Feb 17 2006

Stupid Judge Tricks

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Again, to all you judges I hold dear and respect, this is not aimed at judges generally. But this has to be one of the dumbest (and unconstitutional) moves I have seen (from Stop The ACLU):

On Thursday, a federal judge decided that Americans’ safety and security takes a back-seat to a left-wing groups’ right to view and promulgate top secret National Security Agency documents relating to the terrorism surveillance program. In this case, one of the left-wing groups has direct ties to Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT), who was forced to step down from his perch on the Senate Intelligence Committee in 1987 over allegations he leaked classified information to news reporters.

Just one lawyer wearing black robes has usurped the authority of the Commander-in-Chief to wage war as he believes it should be waged. As a result of this decision, the US Justice Department is ordered to respond within 20 days to requests by a civil liberties group for documents about President George W. Bush’s NSA surveillance program.

It ain’t going to happen. Judges can be really naive about how limited their power is in some situations. He will be overruled before the 20 days by a higher court. But I personally would like to see the judges face when no one goes and tries to take the material from the NSA!

What a pathetic joke.

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  1. Observer says:

    Andrew Jackson answered this one when he moved the Cherokees on the Trail of Tears despite a SUPREME COURT ruling.

  2. BurbankErnie says:

    What the HELL does this statement mean:

    “U.S. District Judge Henry Kennedy ruled that a private group, the Electronic Privacy Information Center, will suffer irreparable harm if the documents it has been seeking since December are not processed promptly under the Freedom of Information Act. He gave the Justice Department 20 days to respond to the group’s request.”
    Excuse the HELL out of me, but what “irreparable harm” could this lobbyist group suffer?
    Just. Bizarre. Can’t. Stand. Activist>Judges.appointed.By.Dems. {POOf} Head. Explodes.

  3. Retired Spook says:

    A polite but curt “kiss my ass” from AGAG to Judge Kennedy should suffice.