Dec 17 2010

It’s A Dessert Topping, It’s A Fruit Juice, It’s A Floor Wax – It Must Be Regulated!

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We really are witnessing the insane end to big government. I never thought I would see this much over reach in my life time, but even worse is the lame rationale being peddled by the arrogant ignorant on the left. Take government run health care for example:

In a federal courtroom Thursday, Judge Roger Vinson questioned how far Congress’s authority would go if it can legally require nearly all Americans to purchase health insurance.

Could they “mandate everybody has to buy a certain amount of broccoli?” Vinson questioned, comparing the positive impact both could have on health.

“It’s not shoes. It’s not broccoli,” said Ian Gershengorn, arguing for the federal government. “Health insurance is a product that is a financing mechanism.”

It’s a financing mechanism? In other words it is a source of money for liberals to play God with. It’s also been called a tax. At least this was closer to honest than most admissions. It’s not like the government wants to regulate cookies and twinkies – oh, wait. They do want to regulate cookies and twinkies.

Sadly for the government lawyer, the judge has a point. When you regulate bake sales, whether toys can come with Happy Meals or what kind of Christmas greetings are allowed, the answer is clear. regulating how much broccoli you consume is just around the leftist corner. Time to cut off the funds to these foolish nags. No more free rides for these ridiculous ideas.

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  1. Wilbur Post says:

    Another silly argument. If heatlh insurance is a financing mechanism, what else can be such? Using Obama’s favorite analogy, cars (and their insurance) many states require drivers to buy liability insurance but it is a financial burden to many (especially young drivers and bad drivers) so they drive (illegally) without it and hope for the best. Is the government now going to force people who don’t own cars to buy auto insurance to finance it for drivers who can’t afford it? Is it going to force good drivers to buy larger face value policies than they need so the extra wasted money can go to insure the uninsured? If not, why not? And why stop there…. how about forcing everybody to buy a new GM car as a “financing mechanism” to insure GM hires more workers and the politically-favored UAW can get more members? Hey, it’s for a public “good” purpose! It beats having them on unemployment! If health insurance is a “financing mechanism”, then everything is.

  2. WWS says:

    The real issue, which the Judge is getting out, is that if the Federal Govm’t can impose sanctions on private citizens for NOT doing something, ie not buying insurance, then there are absolutely no limits to Federal Power.

  3. lurker9876 says:

    I don’t know why the Americans have been quiet about the children health bill that Obama signed this week.

    Howard Dean said that removing the Individual Mandate from ObamaCare is not a big deal because he sees that this elimination leads to the single payer health care program.

    There was something stated on tonight’s Greta show indicating that the Senate just approved the government funding through late Tuesday night?????

    Oh, we’re gonna see more of Herman Cain in the next two years. So far, I’m excited about him.

    and he’s a very strong anti-abortion and does not believe a baby should be aborted for any reason.

  4. WWS says:

    I’m not sure Herman Cain really has good electoral prospects, but I think he would be a great future cabinet member – Commerce Secretary, for example.