Feb 22 2006

Rest In Peace

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I don’t know the man’s politics – and I don’t care. Eli J. Segal spent his life on liberal causes and being part of Clinton’s team. He believed, he fought for and he spent his life’s time fighting for a cause.

Eli J. Segal, who was the chief of staff in Gov. Bill Clinton’s victorious campaign for president in 1992 and who went on to become an assistant in the Clinton White House, died Monday at his home in Boston. Mr. Segal, who headed the Clinton administration’s AmeriCorps and Welfare-to-Work initiatives, was 63.

Mr. Segal, a businessman and Democratic Party stalwart, campaigned for several Democrats who ran for president, including Senator Eugene J. McCarthy in 1968 and Gen. Wesley K. Clark in 2004. But his most successful engagement was as chief of staff in Mr. Clinton’s general election campaign against the incumbent, President George Bush.

Mr. Segal joined the new administration as an assistant to the president, serving to 1996. In that post he was involved in legislation that created AmeriCorps, a network of local, state and national volunteer programs that works with nonprofit and public agencies to fill gaps in areas like education, health, public safety and the environment.

Last year the corps sent thousands of volunteers to back up emergency teams after Hurricane Katrina.

Mr. Segal became the corps’ first executive director in October 1993.

Amazingly, on these issues he has me beat. Humility is a great life lesson. Well, rest in peace, and may your family know many still respect the act of activism and sacrifice that is the silent warrior in this city.

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