Feb 24 2006

Al Qaeda Getting Desperate

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Al Qaeda is trying to inflame the Muslim world by attacking it.  There is no more sure sign of desperation than that.  First we had the massively stupid attack on a Holy Muslim shrine in Iraq.  While violence flared up, a cooling down period should allow the anger to be redirected to the foreign Jihadists in Iraq – and rabble rousers like Al Sadr.

Now two suicide bombers in a car have tried to take out a Saudi Oil refinery (I would think it would take a lot more than that to be honest).  The war between the radicals and the moderates may be upon us – and we will need to be steadfast and stand beside the moderates to ensure they succeed.

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One Response to “Al Qaeda Getting Desperate”

  1. Snapple says:

    The bombings are an attempt to incite a civil war between shiites and Sunnis, but the Iraqis are not falling into the terrorists’ plans to divide and conquer.

    The Sunni and Shiite Muslims are holding joint prayer services for the bombed mosques, according to FOX NEWS.