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Dec 04 2009

Oh How The (NY) Times Have Changed

The NY Times is the largest liberal rag in the US. The folks there like to think of themselves as balanced journalists, which is just like watching a wino claim they can hold their liquor. So it is not surprising to see them praise the current administration for continuing and expanding successful policies put in […]

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Apr 01 2009

al Qaeda Threat On DC Answered With Predator Strike

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Update: More details can be found here: Missiles believed to have been fired from a US drone struck a remote compound linked to Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud today – the day after he threatened to attack Washington and took responsibility for the assault on a police training camp in Pakistan. Neither Mr Mehsud or one […]

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Feb 16 2009

Another Predator Strike In Tribal Pakistan

We’ve had another predator strike in Pakistan, as the Pak’s negotiate a deal with religious extremists to allow them to impose Sharia law on what once was a western tourist mecca: Pakistan agreed on Monday to restore strict Islamist law in the Swat valley to pacify a revolt by Taliban militants, and a suspected U.S. […]

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Jan 10 2009

Got More al Qaeda Leaders In Pakistan

Fortunately for the US and the World, al Qaeda is only welcomed in isolated portions of the tribal areas of Pakistan (pictured above). Even some of these areas are fighting off the cancer that is Islamo Fascism in an Awakening of their own. I claim this is fortunate because it gives our UAVs a good […]

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Jan 04 2009

Bush’s Final Act: Decapitating al Qaeda

It seems the recent increase in surgical drone strikes on al Qaeda and Taliban leadership, hiding out in the some of the tribal areas of Pakistan, has been very successful: The top hierarchy of al-Qaeda has taken such a hit from US missile strikes that Osama bin Laden and his deputy have had to replace […]

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Nov 07 2008

Another US Missile Strike Against Militants In Pakistan

  The US has killed 13 Militants in Pakistan, some of them ‘foreigners’: Suspected U.S. drones fired missiles into a Pakistan border region on Friday killing 13 militants, including four foreigners, officials said, the latest in a series of strikes that has infuriated Pakistan. There have been nearly 20 attacks by suspected missile-firing pilotless U.S. […]

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Aug 30 2008

Another Missile Strike On Possible al-Qaeda Safe House In Pakistan – Updated!

 Update: Four people are confirmed killed, 2 of the Arabs. In other strikes 2 Taliban commanders and 40 fighters were killed by Pakistani air strikes. – end update   We seemed to have identified and taken out another al-Qaeda safe house in the tribal areas of Pakistan: At least five people were killed when a […]

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Aug 13 2008

New Predator Strike In Waziristan, Pakistan Forces Circle In On Militants In Bajaur – Updated!

Latest Update:  Sounds like we took out over 20 of the enemy and may have hit an al-Qaeda nest: According to details, four missiles fired from Afghanistan hit the compound of the Baghar Camp. There are conflicting reports regarding missile attacks. Some of the tribesmen claimed that the allied forces jet fighters fired these missiles […]

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Aug 01 2008

Zawahiri Dead?! – Updated

Major Update: Some reports indicate Zawahiri was at least hurt in the predator attack and may have died from his injuries: US broadcaster CBS said it had obtained an intercepted letter from a Pakistani Taliban commander requesting urgent medical help for Ayman al-Zawahiri, Osama bin Laden’s right-hand man. Pakistan’s military said it had no information […]

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Jul 28 2008

US Taking Out Prime Enemy Targets In Pakistan – UPDATED & Got Him!

Update: BBC is reporting confirmation from the Taliban that a top AQ chemical weapon’s expert has been killed today in Pakistan by what is likely a US missile. Here is the man’s bio and picture at the US National Counter-Terrorism Center website:   Good job folks – scratch one more mass murderer. Update: AFP now […]

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