominating Someone Else.

    You know…I’m over 35, a natural-born citizen, and resident in the United States for the requisite time. 🙂

  7. lurker9876 says:

    I missed the news about Obama’s internal WH polling numbers but I’m glad to hear about it. At this point, it’s too late for Obama to do anything about it to correct it.

    How the heck did Romney get 10.25 million dollars and Cindy Crawford’s support?

    I won’t vote for Mitt and Newt.

    I don’t think Palin will run. I’m not sure Bachman will run.

    I’m not enthused about Mitch Daniels.

    Tpaw? He’s still too soft on some social values.

  8. crosspatch says:

    I don’t see Romney as toast. Lets have an objective look. I don’t consider Romney to be a flaming conservative BUT he has proved over the years that he can be an extremely effective manager. He is a good executive.

    He doesn’t strike me as the sort that would attempt to shove his personal opinions down the throats of others the way Obama has shown. I wouldn’t, for example, expect to see him create a gaggle of czars to get around Senate confirmation.

    The next presidency is going to be a more of a reflection of Congress than of the President. A President can’t make a law. About all he can do is propose legislation to Congress and hope they give him what he wants or he can attempt to get around the law the way Obama has done by either ignoring court orders or by creating new positions outside of the Senate confirmation process.

    I don’t see Romney as a person to do either of these.

    Now lets look at the alternatives. Realistically we have only Pawlenty or Daniels as choices at this time. Bachmann, while quite conservative, has only local experience in that she represents only a small district from a state. She has no executive experience and has never held a state-wide office, let alone a national office. Palin probably has high enough negatives to keep from getting elected at all. Also, as Republicans only account for less than 30% of the electorate, whoever wins will need to pull in at least half the Independent voters and get at least a 10 to 20 percent of Democrats to cross over.

    From a strictly mathematical perspective, Romney has the best shot of actually beating Obama. He probably wouldn’t enjoy a lot of active support but would be seen as a tolerable lesser of evils. I don’t particularly care about the Romneycare issue in MA because such a thing would never get through a Republican Congress. Romney had a solidly Democrat legislature when he was governor of MA that was determined to pass government heathcare with or without Romney’s support.

    If both houses of Congress passed a bill to repeal Obamacare, I believe Romney would sign it.

  9. lurker9876 says:

    My vote will end up being a vote against Obama…just to get him out of the WH.

    So whomever ends up getting the nomination, that is the person that I will vote in the general election.

  10. WWS says:

    pretty good analysis, crosspatch, but the case you’re making is…

    “ROMNEY 2012: He’s really not as bad as you think he is!”

    hard to think that’s really going to be an effective message in the primaries.

    starting to look like dark horse time to me.

  11. crosspatch says:

    Well, we will see. A couple of other ways of saying it are “he’s actually better than you might think he is” or “he’s not nearly as bad as Obama”.

    I would vote for Romney before I would vote for McCain, for example. McCain impresses me as emotional and petty sometimes. He is a little too full of himself and often postures for the press. I see Romney as a bit more thoughtful, a bit less likely to let personal emotions cloud his judgement, and isn’t likely to have a secret love child hidden away anywhere.

    But it does suck to have to vote for a cucumber sandwich Republican but better one from the Biff and Buffy set than another socialist.

  12. crosspatch says:

    Dang, ended up in moderation again. Wish I knew what it was. Maybe it was the word s-u-c-k as in “But it does s-u-c-k to have …”

  13. crosspatch says:

    Oh, and here is what I believe is actually going to happen:

    Politicians are simply going to allow the country to go broke. The reason is pretty simply. If they propose cutting things like Social Security and Medicare, they will get thrown out of office the very next time they come up for election (or fear they will) and the cuts will never materialize anyway. If they do nothing they win the next election and when it actually DOES go broke, people will be begging them for any changes that actually allow them to get anything at all.

    So we could cut a little now and avoid a crisis but nobody wants to give up a single penny of their current benefits. So it will go broke, everyone will lose everything, and then will agree to let the politicians make changes to restore at least some of their benefits.

  14. lurker9876 says:

    Obama’s fundraising quarter worse than expected thus far?

    So the DNC may be focusing on helping other Democrats that are in deep trouble?

    Will that work? HHhmmm…I doubt it.

    The likes of Paul Ryan need to get their message out that the Americans’ benefits will be retained or improved while learning to get out of the way of the private sector so that the economy shall rebound.

  15. WWS says:

    Crosspatch, I agree with you, the plan is to let the country go broke; the real problem is, they have not the imagination to understand just how catastrophic that is going to be. It doesn’t take that much imagination to see things getting bad enough that food riots followed by martial law will begin to break out in most major cities.

    Think of 1861 America, 1914 Europe, and 1939 Europe – none of the leaders of those years grasped the hell they were about to lead their countries into. They thought things could be managed, they thought they understood the risks – they thought they could maintain control of the situation.

    There is a real chance that our democracy, and even our constitution, will not survive the next 10 years.

    Looking at those years, it occurs to me that it’s been a rather long time since all hell broke loose worldwide. But history suggests this happens every couple of generations, as people forget the old lessons and are forced to relearn them all over again.

    Looks like we’re due.

  16. crosspatch says:

    the real problem is, they have not the imagination to understand just how catastrophic that is going to be.

    The real problem, as I see it, is they don’t CARE how catastrophic it is going to be. All they care about is getting elected. If doing something now means not getting elected, they won’t do anything. And no matter how catastrophic it is, it gives them an opportunity to become heroes if they salvage anything at all out of the wreckage of what is left.

    Most politicians are extreme narcissists. They only care about themselves. The welfare of the rest of us is about as much concern as the welfare of characters on “The Simpsons”. They just don’t really care. All they are interested in is their “political career”.

    Also, I believe the Republican nominee will be either Pawlenty or Daniels. I would have had Bachmann in that lineup until I heard her interview on Hannity last night. She came across as a religious fanatic talking about putting serious questions about government “to prayer”. That’s fine, but it implies one is expecting literally an answer from God. And she mentioned a couple of times that she was a born-again Christian. Again, nothing wrong with that in and of itself. The problem is that it scares the living crap out of a lot of people that we might have a President that wakes up one morning and decides to do something because “God told me to”.

  17. crosspatch says:

    NOTE: That was on Hannity’s radio show, not TV show. I was listening on a station that broadcasts his show delayed.

  18. KauaiBoy says:

    Howard Cain would be the perfect message to send to DC and for that reason won’t be nominated by the GOP. The fools that run the GOP are as entrenched as the Dems and would sacrifice the opportunity to prove they are not racists to hold onto the reins of power.

    America must do better than those others noted above. Trump—for God’s sake the man has a skull mullet, he can’t make a decent hair care decision.

    I am getting more and more convinced that the desire to be President is grounds for disqualification. As is having held any elected/purchased office.

  19. han_solo says:


    That alleged 10 million that Romney got the other day was “PROMISES” to contribute at a later date from some big wigs.

    Much different than the millions Ron Paul raises in REAL contributions from individuals actually donating in real time.

  20. Redteam says:

    That picture (of the burnt toast) says it much better than words.
    It is so frustrating to continue to vote for conservatives who turn in selfish politicians once they have won the seat. There are no honest politicians. Maybe two, I’m relatively sure Ronald Reagan was honest and I believe Sarah Palin likely is, but that’s about it.
    They will all be opposed to increased spending, until it’s spending that will benefit them. Same for other issues. Very frustrating.
    Pawlenty is beginning to look like a decent candidate, but he’s from Minnesota and I’m not sure you can trust anyone that has chosen to live in that place. We’ll get what we deserve I guess, a Kenyan.