Feb 27 2006

Face Saving On DPW Port Deal

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Here is a copy of a comment I left at Captain Ed’s site on the face saving compromise for all those we went crazy in opposition to the deal after the media and liberals (Schumer? pulleeaze!) yanked their fear chains.

You know, given all the doom and gloom scenarios this means nothing. It is face saving for the anti-deal forces that went hog wild on inaccurate information.

All those scenarios of smuggling WMD through here still exist, because DPW manages so many ports where material comes to us that is where the risk has always been.

And where the DPW has watched our back. And an AQ agent could still come here in the guise of DPW exec here to visit the subsidiary, and just happening to bring along his sports care….

This is meaningless as an answer for all the scare scenarions – but at least the issue is going to go away. And if people need to think this covers their tracks, well that is fine too.

There are not a lot of people who are going to be fooled by this.  There will be a lot who want a face saving exit from this issue.   But the real hard core Ayrab-Phobes will not be satisfied with this.  I really admire the hell out of Captain Ed – but for those of us who were able to keep a logical perspective on this issue without this faux capitulation, I think it is fair to say we were vindicated.

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