Dec 04 2005

Plame II, The Second Coming

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The CIA leaked another under cover agent’s name to the Washington Post’s Dana Priest. Time to investigate the Post’s Dana Priest and the ex-CIA agents (VIPS?) who have risked the lives of this agent and her sources. From Tom Maguire:

Quick, subpoena Dana Priest of the WaPo – someone with a political axe to grind has leaked to her the name of a covert CIA officer!

Via Never Yet Melted

MSM Anti-Bush Administration Intel Operation collaborator Dana Priest, author of the Washington Post’s earlier “secret prisons” CIA leak story, has a new one this morning, based on “new details gleaned from interviews with current and former intelligence and diplomatic officials.”

In other words, leaked by the cabal of disgruntled State Department and Intelligence Community doves, referred to felicitously by William Safire as “a flock of pouting spooks,” who vigorously supported John Kerry in the last election, and who have since been waging an active Intelligence operation seeking to bring down the Bush Administration, whose greatest success, so far, has been achieved in connection with L’Affair Plame by the indictment of one of their key opponents: Vice Presidential Chief of Staff Lewis Libby.

The ex CIA agents and state department employees include the Wisons, Larry Johnson, Rand Beers and the VIPS. And Dana Priest of the Washington Post knpws too much for national security

The Masri case, with new details gleaned from interviews with current and former intelligence and diplomatic officials, offers a rare study of how pressure on the CIA to apprehend al Qaeda members after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks has led in some instances to detention based on thin or speculative evidence.

Let’s get a real prosecutor on the case of those undermining our war on terrorism.

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  1. mary mapes says:


    On your last fly by you were wondering about Anne Pincus’s job at State…Luck Bogey has left you a few comments about “Carl Ford, Jr” who happens to be in the same office as Pincus was and he is the textbook Bush hating bureaucrat.

  2. Joe Wilson: pro-Iraq war once upon a time?

    I would like to see a full transcript of WABC talk radio host Mark Simone’s interview with Joe Wilson, because these excerpts from it are intriguing and – well, hard to believe:
    “There was a lot of reason to be concerned about weapons of …

  3. axiom says:

    The CIA f’d this one up. They have so many “Masris” on their list it is easy to confuse the names and faces.

    The al-Masri tribe is big in Arab finance. They’re a key tribe in the financing the Palestinian Authority.

    Since the al-Masri tribe receives most of the actual aid that is sent to the Palestinian Authority, they have established capital to finance other banking and investment projects in Eypt, Jordan and Syria. Lebanon probably fits into the mix as well.

    I don’t know how how the German Khaled al-Masri fits into the CIA’s suspicions, but they admit they grabbed the wrong guy. The way Arabs vary the spelling of their names based on where they are calling home, this mistake was bound to happen.

    What I don’t see in Ms. Priest’s article is the revelation of the classified status of a CIA agent. A spiky haired woman and a goatee sporting German named “Sam” is all I read.

  4. Kaz-Man says:

    Using physical characteristics to describe a spook could be bad, I guess, but maybe they are feeding Dana a line of crap for S’s & G’s. Who knows, anymore?

  5. What is Important

    Somewhere along the line we as a people are going to have to decide something very important.

    “Do we want to live or die”. When it gets down to the nitty-gritty of the Global War on Terror, that’s really all most of us care about – whether or not…

  6. Snapple says:

    Dear Sister Toldjah,

    The quote I saw about Wilson a few years ago was that he didn’t want us to go to war BECAUSE Saddam had WMD. He said that Saddam might use the WMD if his back were to the wall.

    Later, he said we should not have gone to war because Saddam didn’t have WMD.