Dec 19 2005

The President’s Press Conference

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There is not much to say on this really. Bush is knocking this one out of the ballpark. The press tried the angle we are spying on Americans, and Bush pointed out that we are connecting known Al Qaeda agents overseas to their contacts here in the US. Just as we should have done prior to 9-11. There is no getting around this argument. But the press tried.

They asked why not follow the FISA process? Bush said we do follow the FISA process, but he will not let a process get in the way of monitoring a possible attack. Just like the Gorelick Wall was stupid, myopic process, being tied completely to a process when Al Qaeda is contacting someone here in the US is not going to fly with the public. But it does expose the left who feel process is paramount to freedom.

Bush slammed them down with more points as well. Beyond following FISA as much as possible, and only going to this extraordinary path when it becomes necessary, Bush reminded them it is a legal process and is reviewed by people who have taken an oath to uphold the laws. The people reviewing this process are concerned about civil liberties, and Congress has been briefed. As he pointed out to one fool, this is not ‘unchecked power’. So the left has been challenged to come up with a case in point where the power has been misused.

Bush did let slip one thing, this process has apparently not been used with internal communications within the US (where both parties are in the US). Now this doesn’t include conference calls and multi-address emails, but it is clear they have not seen the need to use this for activities solely in the US.

When asked why they felt it OK to US FISA inside the borders and not outside, Bush pointed out they would use it inside the US if conditions warrented. He reiterrated is position he is doing his constitutional duty to protect us by establishing a process that is reviewed constantly and has many eyes on it (this is not a one person order).

Bush is just knocking the liberal media senseless. He keeps reminding these people he has answered the details, the process is legal, and he will continue to use it.

He does expect there is a leak investigation and this is excellent news. Maybe Fitzgerald can learn how it is really done.

We will not be leaving Iraq either, for obvious reasons. He pounded the left on this. We will stay until it is stable and it will be a while before the government is established (2/3rd votes required for leadership positions).

On the Patriot Act, he pounded Reid for bragging about killing the Patriot Act which tore down the idiotic processes that allowed 9-11 in the first place. Sen Reid took a major hit. Just killing the dems about not connecting dots pre 9-11, but now killing the Patriot Act. He called on Senators from NY and LA to explain how these cities are safer without the Patriot Act (and the NSA program).

Michelle Malkin has a round up here.

Ended at 11:20 during the Q&A period. Will update if necessary.


Bush keeps circling back to Hamdi and Midhar who were in San Diego early and coordinating with the 9-11 terrorists constantly – and how this activity would have been detected under the NSA program under question and stopped 9-11.

Bush is hammering home how the exposure of this program has now been crippled by the news about the methods of monitoring. He goes back to the problem with Bin Laden’s sat-phone when it was leaked in the press that was how he was being tracked. Bin Laden read this and adjusted his behavior and became impossible to track. This was in the mid 1990’s during the WTC 1 trial.


The question on polls came up and Bush simply answered his job is to lead this country and protect it. He went back to the political games on the Patriot Act and simply reminds the country this is not in the best interest of the country. He recalls all the other successes (e.g., budgets, etc) as if to point out better targets for playing politics.

And that is the end. Smashing!


Don’t miss Lori Byrd’s live blogging here. Bulldog at Ankle Biting Pundits did a great blow-by-blow here.

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  1. Snapple says:

    U.S. Senator Robert C Byrd is wagging his finger and a miniaturized Constitution at Bush today.

    Talk about Chickens coming home to roost!