Apr 12 2011


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President Obama is going to make a lame attempt to grab the leadership role in this country by producing another, radically different GFY 12 budget than the he produced a few short weeks ago. Back then President Obama was very tentative and pushed the hard cuts past the next election cycle. He proposed $1.1 Trillion in cuts over the next decade.

Then the GOP showed true leadership and produce the Ryan plan, which cuts $6.2 trillion and brings us back to fiscal sanity and balanced budgets.

Now President Obama is going to come out and pretend he is leading by following in the wake of the GOP and their cost cutting sanity.

But it won’t work. Team Obama are pure, political klutzes. They are horrible. Without massive majorities in the House and Senate their ignorance is on full display.

So what if Obama comes out with a soak the rich (i.e., business and jobs) plan? He will be challenged to explain what changed in the last 8 weeks to now require job and economy killing tax hikes? He is going to have to explain how the nation survived and thrived through decades with lower tax rates, and is now stumbling under the uncontrolled spending of the Democrats run amok? He is going to be challenged, but there are no politically good answers. He will fall short and his mulligan budget will sink into the muck like his first budget did.

He is going to have to explain why the cuts he proposed 8 weeks ago are no longer a good idea. He will be challenged as to why he failed to address the entitlements, which are on auto-pilot heading for national bankruptcy. He is going to be challenged as to why there is any more confidence in his second try than his first failed attempt.

Team Obama doesn’t get it. He had his chance and he muffed it. Now the GOP and the Tea Party have the confidence of the voter wave that hit last November. The Dems lost that last cycle.

He can’t gain it back with prime time PR prattle and his usual soaring yet vacuous oratory. That dog don’t hunt anymore.

Update: Ed Morrissey notes his surprise as Obama discovers his own debt commission! I think all of us are about to have our intellects insulted in a major way tomorrow night. Can’t wait.

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  1. kathie says:

    The Dems can talk all they want about how they balanced budgets and point to Clinton as their example. They were good when they cut the heck out of defense and had the dot-com serge. That now is now gone.

    The fact of the matter is, is that the people can no longer afford the Democratic idea of giving to the general welfare. Obama gave in the billions and billions and there is little to show for it. Jobs weren’t created in the hundreds of thousands…….the poor are poorer, the uneducated still not motivated, the unionized still don’t like paying for their retirement or medical insurance for their families and the story goes on and on. Trying to create jobs while taxing the heck out of the workers will not work. My hunch is that is exactly what Obama and his “progressive crew” will try to sell the country on Wednesday.

  2. AntiVenom says:

    nawww…the boob will play the


    and will propose to tax the crap out of the O&G industry…

    Mark my words….