Apr 06 2006

Waziristan Battles Heat Up

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The Taliban located and regrouping in Pakistan’s northern Waziristan Province and the Tribal Regions are waged in a losing battle with Pakistan forces.  The spring offensives have begun as another 40 Taliban are killed, adding to the 16 killed and 19 captured yesterday and the 200 last month:

Security forces have killed at least 40 pro-Taliban militants in the troubled tribal region near the Afghan border, the military said on Thursday, sharply raising the tally from the previous day’s fierce fighting.


What is new to the war on terror in North Waziristan is the revelation that “miscreants from South Waziristan” also participated in the two attacks, a spokesman for the FATA Governor’s Secretariat said in a statement. “Initial information gathered form the arrested miscreants revealed that the miscreants had come from the Qalandar area of Ladha tehsil of South Waziristan. Sangeen Zadran, Maulvi Halim Khushali, Sanaullah Mehsud and Badsha Gul Mehsud led the miscreants numbering about 150,” the statement said.

Keep an eye on this region, I still say it will be the next major front on the Global War On Terror.

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