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Sep 29 2008

Obama Claimed Bailout Was His Success, Will It Be His Failure?

MAJOR UPDATE: OK, There are dangers to speed posting from work.  Clearly the GOP had more Nay votes – my bad!  More dems voted against the bill (95) than Republicans (65)! Way to go Obama-Pelosi-Reid-Frank, nice ‘leadership’ there. – end update. Yesterday Obama claimed he was the driving force behind the bailout package being voted today: […]

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Sep 29 2008

On Domestic Issues McCain Needs To Listen To Bill Kristol

Bill Kristol nailed the current situation of the country and how McCain can take control of all domestic issues from Obama and the Dems (who have been screwing up our domestic policies for decades): McCain’s impetuous decision to return to Washington was right. The agreement announced early Sunday morning is better than Treasury Secretary Henry […]

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Sep 26 2008

The Most Important Video To See This Year

Someone has put together the story of how we got into the financial mess we are in, and who has the fingerprints all over it. My only criticism is you need to be a speed reader (which I am) to keep up in real time. But that is why God invented he “pause” button! If […]

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Sep 26 2008

Will Obama Run From Financial Bail Out Talks?

We all know the Obamabots want Obama to go debate himself tonight in Mississippi if John McCain doesn’t show up. But Obamabots are not the American people, and there are poll indications McCain’s bold move is being cheered in the nation. One sign this is true is the fiscal conservatives are looking very comfortable in […]

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Sep 26 2008

Democrats Need To Compromise

The House GOP is not happy with the current bailout plan, yet Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid demand majority support from both sides of the aisle. Answer: Dems – start compromising. I have had my doubts about the bailout bill since it was liberal policies which forced banks to make unsafe loans that got us […]

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Sep 25 2008

More Evidence McCain Took Sincere Action On Bailout

You only need to read a few articles today to realize the screaming from the left about McCain taking the leadership mantle is all gut level fear.  First, from Bob Schieffer: John McCain got involved in the bailout negotiations after Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson told Sen. Lindsey Graham yesterday that the bailout plan would fail unless […]

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Sep 25 2008

Bush & McCain Prod Obama To Put Country First

Barack Obama is showing that arrogance again. Yesterday morning Chris Plante played clips of Obama saying [paraphrasing] “I plan to stay in touch with Treasury Secretary Paulson and the leaders of Congres to ensure a bi-partisan answer to this crisis is forthcoming“. It was a ridiculous act of playing President.  By the afternoon McCain decided […]

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Sep 24 2008

Bravo McCain – Put America First!

Just quick note so folks can have at it in the comments section. My initial take on McCain’s move to suspend his campaign and get to Washington to address the financial crisis is spot on. Country first. Obama’s whining about a delay in a debate is proving to be a disaster – clearly he is […]

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Sep 22 2008

In 2005 Obama And Dodd Had A Chance To Stop The Financial Crisis – And Let It Happen

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Some must reads (here and here) on how we got into the current financial mess, and why many of the proposals – while tough medicine\ – are probably needed. Like most problems the cure can be as bad as the illness. But to do nothing and let our economy crash is wrong – plain and […]

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Sep 19 2008

Team Obama Has Fingerprints All Over Financial Crisis – Updated

Updates Below – McCain ads Now we know why Obama wants to raise taxes – to bail out those jerks who tanked our mortgage markets and nearly sent us into a real depression. First off it is good to get a little history on what led to this mess. Michael Reagan does a good job of […]

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