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Sep 06 2008

DC/NY Political Industrial Complex Is All Confused And Angry Over Palin

A beautiful thing happened in American politics this last week. The iron grip of the arrogant, hyper-partisan political careerists with terminal God-complexes have become confused and angry because America intruded into their little echo chamber of disaster in the form of Sarah Palin. You can see it in the pathetic and cheap news media coverage (especially on CNN and MSNBC which have fallen to new lows thanks to Blitz and Dolberman). You can see it in the circles of the temple of liberal feminists elites:

This is not to beat up on Palin. I defend her right to be wrong, even on issues that matter most to me. I regret that people say she can’t do the job because she has children in need of care, especially if they wouldn’t say the same about a father. I get no pleasure from imagining her in the spotlight on national and foreign policy issues about which she has zero background, with one month to learn to compete with Sen. Joe Biden’s 37 years’ experience.

And you can hear it in the church of the ‘true conservatives’.

One example from the Church of the far right is David Frum, who I have concluded as real issues with strong women since his response to Harriet Miers (a former boss) was completely over the top and seemed at times to be motivated by hate. Now he goes after Sarah – there is pattern here. Get a gander at his shock when this unknown from the dirty masses showed up:

Ms. Palin’s experience in government makes Barack Obama look like George C. Marshall. She served two terms on the city council of Wasilla, Alaska, population 9,000. She served two terms as mayor. In November, 2006, she was elected governor of the state, a job she has held for a little more than 18 months. She has zero foreign policy experience, and no record on national security issues.

All this would matter less, but for this fact: The day that John McCain announced his selection of Sarah Palin was his birthday. His 72nd birthday. Seventy-two is not as old as it used to be, but Mr. McCain had a bout with melanoma seven years ago, and his experience in prison camp has uncertain implications for his future health.

If anything were to happen to a President McCain, the destiny of the free world would be placed in the hands of a woman who until the day before Friday was a small-town mayor.

There is a reason David Frum sounds like Gloria Steinem when talking about Sarah Palin. There is a reason Andrew Sulliven has gone into the sewer and Charles Krauthammer is wringing his hands. These poles of political dysfunction all realize they are losing their clout if Sarah is VP. The GOP is smart enough to know not to bring the knives out into the open. And I honestly think most people on the right and in the GOP are jazzed to have Palin – and her message and her symbolism – on the ticket. 

But do not forget that Hannity, Ingraham and others are going to be taking a back seat to Sarah now. Do not forget that Pelosi, Hillary and Reid will be bowing down to the political power America is handing to Sarah Palin. These failed political leadership are blaming Palin when it was their failures that created the opportunity for two Mavericks to come in and clean house in the first place. Why do people think this has been the election of the outsider? Being an outsider is really the only charm Obama had going, until the facade was ripped off during the democrat primaries.

As long as the outsider was on the side of the liberals the liberal media felt safe, they would be needed to carry the message of ‘change’. But the minute the outsider turned out to be a conservative they realized they were in as much trouble as the GOP (which got a big dose of voter and consumer anger in 2006). Being a woman, or being the first woman to break into the White House, will not console them with their loss of influence (and money).

I grew up in DC and come from a political family (my grandfather was a US Congressman (D)), and I know how this town operates – and it is allon raw power and influence. John McCain has, in his last mission for America, tapped into the heartland of America to try and fix the paralyzed and partisan political culture and political industrial complex of America’s government (make no mistake about how much corporate money feeds all the talking heads). I have spent my life making sure I don’t go ‘native’ into the political culture and remain a true American as much as possible (note: that is why I am not a ‘true conservative’ or ‘true liberal’). I have tried to keep my head outside the beltway while working in this culture. I can smell the fear Palin is generating.

The next few months may be hard for Americans to understand at first. They will wonder at the salvos coming left and right – mostly left of course because it is the Dems and the Libs who have the most turf to lose. The reaction from the left is so heated and angry it is hard to miss:

The office for which Hillary Clinton strove with merciless determination for a lifetime, only to see it snatched away from her in the 11th hour, could fall into the lap of Sarah Palin, a populist outsider, who hadn’t prepared or even looked for the job. While Hillary was hobnobbing with Washington’s Who’s Who, Sarah chatted with the fire chief of Wasilla, Alaska, pop. 7,000. This makes Democrats livid. Feminists, in particular, can barely contain themselves.

Let’s fine-tune this. There are two kinds of feminists: Those who want to see the presidency available to women, and those who want to see the presidency available to card-carrying, licensed and agenda-certified female feminists. No accidental, willy-nilly women need apply. Sen. McCain’s choice made the second kind livid.

In the space of one weekend, Gov. Palin caused the sisterhood to metamorphose into veritable replicas of Boticelli’s Madonna. The wounded cry, “But what about the children?” echoed all over the land. The feminist housefrau emerged like a butterfly from the caterpillar of the professional woman. Overnight, a trickle of motherhood in feminism’s mainstream turned into a torrent. Ardent besiegers of the glass ceiling, who only a day before were set to eviscerate anyone who dared to suggest that women couldn’t shift gears between career and family as smoothly as men, flooded the airwaves with crocodile tears of concern about the price Palin’s children would have to pay for their mother’s ambition.

Fairly pathetic, isn’t it? As if we don’t all know why they hate Sarah Palin – she will marginalize them for three or more decades, maybe forever. I have been happy to see that the far right has rallied around Sarah Palin and I am confident 95% of this is real and down to the core. But I also know how Mavericks work. If McCain decides to resurrect the Comprehensive Immigration Reform the far right may go bonkers. Who knows.

What I do know is Sarah is not from here, and McCain has spent his life here remaining an outsider to some degree. America has a chance with this ticket to send a message to the failed Political Industrial Complex – you serve, survive and thrive at OUR pleasure. Screw it up and we send in new people to replace you.

And that is why Palin is so hated on the left (and to some degree why Obama was so feared on the right and by the Clintons). Whoever wins this election will have some serious political clout to roll over the vested interests left and right – if they have the backbone and sincerity. And it is in this key area McCain-Palin beats Obama-Biden.

Biden is so old school it is ridiculous, and in fact was a terrible choice for Obama because it crippled his “outsider with a vision” image. If he had gone young and female this race would be over. McCain did go young and female, and that ticket has a clear history of shaking things up and cleaning house – something sorely lacking on the Dem side. Obama’s ‘change’ mantra at one point turned out to mean ‘change his mind – again’. He has shown no convictions except for America’s defeat in Iraq, and even on that note he has been slowly pushed back into reality.

No, McCain-Palin are the team of DC outsiders with conviction, spine, scars and experience to inject a little America back into the DC/NY Political Industrial Complex. And that is what this election (and 2006) where all about. The parties are seen as part of the problem, the liberal propaganda houses of the ‘news’ media is part of the problem, the gridlock of hyper-partisanship is part of the problem.  These problems need fixing.

The country by 80% says we are on the wrong track. That is also the same level of distaste for the Dem Congress, which has accomplished nothing (but wants to investigate the GOP). Below them stand the media. There is a reason these aspects of DC/NY all have the same levels of support in America. Bush is allowed some leeway given his leadership on 9-11 and since. That is why he is twice as popular as Congress. In fact, as we mark our last 9-11 Memorial with the President who kept us safe all these years there will be a rise in the support for Bush – mark my words.

This country will send George Bush off with a thanks for what he did right, and a focus on the screw ups still messing up in DC. Bush is not the future, Sarah Palin is (with her guide and mentor John McCain). I would suspect 80% of this country is just fine with this new course, this new track because so far we have not seen anything else that is moving us on a different track. Obama had the chance and muffed it.

No one is going to argue that McCain-Palin are not changing tracks. No one who is not threatened by them, anyway. 80% want a new direction for this country – and they don’t want that direction coming from the DC/NY Political Industrial Complex.

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Sep 03 2008

Revenge Of The Political Industrial Complex

Don’t be fooled folks. Sarah Palin threatens a lot more than just Obama and the liberals. She is a breath of fresh, Alaskan, down home, middle America racing through the DC elites in the government and media and political class who look down their noises from on high left and right. Check out two conservative members of the political industrial complex on the right trashing the outsider Palin:

After a segment with NBC’s Chuck Todd ended today, Republican consultant Mike Murphy and Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan were caught on a live mic ridiculing the choice of Sarah Palin.

“It’s over,” said Noonan, and then responded to a question of whether Palin is the most qualified Republican woman McCain could have chosen.

“The most qualified? No. I think they went for this — excuse me — political bullsh** about narratives,” she said. “Every time Republicans do that … because that’s not where they live and it’s not what they’re good at and they blow it.”

Murphy chimed in:

“The greatness of McCain is no cynicism, and this is cynical.”

Even more reason to love Palin and change out all the dead wood who have had a monopoly on our political process and direction. The chattering class is the lowest respected of all the political industrial complex, and being caught lying to America while back stabbing Palin off air. The lying duplicity just underscores how these people peddle propaganda and not conviction. Which is why Palin is a threat to them all on both sides of the political divide.

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Apr 02 2017

DNC’s Russian Hack NOT Investigated By FBI – But By DNC Contractor

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The fantasy story line inside the Political Industrial Complex* (PIC) is that Team Trump colluded with Russia to tilt last year’s election to Trump. Of course the endless screw ups by Team Clinton, and the high level of frustration across this great land with PIC and its elites, had nothing to do with the election results. It has to be those pesky Russkies!

The story goes that the FBI – and all 16 intelligence agencies – concur that the Russians were targeting the Democrats, and this began with the exposure of DNC emails prior to the Democrat convention last year.

Well, that’s ONE STORY

A fuller picture is becoming evident. One where nearly all the conclusions of Russian influence are based upon a report from one company – a company contracted by the DNC!

On Thursday, a senior law enforcement official told CNN that the DNC “rebuffed” the agency’s request to physically examine its computer servers after the alleged hacking. Instead, the FBI relied on CrowdStrike’s assessment that the servers had most likely been hacked by Russian agents.

“The FBI repeatedly stressed to DNC officials the necessity of obtaining direct access to servers and data, only to be rebuffed until well after the initial compromise had been mitigated,” CNN quoted the senior law enforcement official as saying. “This left the FBI no choice but to rely upon a third party for information.

Sounds just like Hillary Clinton and her email server – where the government cannot do a real investigation of the actual computer evidence. If this sounds fishy, it is. Because this company is not a middle of the road, independent agent.

It is, in fact, a young start-up with much of its prior success tied to the Obama administration (less now than when it began 6 years ago), and of course its future rests in the hands of the Intelligence Community and the niche community of federal cyber-security specialists.  All who make their living off the federal government in one way or the other. They know who is lining their bank accounts

One of the founders is Dmitri Alperovitch who was born in Moscow, Russia in 1980 and who moved with his family to the US in 1990. Clearly he had not forged nefarious ties to Putin’s regime by the age of 10 when he emigrated, so his Russian background is not really of much interest. But he does have an interesting past, which I will get to in a second.

While I was attempting to do some digging on all this I discovered someone had done all the work already. So let me give credit where credit is due: CrowdStrike leadership has significant ties to Obama and the Democrats:

Founder Dmitri Alperovitch has been the best known face of CrowdStrike, partly due to the profile feature done on him by Esquire in late 2016.  But his co-founder, George Kurtz – like Alperovitch, a former executive at McAfee – has had a high professional profile as well.

Worth noting at the outset is that Kurtz obtained a $26 million financing deal for the CrowdStrike start-up in February 2012 from equity giant Warburg Pincus, after Kurtz had been serving there as the “entrepreneur in residence.”

This equity firm is where the initial seed money for CrowdStrike came from (Warburg was the only capital investor at the beginning; Google came in with the $100 million in 2015).

Warburg Pincus remains a primary investor in CrowdStrike, along with Google and Accel Partners.  In 2016, Warburg, whose president since 2014 has been Tim Geithner, Obama’s former secretary of the treasury, raised $29,709 for Hillary Clinton, the largest single recipient of campaign funds raised by Warburg employees and PACs.  (No contributions were made through Warburg-related entities to Donald Trump.)

Then there’s the linked-ness of the CrowdStrike executive stable.  Steven Chabinsky, CrowdStrike’s General Counsel and Chief Risk Officer, was named to Obama’s Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity in April 2016.

That’s partly because Chabinsky was Deputy Assistant Director of the FBI’s Cyber Division and Chief of the FBI’s Cyber Intelligence Section before he left the Bureau for private life in 2012 (the year he joined CrowdStrike).

But there’s more.  [Shawn] Henry is the president of CrowdStrike Services, and the Chief Security Officer (CSO) for the company.  But when he came on with CrowdStrike, in April 2012, he was coming off his final position with the FBI: Executive Assistant Director of the Criminal, Cyber, Response, and Service Branch.  (Or, as he was usually referred to, the “FBI’s top cyber official.”)

In other words, CrowdStrike scored the FBI’s two biggest Obama-era cybersecurity names – Henry and Chabinsky – the year it was formed as a start-up.

Strong ties to Obama’s FBI, and one would assume FBI Director Comey. Hmmm….

Let’s get back to Dimitri now, and his connections to the Democrats:

Alperovitch’s first big break in cyberdefense came in 2010, while he was at McAfee. The head of cybersecurity at Google told Alperovitch that Gmail accounts belonging to human-rights activists in China had been breached. Google suspected the Chinese government. Alperovitch found that the breach was unprecedented in scale; it affected more than a dozen of McAfee’s clients.

Three days after his discovery, Alperovitch was on a plane to Washington. He’d been asked to vet a paragraph in a speech by the secretary of state, Hillary Clinton. She’d decided, for the first time, to call out another country for a cyberattack. “In an interconnected world,” she said, “an attack on one nation’s networks can be an attack on all.”

Now just hold on one second here. How in the world does a nobody at MacAfee get on a plane to meet the Secretary of State in just 3 days? No vetting? No preliminaries with underlings? Just fly out to DC to review a single paragraph??

This has to be fictional drama.

BTW, earlier in the same article we have this contrary story line:

In 2011, he was working in Atlanta as the chief threat officer at the antivirus software firm McAfee. While sifting through server logs in his apartment one night, he discovered evidence of a hacking campaign by the Chinese government. Eventually he learned that the campaign had been going on undetected for five years, and that the Chinese had compromised at least seventy-one companies and organizations, including thirteen defense contractors, three electronics firms, and the International Olympic Committee.

While Alperovitch was writing up his report on the breach, he received a call from Renee James, an executive at Intel, which had recently purchased McAfee. According to Alperovitch, James told him, “Dmitri, Intel has a lot of business in China. You cannot call out China in this report.”

Alperovitch removed the word China from his analysis, calling the operation Shady Rat instead. He told me that James’s intervention accelerated his plans to leave Intel.

So which story-line is the right one? Not sure, but let’s just say not just anyone gets called to review Hillary’s speeches.

So these guys had FBI contacts and they had Clinton contacts. What else did they have? Would anyone believe connections to DHS:

Through their common roots in McAfee, Alperovitch and Kurtz have an extensive history with top cyber expert Phyllis Schneck, who appears in the Esquire piece from October.  In fact, Alperovitch and Schneck were at Georgia Tech together (see the Esquire article), and later were vice presidents of McAfee at the same time Kurtz was McAfee’s chief technology officer (CTO).  Alperovitch has obviously had a close professional relationship with Schneck; their names are both on four separate patent applications.

What is Schneck doing today?  Since 2013, she’s been the Deputy Under Secretary for Cybersecurity and Communications for the National Protection and Programs Directorate (NPPD) – i.e., the chief cybersecurity official for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

To recap, all the claims of Russian involvement with DNC (and by extension Team Trump) is based on claims by a firm with roots back to the Obama FBI, to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and to DHS? This is the only evidence we have of Russian efforts to tilt this election (as opposed to efforts by Democrat operatives in the Deep State to tilt the election)?

Some final perspectives on how this is all playing out [note: this site is a bit tinfoil hat for me, but I liked the way these paragraphs summarized where we are on this]

Also remember that it is only Alperovitch and CrowdStrike that claim to have evidence that it was Russian hackers. In fact, only two hackers were found to have been in the system and were both identified by Alperovitch as Russian FSB (CIA) and the Russian GRU (DoD). It is only Alperovitch who claims that he knows that it is Putin behind these two hackers.

The ridiculously fake cyber-attack assessment done by Alperovitch and CrowdStrike naïvely flies in the face of the fact that a DNC insider admitted that he had released the DNC documents.

It is also absurd to hear Alperovitch state that the Russian FSB (equivalent to the CIA) had been monitoring the DNC site for over a year and had done nothing. No attack, no theft, and no harm was done to the system by this “false-flag cyber-attack” on the DNC – or at least, Alperovitch “reported” there was an attack.

I just seems crazy that all this diversion by the news media and Democrats is based on the unsubstantiated claims of a company that epitomizes what it means to be part of the Political Industrial Complex*


*  The Political Industrial Complex encompasses all those elites whose livelihoods are predicated on central-control of resources and who determine who is allowed to succeed in society. It is a bipartisan exclusive club. It includes the Politicians and their career staffers. It includes crony donors and lobbyists who reap government windfalls and special treatment that average citizens cannot obtain. It includes the PIC industrial base of pollsters, consultants, etc. And it includes the pliant news media, whose success rest on access to those in power, and in return for access making sure no bad news will disrupt said power.

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Apr 01 2017

Situation Normal, All Farkased Up


The Democrats & News Media (there’s a difference?) are deteriorating into insanity as President Trump’s “surveillance” tweet continues to disrupt DC and expose one of the Capitol’s dirtiest secrets. A secret kept under cover by the self-absorbed Political Industrial Complex (PIC*), whose members have been wrapping themselves in the American Flag to coverup gross abuses of power. A secret they themselves have benefited from.

That power has kept many careers in the PIC on the rise. It has led to political dynasties within the PIC (anyone think it coincidental “Bush the 1st” was once head of the CIA?).  Those who fail to learn from history are destined to repeat it:

Later in life and after his death, [J Edgar] Hoover became a controversial figure as evidence of his secretive abuses of power began to surface. He was found to have exceeded the jurisdiction of the FBI,[1] and to have used the FBI to harass political dissenters and activists, to amass secret files on political leaders,[2] and to collect evidence using illegal methods.[3] Hoover consequently amassed a great deal of power and was in a position to intimidate and threaten sitting presidents.

The power I speak of today is the power to surveillance anyone, any time. It was created out of sincere, good intentions. To stop another 9-11 massacre. But as with all great power, it has corrupted our current leaders who began to see themselves as the defenders of America – and so somehow more important than any normal citizen. They bequeathed to themselves extra-legal authority and rationalized obliterating the 4th Amendment. “Better to snoop on everyone (which is lazy) than miss an attack”.

That thinking is akin to locking everyone up just so we don’t miss any murderers or drunk drivers. Like I said: Lazy.

If you are in the inner circle of Federal Politics you have had access to information that is a pure goldmine. You have insights into political leaders and players,  insights into international strategies and thinking. You can see through the normal veil of “private conversations” on a grand scale, detect events as they are being planned, before they happen. And you can fight off those who naively (in your own warped mind) want to take or curtail your weapon against evil!

The problem is – that surveillance capability was meant to protect Americans from terrorism and other forms of outside attack. It is illegal – in that it is a violation of the 4th Amendment of the Constitution – to have access to this kind of detailed information on Americans without demonstrable due cause, confirmed in the form of a warrant (either from a normal criminal court or the FISA court). A critical detail that has been ignored by too many for too long.

What Washington DC forgot is that Donald Trump is not from the Political Industrial Complex. He does not rely on this fountain of ill-gotten power to achieve his goals. He was able to beat the denizens of the PIC without this devil’s crutch. And he is more than likely ready to put this evil genie back in the bottle, to be opened by a few and only when a cause has been demonstrated.

It is now clear from news media reports on damning details in surveillance records – plus the loose-lips of one bit player in a political strategery – that  during the primaries, during the election and during the post-election transition Democrats used surveillance data about Americans for political purposes. This is not refutable anymore.

Here is a quick run down of the mounting evidence of gross illegal activities by those in power. Let’s begin with the news media faithfully regurgitating the ill-gotten surveillance details that can only come from a few places inside the government:

“In the Obama administration’s last days, some White House officials scrambled to spread information about Russian efforts to undermine the presidential election — and about possible contacts between associates of President-elect Donald J. Trump and Russians — across the government,” reported the New York Times.   “American allies, including the British and the Dutch, had provided information describing meetings in European cities between Russian officials — and others close to Russia’s president, Vladimir V. Putin — and associates of President-elect Trump, according to three former American officials who requested anonymity in discussing classified intelligence. Separately, American intelligence agencies had intercepted communications of Russian officials, some of them within the Kremlin, discussing contacts with Trump associates.”

Emphasis mine. Even the release of details regarding foreign players is illegal. It exposes our capabilities and notifies our enemies they need to take steps to cover their tracks better. But we have much more than that here.

Please note Judge Andrew Napolitano is actually vindicated in this reporting by the NY Times, when it notes the British provided information. There is more:

Further confirmation of his comments comes from Circa News, which says that former CIA director John Brennan, among other Obama aides, had access to intercepted foreign communications involving Trump aides:

Dozens of times in 2016, those intelligence reports identified Americans who were directly intercepted talking to foreign sources or were the subject of conversations between two or more monitored foreign figures. Sometimes the Americans’ names were officially unmasked; other times they were so specifically described in the reports that their identities were readily discernible. Among those cleared to request and consume unmasked NSA-based intelligence reports about U.S. citizens were Obama’s national security adviser Susan Rice, his CIA Director John Brennan and then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Some intercepted communications from November to January involved Trump transition figures or foreign figures’ perceptions of the incoming president and his administration.

The evidence documented by the news media of wrong doing is extensive. But they want the gravy-train of leaked surveillance data on Americans to continue. It suites their bottom line. So don’t expect the news media to be open about what is going on. They will deflect from their sources and try and keep the nation distracted by rumors of collusion outside America. All the better to keep people from seeing the collusion from within.

The Obama grand plan to disperse cherry-picked surveillance throughout government in order to keep pushing the diversionary story about Trump and Russia had a serious flaw in it. To disperse the ill-gotten propaganda would mean it would fall into less seasoned hands. And these less seasoned hands may blow the whole deal.

In steps Evelyn Farkas, former Deputy Secretary of Defense under Obama and member of Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign. Think of her as a liaison between team Hillary, Team Obama and the Congressional Democrats on “The Hill”:

Well, I was urging my former colleagues, and, and, frankly speaking, [to] the people on the Hill, it was more actually aimed at telling the Hill people, get as much information as you can – get as much intelligence as you can – before President Obama leaves the administration. Because I had a fear that somehow that information would disappear with the senior [Obama] people who left. So it would be hidden away in the bureaucracy, um, that the Trump folks – if they found out HOW we knew what we knew about their, the Trump staff, dealing with Russians – that they would try to compromise those sources and methods — meaning we would no longer have access to that intelligence. So I became very worried because not enough was coming out into the open and I knew that there was more. We have very good intelligence on Russia. So then I had talked to some of my former colleagues and I knew that they were also trying to help get information to the Hill…That’s why you have the leaking.

“If they [Team Trump] found out how we [team Obama/Clinton] knew what we knew”….  Just savor that for a while. If the new Sheriff in town found out what the previous Sheriff had done ….  This is a constitutional crisis. It will consume many top level people who have given cover to these abuses of power for too long. In another report Farkas notes she was communicating with members of both parties on “The Hill”.

Don’t believe for an instant Democrats will take all the hits on this one – just most of them.

Poor Ms. Farkas has been trying to undo the damage she has done. She has even gone so far as to blame the Russians for her loose-lips. My guess is she has been given a short time period to try and undo this before she herself gets thrown under the bus. But make no mistake, all she did was confirm the NY Times’ claims.

This issue is toxic to political careers. You don’t get caught red-handed violating the Constitution (our privacy and the assumption we are innocent until proven guilty) and survive as a politician.

There appears to be a good many heads on the line given the screeching cries for House Intelligence Chairman Nunes to step down and Trump to be Impeached. The pitch and volume of cries from the left mean some big players are about to be hoisted on their own petards. The more fevered the cries from the left, the bigger this thing has become. The Sunday shows should be wall-to-wall Democrats and Media circling the wagons and trying to get everyone to look at Russia and not Obama/Clinton.

It won’t work. Just recently we have seen reports on the smoking gun evidence. As I noted in a prior posts (here), to disperse unmasked surveillance data still requires someone in the government to sign an affidavit of due cause:

For every entity in the US Intelligence Community involved with the intercepts of Team Trump, the head of that entity should have filled out this request, including:

  1. (U) Use of information. The IC element will explain how it will use the raw SIGINT, to include identifying the particular authorized foreign intelligence or counterintelligence missions or functions that are the basis for its request.

Skipping down, we get to another key item: who reviewed and approved these requests:

C. (U) Evaluation of requests. A high-level NSA official designated by the DIRNSA will review requests for raw SIGINT covered by these Procedures. NSA will document its approval decisions in writing and include a statement explaining how the request fully complies with paragraph A.

OK, a key person who should have participated in the legal distribution of intercepts involving members of Team Trump would be the Director of NSA and whomever they designated to review the requests.

Given that the intelligence community is not partisan, but is made up of people with diverse political views attempting to work towards one goal (defending this nation), it is not surprising that some of these good folks stepped forward and pointed the Intelligence Committee Chairman to the smoking gun(s):

For a private citizen to be “unmasked,” or named, in an intelligence report is extremely rare. Typically, the American is a suspect in a crime, is in danger or has to be named to explain the context of the report.

“The main issue in this case, is not only the unmasking of these names of private citizens, but the spreading of these names for political purposes that have nothing to do with national security or an investigation into Russia’s interference in the U.S. election,” a congressional source close to the investigation told Fox News.

Nunes has known about the unmasking controversy since January, when two sources in the intelligence community approached him. The sources told Nunes who was responsible and at least one of the Trump team names that was unmasked. They also gave him serial numbers of reports that documented the activity.

Nunes had asked intelligence agencies to see the reports in question, but was stonewalled.

Emphasis mine. This is Obama’s (and Farkas’) worst nightmare. Someone willing to come forward and skip the long dance of congressional requests and executive delay and just toss out the document ID numbers that hold the evidence. This is why the Democrats and the News Media (again, is there any difference – I guess in a few corners of Fox News) are going nuts this week.

They desperately need to keep this story from coming out. But it is coming out and some big-name heads are about to roll (or roll over):

The U.S. intelligence official who “unmasked,” or exposed, the names of multiple private citizens affiliated with the Trump team is someone “very well known, very high up, very senior in the intelligence world,” a source told Fox News on Friday.

Intelligence and House sources with direct knowledge of the disclosure of classified names told Fox News that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., now knows who is responsible — and that person is not in the FBI.


My guess is Team Obama was so shaken with the realization that Team Trump would have access to all the evidence one would want to show illegal activities before the election, this desperate last minute move to disperse cherry-picked data to deflect from the true crimes seemed like their only play.

But of course the cover up is always worse than the crime. This is one big and ugly iceberg that needs to come out into the sun and be melted away. This is akin to a military coupe, where military resources are used to influence an election. While no tanks or fighter jets were used to ‘influence’ voter decisions, the awesome power of our National Security Intelligence resources may have been. So don’t let the News Media/Democrats distract us from the true crime here.

Russians did not vote in Donald Trump – fed up Les Deplorables did. Russians did not make Hillary Clinton the worst candidate in memory – the Democrats did. And Russians did not make Obama turn this nation’s defense systems against his political opponent.

He did that all on his own.

Everyone in DC assumed Trump would protect this grotesque use of our national defense as those before him had. I have seen ridiculous interviews with the likes of Gen Wesley Clark on Fox News trying to divert attention from this to protect the unfettered monitoring of Americans. It never occurred to the denizens of the PIC that the best defense from this kind of abuse was sunlight. And sunlight would also cleanse us of the decay that had created this rot.

It never crossed their feeble minds that Trump would simply expose the whole ugly mess to not only protect himself and his team – but to drain the swamp itself.

The Intelligence Community is not monolithic  politically, and generally they prefer to stay apolitical. Therefore I am not surprised there are people willing to turn on team Obama. I am just curious how big the wave will be now that the damn has cracked.


*  The Political Industrial Complex encompasses all those elites whose livelihoods are predicated on central-control of resources and who determine who is allowed to succeed in society. It is a bipartisan exclusive club. It includes the Politicians and their career staffers. It includes crony donors and lobbyists who reap government windfalls and special treatment that average citizens cannot obtain. It includes the PIC industrial base of pollsters, consultants, etc. And it includes the pliant news media, whose success rest on access to those in power, and in return for access making sure no bad news will disrupt said power.

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Mar 13 2017

Congress Wants Evidence On Illegal Surveillance – Here It Is!


If Congress wants evidence of illegal surveillance of “Team Trump” I have the answers.

But first, please note the deliberate and specific subject of this sentence. The evidence will be about “Team Trump: which includes the Trump Campaign and its associates (i.e., “associates” = all those US Person not formally on the campaign but ready to serve in the administration if called).  And “illegal surveillance” will not only cover the method of capturing the parties and the content of their communications, but whether the intercepted names and content were legally handled in accordance to the US Constitution its the 4th Amendment protections:

The Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution provides, “[t]he right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

The ultimate goal of this provision is to protect people’s right to privacy and freedom from arbitrary governmental intrusions.

The childish and slippery word games being used by both Congress (Dem and Rep alike) and the Fake News Media is fooling no one. The fact a surveillance of possible national threats is legally allowed DOES NOT in turn mean the 4th Amendment is suspended in any shape or form regarding US Persons impacted during that surveillance.

The illegal application of our intelligence capabilities – to divert them from protecting this nation and instead using them for political purposes – is not a slippery or semantic problem. The law is precise: it is illegal.

If a US Person is ‘caught up” in an intelligence gathering activity targeting someone else, that fact (i.e., their name or their part of the conversation) SHOULD NEVER SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY!

To continue to pretend ‘framing’ the topic of this issue will confuse the voters is simply confirming the wisdom and insight of the pro-Trump voting block. We won’t get fooled again by the denizens of the Political Industrial Complex*. The PIC have been to the “Wordsmith’s Well” too many times. Their credibility is shot.



If Sen John McCain (already caught distributing fake dossiers about Donald Trump) wants evidence of illegal surveillance activities, he simply needs to call on Sen Rand Paul to testify:

Paul explained how the NSA routinely and deliberately spies on Americans’ communications — listens to their calls and reads their emails — without a judicial warrant of any kind:

The way it works is, the FISA court, through Section 702, wiretaps foreigners and then [NSA] listens to Americans. It is a backdoor search of Americans. And because they have so much data, they can tap — type Donald Trump into their vast resources of people they are tapping overseas, and they get all of his phone calls.

And so they did this to President Obama. They — 1,227 times eavesdrops on President Obama’s phone calls. Then they mask him. But here is the problem. And General Hayden said this the other day. He said even low-level employees can unmask the caller. That is probably what happened to Flynn.

My apologies to Gen Hayden and Sen Graham, but while someone “can” unmask the details of surveillance details about a US Person, they really cannot without running afoul of the US Constitution. Robbers “can” rob banks, Generals can issue kill orders on civilians, Police can shoot innocent people and Politicians can break laws as they see fit. If they do and are caught doing so they need to prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

No sane person claims laws stop illegal behavior. But do illegal acts by our leaders mean laws should be ignored?

What you see in these kinds of statements is resignation by our leadership to allowing rampant illegal activities. “It’s always done” is how rampant bribery and kickbacks become the norm. This kind of complacency is grotesque.

No one leaked Obama’s calls because the broader government entities knew it was unethical. Yet Donald Trump’s calls (and is campaign associates calls) are leaked to the public because …

What? He is not what these tools wanted as President?

In this prior post I noted the paper trail required for any details about US Person to be unmasked and distributed to points inside the Intelligence Community where they could be later be leaked (most likely via Congress where members (or their staff) caught leaking cannot be “fired”).

If Congress has not reviewed the FISA applications, or these records required for distribution, or any assertion by President Obama to use his independent powers to implement a surveillance program (see this early post), then they are not doing their job.

And one has to wonder why Congress would want to hold back and not look into every possible avenue? What are they concerned about uncovering?

*  The Political Industrial Complex encompasses all those elites whose livelihoods are predicated on central-control of resources and who determine who is allowed to succeed in society. It is a bipartisan exclusive club. It includes the Politicians and their career staffers. It includes crony donors and lobbyists who reap government windfalls and special treatment that average citizens cannot obtain. It includes the PIC industrial base of pollsters, consultants, etc. And it includes the pliant news media, whose success rest on access to those in power, and in return for access making sure no bad news will disrupt said power.

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Mar 07 2017

Fake News Misleads On Obama Surveillance Of Trump


Major Update: When crafting this long post I neglected to add one more bit of evidence that ties all these actions to the Obama White House (from The Guardian):

The White House is aware of phone calls between retired lieutenant-general Michael Flynn and ambassador Sergey Kislyak, a senior US official told the Associated Press.

It is not clear how the current administration learned of the contacts, although the AP noted that US monitoring of Russian officials’ communication within America is known to be common.

Flynn’s contacts with Kislyak reportedly included several calls on 29 December

This article is dated Jan 13, 2017. So this is clearly the Obama White House. And since it is a communications intercept from the NSA, it is clear the Obama White House was aware of the surveillance.  Also note that the US Person is named and then leaked. Unless someone wants to retract this story and its sources, we have clear evidence of the Obama White House monitoring a Trump campaign member – end update

#Obamagate (the use of our nation’s intelligence apparatus by the Obama administration to surveillance then Presidential Candidate Trump and his associates) is exploding.  The denizens of the Political Industrial Complex* (PIC) have overplayed their hand in an attempt to create a fictional crisis surrounding now-President Trump. In the process, they exposed a series of truly high crimes.

The resulting legal and political blow back from #Obamagate has the Fake News Media (the propaganda arm of the PIC) actually trying to refute their own prior reporting of facts and sources. This level of unprecedented retreat indicates how seriously exposed the media is, along with current and former high-level officials in the intelligence community, Obama administration, Obama Dept of Justice and even Congress (the most likely source for leaks of this kind).

I want to remove a lot of the misleading and false statements that have arisen in this recent panic-fed retreat. Bring some clarity to the discussion.

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Jan 25 2017

Trump Plays Media: Answers Their Call For Proof Of Vote Fraud


I don’t think the Fake News Media or the Liberal Democrats are EVER going to learn not to be played by Trump.

The best example in the last 24 hours was how Team Trump made the claim –  without any hard  evidence – that Trump would have won the popular vote if not for illegal aliens voting, a.k.a Vote Fraud.  The Fake News Media pounced on this and challenged the administration on why, if there was this much fraud, there was no investigation.  See the hook being set below at around 1:24 (H/T Hot Air):



And of course, this opened the doors for what President Trump probably wanted in the first place – an in depth investigation into typical Democrat shenanigans during our elections.

President Donald Trump on Wednesday said he will launch a ‘major’ investigation to look into voter fraud in the country.

“I will be asking for a major investigation into VOTER FRAUD, including those registered to vote in two states, those who are illegal and….even, those registered to vote who are dead (and many for a long time),” the president tweeted Wednesday morning.

“Depending on results, we will strengthen up voting procedures!”

Mischief Managed!

Now the Fake News Media cannot caterwaul about Trump limiting voter access (strengthening voting procedures) due to the findings of an investigation they called for! The denizens of the Political Industrial Complex are sloths compared to Team Trump.

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Jan 20 2017

Today’s Real News: Executive Orders

Published by under The Trump Presidency

I know what I am going to be doing this weekend and for weeks to come: reviewing the slew of Executive Orders (EOs) President Trump will be initiating to roll back and redirect the Federal Government. These Trump EOs will undo years of EOs under former President Obama.

These EOs will be the first, the most transparent, sign of where Trump is heading. These initial EOs will point the direction Trump plans to head.

Moreover, these EOs will not be filtered through –  watered down – by the GOP Establishment in Congress. Which is why I intend to invest a lot of time dissecting them and their potential impact on our runaway federal government.

There are a lot of good programs sprinkled throughout the mess that is the federal bureaucracy. I would wager about 65% of the goals or intentions are solid, but maybe only 35% of the implementations are worth pursuing (mostly due to parallel stove-pipe programs which undo each other instead of working in a synergistic manner). That means a lot of upheaval, but also a lot of potential savings and efficiencies.

With the Political Industrial Complex screaming all the way. They will complain something is being eliminated when in fact it may be just a merging of failed programs into a direction which will work more efficiently. Be ready – this will the the Fake News MO for our indefinite future.

Here is the first teaser, with some actual information coming out later today:

Conway said the president-elect will “take a couple of executive actions” Friday, and then by Monday she predicted “you’ll see him rolling back some of the job killing regulations” that he considers to be “unconstitutional measures.”

When asked whether that would include environmental regulations, Conway said “possibly, yes.”

“He’s got a five or six-point plan in short order,” Conway said of Mr. Trump’s first few weeks in office. “Repealing and replacing Obamacare, regulatory reviews, tax reform…we’re looking for cooperation across the aisle.”

Honestly, I cannot wait until the EOs start flying!

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Jan 19 2017

Now Elites Get To Sacrifice Their Jobs For America


Losing your job, your livelihood – your career! – can be devastating. And the later in life it happens the more devastating it is because you cannot just start another career.

A career is more than a job. It is what you spent your early years achieving and your middle years honing. It is your life – if you are lucky. In many families, it is passed from generation to generation as a badge of familial honor.

For decades, the political elite have sacrificed the careers of millions of Les Deplorables to line their pockets at the alter of (or the excuse for) “globalism”. Until 2016 – when Les Deplorables pushed back and basically said “we aren’t going to take it anymore, now it is your time for sacrifice”.

Apparently, Donald J Tump is planning on delivering on this message to the Elites.

The changes they propose are dramatic.

The departments of Commerce and Energy would see major reductions in funding, with programs under their jurisdiction either being eliminated or transferred to other agencies. The departments of Transportation, Justice and State would see significant cuts and program eliminations.

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting would be privatized, while the National Endowment for the Arts and National Endowment for the Humanities would be eliminated entirely.

Overall, the blueprint being used by Trump’s team would reduce federal spending by $10.5 trillion over 10 years.

This post is to give the Political Industrial Complex (*PIC) and all its Bureaucratic Sycophants a heads up.  If you think having the “Fake News” Media run sob-stories on the impact of these cuts on the PIC will elicit sympathy, you missed the entire point of the last few decades and the 2016 election upheaval. Main Street America has been suffering career losses and their devastation over the last few decades. They did their bit for King and Country.

Now it is your turn PIC. Think of it as a badge of honor, a sacrifice to make up for all those failed policies and false promises. Actions have consequences.

There will be the same level of sympathy from Main Street as you showed Main Street.  Maybe we can set up retraining programs for those whose wealth is insufficient to live out their lives in gross and lavish fashion (think of all those millionaires and billionaires suffering – Oh the Humanity!).

More here at HotAir:

A list of items on the chopping block has leaked out this week and it’s far more than lip service. Assuming that these are the final plans, you’re going to see heads exploding in the big government cheerleading sector and a chorus of cheers coming from small government conservatives.

I’ll toast to that. And yes, my job is one of those which could be impacted. So this will not be theoretical or abstract for me or the people I know. But it is necessary for this nation.


(link to graphic source)

*  The Political Industrial Complex encompasses all those elites whose livelihoods are predicated on central-control of resources and who determine who is allowed to succeed in society. It is a bipartisan exclusive club. It includes the Politicians and their career staffers. It includes crony donors and lobbyists who reap government windfalls and special treatment that average citizens cannot obtain. It includes the PIC industrial base of pollsters, consultants, etc. And it includes the pliant news media, whose success rest on access to those in power, and in return for access making sure no bad news will disrupt said power.

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Jan 02 2017

A Stubborn Mix of Petulance, Denial and Projection – Dems Imploding

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It is amazing how the left side of the Political Industrial Complex (PIC*) just cannot face the reality and depth of their failure this election cycle. The right side has been definitely rocked by the rejection of main stream politicians by the electorate, and they have a lot still to learn and more adjustments to make.

But the left? They have just lost it. And it appears to be due to three main causes.

Let’s begin with their petulance, their unwillingness to be civil and respect the choice the American Voters made this year and instead lash out:

The adjective, petulant, is a disapproving term used to describe a bad-tempered child, an adult behaving like an angry child or behavior or this type. Angry or annoyed mean the same thing, but if you choose the word, petulant, you are indicating that it is unreasonable or unjustified.

easily irritated or annoyed

cranky, fractious, irritable, nettlesome, peckish, peevish, pettish, scratchy, techy, testy, tetchy

having an irritable and unpleasant disposition

We see this all the time now from the liberal media and the aging political leadership of the DNC. Their world has collapsed, their self annointed righteousness destroyed. They are irritable (cranky, peevish, testy, etc) because they refuse to realize their total rejection.

So they deflect their own failures onto some evil straw-man, usually named “Trump” but often times his vast swath of supporters. See here for a great example:

In 2016, the Republicans won the White House, maintained control of both chambers of Congress, and secured the ability to create a conservative Supreme Court majority that could last a generation or more. Donald Trump, a man with minimal restraint, has been awarded maximal power.

But, with a Republican majority that has mostly shown compliance with Trump, despite his contempt for the norms of democracy, the fear is that he will achieve much of what he wants. Even if he accomplishes only half, the landscape of American politics and policy will be radically altered.

Emphasis mine. The “norms of democracy” in this poor sod’s head means liberal elites running everyone into the ground. To the voters, it meant the cultural abyss of Obama and the “globalists” (those who fear  “nationalists”, which is just a lazy way of saying “those who disagree with us”).

You would think the rise of “Les Deplorables” and “The Tea Party” would have provided some obvious hints Main Street was fed up with the left’s brand of simple-minded cronyism.

Which brings us to the fact that few on the left recognize how impotent they are right now in the view of most Americans (who are celebrating the end of their reign and not joining in on all the hand-wringing). Look at the graph at the top of this post and realize how badly Team Obama has decimated the Democrat Party for the foreseeable future.

To not see the 2016 shellacking coming after so many years of shellacking, one can only conclude the left side of the political elite is drowning in “Denial”:

To be “in denial” is to be fooling yourself about the reality of your situation.

In this case, the left refuses to see the handwriting on the wall, so fantasizes about a mythical world where everyone admires them and their deepest thoughts. Again, back to the New Yorker article:

This prospect has recalled another phenomenon of the nineteen-sixties: the conviction that “democracy is in the streets.”

Movements are born in the moments when abstract principles become concrete concerns. MoveOn arose in response to what was perceived as the Republican congressional overreach that resulted in the impeachment of President Bill Clinton. The Occupy movement was a backlash to the financial crisis. The message of Black Lives Matter was inspired by the death of Trayvon Martin and the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri.

The first Inauguration of George W. Bush, in 2001, saw mass protests driven by the sentiment that the election had been stolen. The protests that greet Trump will, in all probability, exceed them: some twenty other groups have also applied for march permits. Given his history with African-Americans, Muslims, Latinos, immigrants, unionized labor, environmentalists, and people with disabilities, it is not hard to imagine that there will be many more to come. The Congress is unlikely to check the new President, but democracy may thrive in the states, the courts, the next elections, and, lest the lessons of the sixties be forgotten, the streets.

Laughable.  The “streets” did rise up – and hand the DNC defeat (2009) after defeat (2010) after defeat (2012) after defeat (2014) after defeat (2016). This ongoing movement was a “surprise” to the elites in their liberal coastal bubbles (see the map below of where the streets rose up in 2016), but why it was a surprise simply indicates how dense their elite bubble is.

2016 by county

The astro-turfed protests from this election cycle – which were vicious and meant to intimidate Trump supporters – were NOT indicative of a rising liberal movement.  Looked more like a dying one which had to be propped up with cash.

Finally, the last ailment of the left is their penchant for “Projection“:

Psychological projection is a theory in psychology in which humans defend themselves against their own unconscious impulses or qualities (both positive and negative) by denying their existence in themselves while attributing them to others.

Let’s begin with the fact liberals are extremely racist – against whites. They blame whites for everything. They also claim whites are misogynist – including young white girls (no clue, don’t ask). Trump supporters are evil because … how could they be otherwise?

The more I think about it and see the reactions from all sides, the more this feels like the aftermath of an attack ? a literal attack ? on our communities.

The groups that those “deplorables” love to hate and feel threatened by are now under attack: LGBT people, people of color, women, Muslims, the disabled and many others. This election was a hate crime.

Drama queens one and all.

We know the left’s hate for those who disagree with the left is projected from the left onto those we they fear. Those who simply dismiss the left (thus, the fear of irrelevance), and who disagree with them on just about everything.

Those who now hold the reigns of power in this nation. Those now rising to take over many more western nations.

Now, many people think the left needs to get a grip. Personally I am not one of those people. I like these nutcases out in the open, reminding us everyday why it was a very, very good idea to elect Trump and chart a new path for America. A path directed from Main Street. Not one dictated by K-Street, Wall Street or various News Media organizations.

The fact is, the over-the-top nonsense spewing from the left has all but guaranteed success for a Trump first term. If the left continues its proven-failed methods of petulance, denial and projection they will not only bring in a veto-proof Senate majority in 2018, they are laying the groundwork for a second Trump term and probably a Pence term as well.

By wildly and personally denigrating the winning voters of 2016, the left is making it impossible to garner their votes down the road. And trust me, the pool of voters getting fed up with the mouthy left is not done growing.

Why stop the implosion on the left I ask?

(link to graphic source)

The Political Industrial Complex encompasses all those elites whose livelihoods are predicated on central-control of resources and who determine who is allowed to succeed in society. It is a bipartisan exclusive club. It includes the Politicians and their career staffers. It includes crony donors and lobbyists who reap government windfalls and special treatment that average citizens cannot obtain. It includes the PIC industrial base of pollsters, consultants, etc. And it includes the pliant news media, whose success rest on access to those in power, and in return for access making sure no bad news will disrupt said power.

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