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Aug 17 2009

USA Still A Center Right Nation – But Can GOP Capitalize?

It is no surprise to most people that America on average leans far more to the conservative side of things than the liberal side. In fact, Gallup has come out with a large study showing that self described ‘conservatives’ outnumber ‘liberals’ in all 50 states. It is so one sided that there is only one […]

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Jun 06 2009

Obama’s Change: A Recession Much Worse Than The Carter Years

As if the situation could not look any bleaker on the economic and job front than what I posted yesterday, a found disturbing chart on a left leaning blog site, amid a lot of concern the job situation is going to be a real political albatross for Obama and the Dems. Here’s the chart comparing […]

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Jun 05 2009

Where Is That Job Creating Stimulus We Were Promised?

Update: Make sure to check out Ed Morrissey’s take on the news today and that great graph at Hot Air showing the stimulus plan failed to live up to its promises. Here’s the graph!   Major Update: Here is a little reported report on the economy from the CBO from March of this year which […]

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May 03 2009

Economic Pain Increasing, No Help In Sight

Too many people on the right are diverted by irrelevant topics and dramas, missing the Achilles’ Heel of Obama and the liberal democrats: the endless economic carnage playing out before us.The mistake Obama made when he came into office was buying into the liberal myth that the government was an equal or greater partner in […]

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Apr 22 2009

Democrats Had Their Chance – Muffed It!

I know a lot of people think it is way to early to declare the Democrats efforts in DC a total failure, but it really isn’t. Things have been put in motion which cannot be reversed, even if the Democrats were willing to admit their screw ups and try and undo them. The economic forces […]

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Apr 22 2009

Is Anyone Going To Care If Khalid Sheik Mohammed Was Waterboarded?

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Khalid Sheik Mohammed (KSM) is a truly evil man, right up there with history’s other notorious evil men like Hitler. The good news for humanity is he never got a chance to rule and show us his full potential. While Bin Laden gets the credit for the atrocities of 9-11, the real credit goes to […]

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Apr 01 2009

More Bad Unemployment News

Friday is the big day for the national unemployment update, but we get a hint today that it will not be good news: Private employers cut jobs by a record 742,000 in March versus a 706,000 revised cut in February that was originally reported at 697,000 jobs, said ADP, which has been carrying out the […]

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Mar 28 2009

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Of The Obama Administration

Update: Even WaPo determines Obama’s decision to win Afghanistan is a gutsy continuation of the Bush policies. – end update President Obama has demonstrated two things in his first few months. First (and worst), he has demonstrated how truly inexperienced and unprepared he and his team truly were. But second (and most unexpected), President Obama […]

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Mar 20 2009

The Bleak Decade Ahead: A Path To Ruin Using Obamanomics

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The latest CBO scoring of the Obama/DC Liberals budget forecasts is the most disturbing thing I have seen in a long time. Check out what we have to look forward to after the next 10 years of hard work:   The cumulative deficit from 2010 to 2019 under the President’s proposals would total $9.3 trillion, […]

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Mar 11 2009

DC Liberals An Incoherent Bunch Of Eff-Ups

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  Some news has been circulating in my circles which has just cemented for me how bad it is in DC with the current liberal Democrat control (or lack of therein) of the Federal Government. I have never seen a more confused or incoherent lot in my life. They put on a facade of understanding […]

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