Nov 03 2010

The “Half Full” Reflections On Elections

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OK, Upon some reflection I have to admit the GOP wave in the House and Governor races is quite impressive. The GOP candidates in the Governor races showed how to win statewide races while appealing to a broad portion of the electorate. Right now the GOP has won 10 Democrat governor seats in PA, OH, OK, MI, WI, IA, WY, TN, KS and NM. Sink just conceded in FL (a hold). The one big loss was zombie-voting CA. The GOP is leading in AK, OR and ME. Dems have small leads in IL and MN. All in all a great day at the state (and redistricting) level.

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air has much more on the foundation that was created to build a majority party on going into 2012.

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  1. DJStrata says:

    The scary thing is, you make that same face AJ. Lol

  2. garrettc says:

    CA, long known as the wave of the future will be painful example of all that is wrong with big state solutions. Expect epic financial losses in CA and lots of begging and hand wringing when the collapse begins. But there is no more money in the pot. Over half of the stimulus money is spent and the recipients of the remaindar are not about to back away from the trough to save CA. New York and Illinois to follow the same path.

  3. Mike M. says:

    And every one of those new governors has the potential to be a Senator…or President.

    Not to mention the delightful prospect of giving the Dems a good dose of their own gerrymandering medicine. 🙂

  4. MarkN says:

    The GOP did better with governor candidates than Senatorial. I don’t think you can blame it all on O’Donnell but she seems to have tainted Toomey to make his race close.

  5. Toes192 says:

    Aha… Despite the ridicule…Swami predict(ed)s Alaska… pretty much exactly on Oct 28 …
    Murkowski 41% … Miller 34% … McAdams 25% …
    And … since I know it’s important to you youngsters to know what went on at the Senior Center yesterday … Here is what happened…
    1st things 1st … Got teeth cleaned right across the street from the Senior Center where the voting is… Zizi had Murk signs “exactly” 200 feet from the voting station … heh … Measured with a tape measure by the election officials to be 100% sure they complied with our 200 ft. Alaska law that prohibits electioneering at the polling stations …
    I asked for the list of “write-in” candidates… 4 pages… (not 8 as they were saying on the news) … double spaced… no big deal… They just gave it to me … “Can not take it into the voting booth” … Very professional … Kudos to our local election officials…
    I marked all the other measures leaving Senator for last … Became 100% paralyzed from the head down as I desperately tried to mark the oval next to the (D) … Scott McAdams … After she voted… My (lovey) Thai wife stalked me into the voting booth… ostensibly to “assist” … and anyone married to a Thai knows how they are … She forced my stiff… rigid… contorted body and wrist… then the hand and pen … down to the oval next to … the person SHE believes is the best Senatorial candidate for Alaska and the nation … Says… with gritted teeth… “The Thai has spoken” … I asked her to hold my nose but she was too busy forcing me to fill in the oval next to …
    the cheating liar …
    Joe Miller …
    (note: do not despair you right wing nutcases… Lisa will caucus with the (R)’s … After all… she has promised she will … and… politicians keep their promises… right … ?)

  6. AJStrata says:

    Toes, everyone down here know Lisa did not get all the right in votes.

    All she needs to do is lose 20% and Miller wins. Do the math

  7. Toes192 says:

    Pleeeeeeeese… Aj… The difference between “write in” and … Joe Miller was about … 13,588 votes … (of 197,578 votes cast best I can tell)
    You must really think Alaskans are stupid if you think that 13,588 of us can’t spell … (Go ahead and take a few thousand away from that if you like)
    btw… as our illustrious Director of Elections might say … Is it your “Intent” to say “write-in” … when you write … “right in votes” … heh
    Hay… May & I did our part … We voted for the cheating liar …
    Ask your son this … If a Marine stole a tank at Pendleton … drove it to town to propose to his girlfriend… he’d likely lose all his stripes… into the brig for a couple years + dishonorable discharge … BUT … all his pals would think it was really kind of cool…
    BUT …
    If he stole skivvies from the someone’s footlocker… now.. that is lowdown and skuzzy …
    Joe Miller’s cheating ranks with stealing skivvies …
    That is why I … as USMC from the 60’s … constantly insult him … even though May & I voted for Joe Miller …

  8. AJStrata says:

    Math Toes – 20% of 40% is 8%. 40-8 = 32%. Miller at 34%. 34 is bigger than 32, Miller wins.


  9. Toes192 says:

    k… Got it … You think 13,588 votes will be either disallowed … or … cast for some other write-in candidate … and that …Miller will be the next Alaska Senator … I think Lisa by a mile…
    btw… May and I toyed with the prank of writing in “Joe Miller” … yes…he was on the write-in list … but decided that was a little bit of too cutsey
    How about a bet if you are so sure … ?
    Dinner for two … ?
    Restaurant of your/our choice anywhere … ?
    Hay… I’ll even tell you our restaurant … Oriental Hotel in Bangkok …
    (May’s sister is Director of Human Resources there so we can get a discount …)
    Got the courage of your convictions … ?

  10. crosspatch says:

    This is going to be an interesting period for liberals in California. They won practically every single office and both houses of the legislature. Most importantly, they voted to remove the 2/3 majority required to pass budgets. So the Democrat simple majority will be allowed to tax and spend to their heart’s content.

    My expectation is to see an increase in the pace of business moving out of the state.

  11. WWS says:

    Crosspatch, I hope you can find a way to get out of that state yourself. California voted for bankruptcy yesterday – we don’t know yet exactly what shape it will take, but that outcome is now inevitable. At a minimum muni-bonds from Ca. are going to default en masse in a couple of years. Does anyone think Jerry Brown will choose to pay bondholders over unions? No way. And as businesses move, unemployment will spiral up and the lives of everyone left their will become more and more miserable.

    I don’t seen any way Cali comes back from this, at least not in our lifetimes. Even when they hit rock bottom it will take at least a generation (if not more) to rebuild the base that is being destroyed now. What does concern me is that now the general economic prospects for the country have become much worse – California is of course about 10% of the national economy, and it isn’t possible for the overall economy to get healthy when 10% of it is guaranteed to wallow in a rolling, 20 year Depression. Which is now Cali’s fate.

  12. WWS says:

    In contrast to California, allow me to point out that Texas just elected the most Republican dominated legislature *Ever*, and also that Republicans won *Every* statewide seat that was up for grabs easily.

    Chet Edwards, the infamous blue dog who had hung on til now lost by a 61% – 38% margin. Wipeout.

    Needles to say, Texas’ fiscal future is looking quite good. Those who are looking for a place to move their businesses will find open arms, low taxes, and opportunity everywhere!

  13. Toes192 says:

    You know… I mis-spoke and probably misled youall … I said Joe Miller was on the write-in list… He WAS on the write-in list that I saw online… but … at the polling station… I just took it to see if they’d give it to me … (they did without any hassle whatsoever) … briefly riffled though it … Did NOT check to see if Mr. Miller was listed … (dang) … My apology …
    Now I read one report that says Miller write-ins will not be counted… How cr*py is that !!! Doesn’t matter… Senator Murkowski has won… Counting of write-in votes starts in a couple weeks from now …
    I am pretty sure Aj will use his common sense and not take me up on the dinner bet… but … just in case … Bibi in Bangkok will forward me the most expensive menu of the (Mandarin) Oriental Bangkok Hotel …
    Think of it as foreign aid to a friendly country, Aj … (Thailand) …That will ease the pain …

  14. KauaiBoy says:

    Oh what a glorious day to see the sleeping giant awakened. Not only were Pelosi, Soros and Obama et al bitch slapped by the electorate but the MSM has officially been relegated to the scrapheap of history. I always had faith in Americans to do the right thing — this is our Midway. Hell even Illinois voters seemed to have regained some of their senses. And Reid’s win frees us from the prospect of more of Shumer’s stupidity (too bad we can’t get any less of it). As to Alaska, something must be real stinky up there if Princess Lisa wins — what they are hiding up there must be some first rate corruption.

    Toes — if you lived in Connecticut could that tough Thai lady get you to vote for their liar. Somehow me thinks not.

    Connecticutian’s should hang there heads in collective shame and then move to California.