Jun 15 2005

True Torture at GITMO – Not!

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Hat Tip to The Anchoress for finding this timely foil to the current GITMO Propaganda. While the liberal pols and media (and some weak kneed reps) wring their hands about loud music and finger pointing, we all need to keep in mind what real torture is about. And that goes for you to Dysmal Durbin!

From The Bad Hair Blog:

Her ordeal, which was brutal, lasted 157 days:

She was held in a cellar that was 13′ x 6′, and only 5′ high, along with as many as a dozen other hostages.

The cellar was totally dark. There was no light in the cellar. There was no window, and the cellar had no ventilation.

She was bound and blindfolded all the time she was there
The hostages were not allowed to speak. If they spoke, they were beaten.

Ms Aubenas states she was beaten twice for having been accused of speaking.

Other punishments included having their hands painfully bound behind their back, and the withholding of meals and water.

Aubenas said that her captors imposed a daily limit of 80 spoken words and 24 paces to go to the bathroom.

She realised only towards the end of her captivity that she had been kept in the same basement as Hussein Hanoun al-Saadi, her Iraqi guide.

Which brings me to my next point: imagine being a woman, held in a cell with men, during your menses. For five months.

She spent her days sitting cross-legged on her mattress. She ate with her hands bound.

Several times she was beaten by her guards because she had moved or because they thought that she had whispered to another hostage taken into the basement.

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