Sep 08 2009

Let’s Have Competition All Around!

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Jerry Doyle made an excellent point on his radio show this afternoon. If the liberals want “competition” through government rationed health care (a.k.a., the ‘public option’) let’s have competition all around.

Let’s allow private sector retirement investment options to Social Security, where those who want to put their trust in the free market verses the bankrupt government rationed system can have a choice! Let social security compete with the private sector.

Let’s have competition to our public schools through voucher programs. Let’s have more choices!

The minute Congress passes these opportunities for competition and choice we can discuss government rationed health care. If DC libs are all for competition and choice, let’s make it universal.

We don’t need to bankrupt our health care system – we need to make reasoned and measured changes. Get a clue DC!

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  2. BarbaraS says:

    The only way for UK and Canada to get out of the mess they are in is to actively court insurance companies and exempt all the citizens who opt for this from their health tax or else give a tax credit. I imagine there would be a rush toward private coverage. Of course, there will be some who want to stay in the system. These are mostly people who have never been sick.

    Congress, making all their silly laws, should go one further and make it a law that big pharma cannot sell medication to other countries at a discount lower than they sell to US citizens. I would support this except for the fact that I don’t want the government sticking their noses into private industry. But I resent big pharma making up for the cost of research on the Americans’ backs. Fairness seems to be the catchword these days so what’s fair about Americans paying more than say Canada and then Canada selling it back to US citizens and making a profit?

  3. Rick C says:

    What a great idea: competition all around. I would love to see those supporting a public health option to address why competition is good sometimes, but not other times.