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Jan 21 2012

South Carolina Will “Newter” Mitt’s Cake Walk To Nomination

I am looking forward to tonight’s election results, because it looks like Newt Gingrich is going to have a big night. Nate Silver at Five-Thirty-Eight provides a solid analysis on what is happening: Much of the reason for the relatively clear lead for Mr. Gingrich is that he has very clear momentum in the race. […]

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Jan 20 2012

Debate Recap

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After sleeping on it a bit, I think it was generally a good debate last night. Newt seems to have skated past the media’s muck-raking, can’t say the same for Romney on tax havens in the Cayman’s. Things that made me cringe: Ron Paul’s awkward reminders of his military service. His segues between his service […]

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Jan 19 2012

Live Blogging SC Debate

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Overall good debate. Can’t wait to see the results. Romney did not skate and failed in many places (tax returns). Newt is back as is Santorum. Paul ….. Update 13: King ends on a great exit question: should SC push Romney forward or slow the train down. After a horrible start this is a good […]

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Jan 19 2012

Newt’s Soap Opera, Romney’s Offshore Accounts, Santorum’s Iowa Win and Perry’s Exit

Interesting day leading up to the SC debate tonight. I am actually glad I did not have a chance to post this morning when the Newts’ Soap Opera broke. Initially I thought this would be a devastating event since I expected a bitter ex-spouse to unload on Newt the Pol. But Newt the Jerk is […]

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Jan 19 2012

Strata Coming Back

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Hey folks, so sorry for the lack of posting. Work, leave, family …. Who has time to breathe! But I will be posting this PM after work (eastern). Hope to touch on the Gingrich family drama and the fascinating turn of events now that Santorum has won Iowa (though the news media wants to now […]

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Jan 16 2012

Spam Mail “In Your Face”?

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OK, want to see people randomly turning red, giggling for no clear reason or coming completely lost in a meeting in mid-sentence. Transmit spam mail to their eye glasses so only they can see the erctile-dysfunction ad: It could be extremely useful as a portable GPS system, but there are concerns that it could be […]

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Jan 15 2012

Cringe-Worthy Effort By Romney To Buy Votes

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Romney keeps plowing forward with his silver-spoon, blue blooded bumbling. His Highnessness (yes, that one is deliberate) has taken pity on one of the lesser types: Amid shaking hands and signing campaign posters, Mitt Romney did something he has never done before on the ropeline: He took out his wallet and handed a wad of […]

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Jan 13 2012

Romney Is Not The One

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I am a small business owner and fiscal conservative. I am pro-business and bullish on America’s economic engine: small business. I am all for smaller government (actually, the smallest possible government). I support the Tea Party and Libertarian goals. I would take the free market over central government controls any day of the week. And […]

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Jan 13 2012

Obama Proposes Excellent Idea To Shrink Government

Give the administration kudos, they just stole the GOP’s thunder by dangling a carrot (and key precedent for future Presidents) that will be a game changer in the election: President Barack Obama will ask Congress on Friday for greater power to shrink the federal government, and his first idea is merging six sprawling trade and […]

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Jan 11 2012

Big Government Obama versus Big Government Romney

Today we are blessed with two harsh examples of how the GOP took a growing wave of anti-government anger in the electorate in 2010 and are about to blow it by nominating a big government GOP candidate (Mitt Romney) to go up against a big government liberal Democrat (Barack Obama). A lot of this has […]

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