Jan 13 2006

Stupid Liberal Tricks

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The liberal left has not learned to just get along with their fellow Americans. In a tribute to Martin Luther King in San Antonio there is going to be a flyover of two military jets. This is tribute is being rebuked by a bunch of whiners who now will stay home instead of joining arms in something we all agree on.

They say the planes represent war and bombs and death, but at the same time those planes can also represent our freedom and peace,” Price said.

The San Antonio march is in its 20th year and has drawn as much as 70,000 people, making it one of the nation’s largest Martin Luther King Jr. Day commemorations.

The commission voted to add the flyover at a November meeting, and peace activists say an attempt to rescind it failed at a meeting this week. Some said they would stay home this year or wear yellow ribbons during the march Monday as a show of protest.

MLK is a hero of this country and, yes, preferred non violent solutions. But we all celebrate his efforts in tearing down the walls of racism, including some of us who believe a strong national defense. But the lunatic, intolerant left cannot stand the fact MLK’s support is now broad and deep in the country.

Well, they represent a marginal minority and need to get over themselves. The rest of us are finding it harder and harder to care what these people think as they rant and lash out mindlessly day in and day out.

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  1. And on top of this, Duke University is having Harry Belafonte to campus on Monday to celebrate the holiday. They say they don’t care about the remarks in Venezuela. He’s sure to be welcomed as a hero.

    I’m not so sure Dr. King would be pleased to find his memorial hijacked as “Extreme Left-wing Liberal Day.”