Dec 17 2010

Dumbest Lawsuit Evah

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The left truly is insane. Who else would champion a lawsuit that basically cries out: “Mom has no damn backbone“:

The lawsuit alleges that “McDonald’s exploits very young California children and harms their health by advertising unhealthy Happy Meals with toys directly to them” and that “children 8 years old and younger do not have the cognitive skills and the developmental maturity to understand the persuasive intent of marketing and advertising.”

In a call with reporters, Monet Parham, a Sacramento mother of two, said she was bringing the case because of the constant requests for McDonald’s Happy Meals.

Good lord, what a moron. Her kids want Happy Meals and so she is suing McDonalds to shut them up. Just let that one settle in for a bit.

Since the only person forcing this woman to do something is her child, she should sue her child – not McDonalds. When the child cries for ice cream for breakfast, is she going to sue ice cream makers? When the child wants a fancy new car, is she going to sue Jaguar?

If this suit evens sees a court room we will know it is past time to fix our legal system, so petulant brats on the left who have zero tolerance for diversity can’t use the law to stamp out things that bother them in the world. Our legal system should not be a play ground for the left’s myriad of social neuroses.

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  2. kathie says:

    When you can sue a gun maker because some idiot shots someone, why not McDonalds?

  3. WWS says:

    THIS is why we need a Loser Pays rule, like the UK has always had.

    Meaning that the Loser of any lawsuit pays BOTH sides legal fees. Cuts way, way down on the BS lawsuits.

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  5. Never mind!

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    Sorry about that.

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