Dec 10 2005

Low Life Liberals

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To all my liberal friends and those who can debate the issues without getting into the muck, be clear that this post is not about you.

But it is about what appears to be the human scum who are now the majority of Liberals. These low lifes hang out a the Huffington Post and have co-opted the Liberal lable and somehow made the White Supremacists look moderate:

in fact I won’t even finish this, I realize more and more that the continuation of the Iraq War is a jew-thing. 12 Million jews in the world certainly have a disproportionate hold on the rest of us. It President of Iran is right. Relocate them, not to Europe but to Iceland or Antarctica, now that their policies have melted all the ice up there.

greene said: “why do jews always take German sounding names?”

Because they came from Germany. Most jews in Israel orginally came from Europe. Therefore, let Europe find a place IN EUROPE for Israel so that Palestine can be free of occupation (as suggested by Iran recently)

What is this all about? The democrats losing Iraq. Not America losing in Iraq, but democrats losing the support of reasonable, mature Americans over Iraq.

Here is their disgusting display of what a human being is not.

More examples here at Kos.

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  1. Kaz-Man says:

    Those on the left who think of themselves as socialists are increasing putting the word national in front of it. And they compare Bush to Hitler at the same time! One of the most bitter ironies I can think of. And also this is at a time when some Arab states are considering diplomatic relations with Israel. Does the left place itself on the wrong side of history on purpose?

  2. Snapple says:

    AJ–I don’t consider these anti-America types real liberals. Liberals used to be for human rights and freedom. They opposed Hitler.

    Liberals believe that government has a role to play in society. These anti-America types are really for the terrorists having a free hand domestically. They are against laws that let the Pentagon have a domestic role in protecting Americans.

    I feel this word liberal has been kidnapped. The Bush Administration are the true liberals. I can’t begin to express how great I think they are. They are protecting us. These fake liberals want to hamstring our military intelligence so the terrorists can take the field domestically unopposed.

    So-called “liberals” will no doubt whine about laws that allow Pentagon spying, too; but as I recall, a whole airplane was crashed into the Pentagon on 9-11-01. No doubt these “liberals think that if the military were in Okinawa (Murtha’s stupid idea) 9-11 could have been avoided.

    I am sure that many of the people burned to death in the WTC were liberal democrats. Maybe they would have been alive if the Pentagon had penetrated the Al Qaeda cell that did 9-11. I bet they would not be complaining about how the terrorists’ “right” to burn them alive was curtailed. They would be grateful to the military.

    The enemy is inside the country, and not in Okinawa where Murtha wants to put them. Murtha “liberals” are liars who are going to hobble the government and get Americans murdered. Maybe Murtha would not want the military in Okinawa if his children had been burned alive in the WTC. Does Al Qaeda have to bomb Congress before these guys get it? The terrorists are really serious about killing millions of Americans. We can’t negotiate with these guys any more than we could negotiate with Hitler. And the terrorists are inside our borders.

    I want the military to go after the terrorists in Iraq and in America.
    If we weren’t stopping the terrorists in Iraq, they would be blowing us up all the time in America by now.

    Real liberals believe that the American people should be able to protect themselves from totalitarian terrorists.

    See Drudge for this information about the Pentagon’s domestic intelligence gathering . I didn’t see the cited WAPO article yet.

    Pentagon Intelligence Agency Gathers Domestic Intelligence
    Sat Dec 10 2005 18:20:11 ET

    Day after day, reports of suspicious activity filed from military bases and other defense installations throughout the United States flow into the Counterintelligence Field Activity, or CIFA, a three-year-old Pentagon agency whose size and budget remain classified, the WASHINGTON POST is planning to report on Sunday, newsroom sources tell DRUDGE.

    The Talon reports, as they are called, are based on information from civilians and military personnel who stumble across people or information they think might be part of a terrorist plot or threat against defense facilities at home or abroad.

  3. Snapple says:

    Here is the WAPO article about CIFA and it is by Walter Pincus.
    And the 9-11 guy Ben Veniste who poo-poos Able Danger gets the floor:
    The Pentagon’s emphasis on domestic intelligence has raised concerns among some civil liberties advocates and intelligence officials. For some of them, the Talon system carries echoes of the 1960s, when the Pentagon collected information about anti-Vietnam War groups and peace activists that led to congressional hearings in the 1970s and limits on the types of information the Defense Department could gather and retain about U.S. citizens.

    “I am particularly apprehensive about the expansion of our military’s role in domestic intelligence gathering,” said Washington lawyer Richard Ben-Veniste, a member of the Sept. 11 commission

  4. Snapple says:

    This link is dead right now, but notice that the terrorist URUKNET is talking about our defense programs as a new COINTELPRO. I copied this from the google search:

    “CIFA: Pentagon’s COINTELPRO, Italy – Nov 27, 2005

    The White House is considering expanding the power of a little-known Pentagon agency called the Counterintelligence Field Activity, or CIFA, which was created …”

    The American radical and fake Indian Ward Churchill is always raving about COINTELPRO, an FBI program that investigated American radicals.

    This same Ward Churchill was at a meeting hosted by Cynthia McKinney all about Able Danger.

    It seems some people want the terrorists to be able to investigate Pentagon programs like Able Danger, but our military that defends us from these terrorists should not be allowed to investigate the terrorists.

  5. Snapple says:


    I think this is the article that was on URUKNET which compared CIFA to COINTELPRO.

    Here is a quote:

    “Last month, the Senate Intelligence Committee approved a request from the Pentagon to snoop on Americans (and of course subvert and possibly assassinate—as COINTELPRO did previously—those deemed a threat to the neocon master plan for world domination). ”

    Ironically, these ridiculous radicals are trying to compare the American military to communist-era intelligence agencies which did not investigate terrorists, but sponsored them:

    “[T]he DIA does not want to be answerable to the American people, the same way Stalin or Stasi were not answerable to the people.”

    I am just going to say that the Pentagon IS ANSERABLE to me, and I DEMAND that the Pentagon to have these capabilities. I am not afraid of the Pentagon because I am not a terrorist. I think the military will protect me from the terrorists. GO RUMMY!

    The terrorists and their propagandists are in America and spying on the military and on Americans so they can kill us. I say let the Pentagon ferret them out.

    I am sure there will be the usual dumb goofs, as with any undertaking; but just because the police, FBI, and courts sometimes mess up, it doesn’t mean we don’t have police, an FBI and courts.

    It is not the Bush Administration that aims for world domination, it is these radicals. Spy on them! Kick in their doors! Arrest them! Try them! Imprison them! Execute them!

    We have real terrorists in America; not just dissidents.
    And the FBI did not assasinate its opponents as this Kurt Nimmo claims. Colorado American Indian Movement activist Ward “frag your officers” Churchill claims that the FBI was complicit in the alleged murders of about 70 Indians who were AIM activists. How come, if the FBI was killing scores of AIM activists, Ward Churchill dodged the bullet? Because the FBI didn’t kill anyone, that’s why.

    Meanwhile, Ward “frag your officers” Churchill is a mouthpiece for the founder of the Crips gang, Stan “Tookie” Williams

    Tookie Williams murdered two people. He has never called for the disbanding of this vicious gang that may even have links with foreign terrorists.

  6. Snapple says:

    This UN official named John Pace is saying that “attacks on lawyers and flaws in the Iraqi justice system mean the trial of Saddam Hussein on charges of crimes against humanity will never satisfy international standards.”

    My view is that Iraq has to start somewhere and that Saddam is a good person to practice on. It is admirable that there are brave Iraqi lawyers and judges who will participate in this trial.

    It shouldn’t be too hard to make a case. “At least 290 grave sites containing the remains of 300,000 people have been found since the U.S. invasion two years ago, Iraqi officials say.”

    These folks in the mass graves didn’t have a trial at all.

    Maybe John Pace just wants to discredit the trial. I wonder if John Pace is making the same complaints about proceedures as Ramsey Clark?

    John Pace is currently “human rights chief at the United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq.”

    The UN didn’t talk too much about Saddam’s justice for all those years. At least Saddam is getting an open trial, while is more than the folks in the mass graves. And the UN ripped off the Iraqi people by its complicity in the Oil-for-Food theft. Is that what the UN means by international standards?

    Who are the UN to talk about international standards?