Jan 20 2006

Michael Osama Moore

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go check out Tom Maguire’s links to all the people who saw the same connection between Bin Laden’s rationale and those proposed by Murtha, Dean, etc. In fact, Hannity and Gingrich were saying the same thing as well last night!


Leftwing sites are all bothered by the fact Chris Mathews noted how the message of the terrorists and the message of the unhinged left in this country are merging. Apparently Mathews could not help but notice how Bin Laden is saying the same thing as the anti-Bush crowd and compare what Michael Moore has said to Bin Laden’s recent statements. What is hillarious is their ridiculous logic that if someone compared what Bin Laden said to something O’Reilly said the right would be as upset as them!

Talk about pandering to the right wing let alone an out-right smear in the worst way. Not only is he making a comparison, but he’s calling Michael Moore-“Osama.” If he compared a conservative figure to Osama what do you think would happen? Chris Matthews owes Michael Moore an apology and fast.

What dunces we have on the left these days. If someone claimed Bin Laden sounded like O’Reilly we would all laugh at the silliness of it. What these poor saps do not understand is Michael Moore (and many others) DO sound like Bin Laden. Did these fools forget Michael’s praise of AQ’s efforts in Iraq?

But beyond that, the leftwingnuts in this country are Bin Laden’s useful idiots! That is why he connects his message to them because he sees them as Al Qaeda’s only hope for survival. If the BDS folks can turn opinion away from Bush Bin Laden can live to kill another day. He knows it. And that is why he does it. He needs Michael Moore on his side.

Bin Laden’s useful idiots just can’t face it. So sad for the left. Dupes of our enemies, and unwitting ones at that.

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  1. BurbankErnie says:

    That is why I no longer try to have a reasonable discussion with any member of the Liberal Left, it turns into an arguement and then it really goes sour. I am glad you respect your writings and those of your guests (like me) and keep the trolls to a minimum.

    I refuse to argue with idiots.

  2. [tongue in cheek] Shouldn’t the apology go to OBL? [/tongue in cheek]

  3. axiom says:

    It wasn’t just Chris Matthews. Joe Scarborough talked with Tucker Carlson on “Scarborough Country” about the UBL tape. Tucker asserted that UBL must have the Democrat Party talking points.

    Tucker said you really have to read the transcript to really see this apparent cribbing by UBL from the Democrats. UBL even plugs the book “Rogue State” by William Blum. His speech might as well have been written by the “Stop the War Coalition” in London.

  4. HaroldHutchison says:

    It’s just amazing. What’s sad is that there’s no chance of a change in the situation inside the Democratic Party. It means we are stuck with Republicans, and the folks on the right – some of whom I no longer trust.

  5. seldon says:

    The most active portion of the Democratic Party is so far to the left of the mainstream that any hope of reclaiming the White House is mere fantasy. What is more, the center is still up for grabs. There are now more Independents than Democrats or Republicans. Once the sensible Democrats realize the implications of this, I think that they will form their own party, leaving the Sheehan-Moore-moveon.org types who would like to relive the 60s upholding what’s left of the Democratic Party. We may have a three-party system for a while, but eventually I expect the Democratic Party’s relevance to decrease substantially if not dissolve altogether. Well, it was nice 177-year run while it lasted.