Jan 03 2006

Straighten Up Left…

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Dr Sanity’s patience with the suicidal left has reached its limit.

One person alone can take credit for the economy, Iraq and the spread of freedom and democracy; and instead of receiving credit or even a grudging thanks, the animosity and rage just continues to pile up in these very very mentally disturbed people.

Give it a break, will you? Go put your heads in some ice water and cool down. Think what you are doing. If you know what you are doing and don’t care, then you can go to hell. And if you haven’t thought about the consequences of your behavior and speech, then STFU.

If you can’t give it a rest, then go live somewhere else–preferably where your brand of shar’ia and intolerance is perfectably acceptable. Because I won’t tolerate the intolerable anymore. Because I love this country too much to see it destroyed. Because it is YOU who are set on its destruction, not the President; not Republicans; not the average American. America’s freedom is indeed under attack–just not from the President of the U.S. or his administration. And the one’s within this country who are attacking it have perfected a form of self-delusion that is rampant in narcissistic personalities.

Stop lying to yourselves that you are patriots. You don’t know the meaning of the word.

Stop pretending that you care about people. Your actions are causing hope in our enemy and death to people in our military services; and if there is an attack in the next year then I along with millions of Americans will lay the responsibility at YOUR door.

Stop acting like you believe in “multiculturalism”. You hate this culture and would do anything in your power to destroy it.

Stop saying you support the poor and oppressed. You care for neither and do nothing to relieve their suffering–only to make yourselves feel superior and compassionate.

Stop mouthing the words of love and compassion. You have neither. You are filled with hate and vitriol, and you spare no effort to demonstrate it daily.

Cease your prattling about “free speech” when you only believe that YOUR speech is free and trumps anyone else’s. Or that YOUR “fundamental rights” are more important than anyone else’s.


I agree sometimes the left seems to be saying “if we can’t run the country, then no one will!”. The leaking of the NSA program is the tipping point for many. The NSA program was monitoring Al Qaeda and identifying their contacts here in the US. Many of those contacts were here to kill us. And now they have been tipped off and have probably gone underground. I agree, any attack in the next 12 months will be traced to the leak.

NSA monitoring our enemies is not illegal. And the FISC court was clearly trying to stop having NSA leads used to establish probable cause for warranted actions. What does the left want? We find out about terrorists here in the US from intel, and then we cannot use that intel in gaining a FISA warrant? How else do we pass life saving intel to domestic law enforcement then?

As someone asked, do terrorists get a free pass if they can get into the country?

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  1. trentk269 says:

    We are seeing the American Left -at last- showing its true colors. Their aid and comfort to Islamofascism is nothing more than treason, plain and simple. Thanks to the blogosphere and talk radio, we’re now able to observe and comment about this fifth column in our midst-this enemy within- like never before.

    Time is running out for this country to protect itself from a devastating WMD attack from our external enemies. I hope that the behavior now so clearly manifesting itself from our internal enemy awakens our body politic before it is too late.