Jun 13 2005

Stealing Milk From A Baby

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Hollywood type’s are so weird, they can be whacko. Michelle Malkin posts on how Rosie O’Donnell has decided to stop the breast feeding of her ‘daughter’ by her lesbian partner – who is the biological mother of the baby.

Rosie is jealous, and so she threw a fit and stole her baby’s milk. Michelle is a little disgusted with this too, obviously:

What? As if breast-feeding were only about satisfying the nursing mother’s needs and not the newborn’s? What kind of narcissistic loon would go on TV and say such things and expect to be viewed as a normal, responsible parent?

O’Donnell’s selfish, psycho comments were made on ABC’s The View last week as the panel discussed a “nurse-in” involving 200 women breastfeeding outside of ABC’s headquarters who were angry about negative remarks Barbara Walters had made about a breastfeeding mom.

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