Feb 01 2006

I Think I Am Going To Throw Up

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And I never throw up. The soulless cartoon by Tom Toles in the Washington Post is beyond tasteless, callous, childish or inept. It simply demonstrates someone without any compassion for their fellow human beings. Even those who risk and sacrifice everything they have for a cause they believe in and all of us benefit from.

Michelle Malkin has the round up here with the Toles’ Turd. That it is it for me and the Washington Post. We used to get the Sunday paper for the advertisements – not any more! Take note DC area stores – your ads are not welcomed in my home anymore. I will not be gracing your doorsteps with my wallet in hand.

You advertisers want back in my house? Put pressure on the Post to fire Toles and make sure all of you donate heavily to causes that support our injured veterans and the families who lost loved ones. And make sure you announce this in the Washington Post in a full page ad.

Anyone else ready to join in please do. The WaPo needs to be taught a lesson in civility and honor.

Michelle has a different take on this: Kennedy should now be feeling better about Alito. Well, if Kennedy should be feeling better – shouldn’t I be feeling worse?

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  2. The JCoS’s letter is a thing of beauty, if there can be a silver lining in this.

  3. Europe’s editors support Danes, heads start to rol

    European editors of various newspapers and magazines began to publish the 12 cartoons of Muhammed (shown here) in a gesture of support for the Danish newspaper Jyllands Posten.

  4. […] We have to be careful what signals we send that could recruit moderates into the radical’s camp. I am not sure what the answer is. The cartoons do not seem that offensive, but then again we here in the West have become numb to the idiocy of political cartoonists. Just yesterday Michelle and myself and others castigated the Washington Post for a truly sick cartoon. Here we are today on the other side defending something that hit some the same way as that Toles cartoon hit us. […]

  5. BuzzK says:

    “Put pressure on the Post to fire Toles and make sure all of you donate heavily to causes that support our injured veterans and the families who lost loved ones. ”

    How about putting pressure on the assclowns who lied us into the Iraq war, sent our kids there with unarmored Humvees and insufficient body armor, and had no plan for what to do after the war?

    Toles’ cartoon was right on, and it’s been circulated widely via email among my (‘Nam) generation, including some guys who re-upped and are serving over there right now. You have no effing idea the depth of anger among senior soldiers about this war, how it’s been mismanaged, and what it’s cost us. So shut the eff up!

  6. AJStrata says:


    This is your one and only warning. You are a guest on my site. Act like an adult or win the honor of being the first one to be kicked out of here.

    This is my site where I exercise my 1st Amendment Right to speak my mind. So please, take your liberal fascist act someplace else. We still have the right to speak in this country.

    One more infraction and out you go.

    BTW, the HUMVEES are not ‘unarmored’ and are much better than the jeeps of Nam. Your not impressing me with your first impression here.

  7. […] In the US, last week, the Joint Chiefs of Staff (an arm of the state, technically) wrote an angry letter to the Washington Post to protest the publication of this cartoon. Michele Malkin might declare that: “In civilized societies, if you are offended by a cartoon, you do not burn flags, take up guns and raid buildings, chant death to your opponents, or threaten suicide bombings. You write a letter to the editor.” But plenty of other pajamahadeen are actively seeking the sacking of the WaPo’s cartoonist because they didn’t like what he had to say. It would be a little ironic if they got their wish – or even an apology – in the present circumstances. […]