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Mar 05 2009

Bush Was An Inspiring Commander-In-Chief, Obama Not So Much

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Some amazing videos out on the net comparing the military responses to a visit by the Commander-In-Chief. First, the jarringly tepid response by US Marines this week to Commander-in-Chief Obama (big H/T Gateway Pundit) Now, compare that with this response to President Bush: And this one (from Gateway Pundit Again): The difference in respect is stunning.

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Feb 28 2009

President Obama Acknowledges President Bush’s Success In Iraq

  We have beaten al Qaeda and its allied Islamo Fascist forces in Iraq with the help of a newly liberated and democratic Iraqi People. I have said it many times, but it bears repeating. After 9-11 al Qaeda was the future of Islam, infamous for having delivered a massive blow against the Great Satan. […]

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Feb 17 2009

Pakistan Surrenders To Taliban, Is The World Surrendering To Islamo Fascism?

The Brave New World of President Obama has some disturbing trends to it. The worst is the attempt to go back to a pre 9-11 delusional state that a violently oppressive form of religion can co-exist with modern, open, western societies. We humans spent the 1990’s pretending that blood lusting jihadis in Afghanistan and Pakistan […]

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Feb 15 2009

US Drones Take Out al Qaeda And Taliban

  US forces – now known to operate out of Pakistan thanks to a big mouthed US Senator – have  successfully targeted a large group of al Qaeda and Taliban militants: A US missile strike killed 32 people, most of them Uzbek nationals in South Waziristan on Saturday.  According to sources, US drone planes fired […]

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Jan 29 2009

The Conservative Implosion

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All you need to know about how badly the purity wars crippled the GOP is to look at this graph: The chart shows how the far right was able to run off those nasty moderate RINOs and push them into the Democrat camp. That includes some serious conservatives like the Anchoress, and keeps conservative independents […]

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Jan 21 2009

Bush Not So Bad – Historically

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The Wall Street Journal has an interesting graphic showing the popular support of US Presidents dating back to Harry S Truman. Historically Truman is considered one of our best Presidents, but interestingly enough his tough choices, like Bush’s, did not sit well with the public at the time. It was in hindsight that America got […]

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Jan 05 2009

Obama Going To Govern A Lot Like Bush?

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If current trends continue President-Elect Obama is going to really screw with the far left and far right in this country – and perhaps retain a strong centrist base from which to execute two terms in office. Right now Obama is really defying many of claims he will govern as an extreme liberal, defanging the […]

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Jan 05 2009

It’s Official: Liberal Media Is Pro Palestinian

Only someone who cannot distinguish terrorist states from democracies would equate Hamas to Israel. These are the people who ignore the targeted killings of hundreds, thousands or millions in order to find wrong doing when the west defends or liberates.  And today the NY Times has come out of the closet and proclaimed their anti-semite […]

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Nov 17 2008

Iraqis Agree To Extend US Presence

While we have attained much of a victory in Iraq, the focus now should be on protecting the victory and honoring the sacrifices made in attaining it. To do this the US and Iraqi governments need to plan out a transition phase to carefully reduce US forces towards the goal of having all US fighting […]

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Nov 15 2008

‘True’ Conservatives are Truly Clueless

I was trying to write a post on man-made global warming, the fact it has been proven to be a myth and the enormous financial damage the liberals are going to do on a global scale chasing a fool’s errand, when I came across another one of those examples of a far right conservative who […]

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