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Sep 21 2011

Obama Becoming A One Term Wonder As America Turns Away & Moves On

It is interesting how the seeds of today’s political outlook were sown back in February 2009. President Obama and the liberal media never once grasped the inherent danger in Obama;s dramatic skill at over promising. He became the messiah of the desperate or stubborn (those who refuse to adjust their world view as humanity seasons […]

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Sep 20 2011


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Don’t have time for a long post with links, but I have to note how President “Hope & Change” has transformed into  President “Political Dunce”. Who else would propose higher taxes and fees that hit consumers and the job creators – thus irritating the right and center – and also proposes cuts in entitlements – […]

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Sep 18 2011

The Left’s Slow Implosion – Will America Become Anxious To Move Past Obama?

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Major Update: The Obama White House will be burned down by green greed ($$$$) and fraudulant solar power investment. Ironic, isn’t it? It turns out that the bureaucrat responsible for overseeing Solyndra had direct financial ties to Obama and Solyndra: Steve Spinner, who helped monitor the Energy Department’s issuance of $25 billion in government loan […]

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Sep 15 2011

Solar Energy & Political Green ($$$)

I have hesitated to pontificate too much on the gun runner fiasco that let thousands of guns out on the street to maim and kill. Trust me, the government bureaucracy is capable of immense mistakes caused by what normal people would call criminal negligence. Basically, stupidity at such a level it is a danger or […]

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Sep 15 2011

Political Left In Complete Disarray

Today’s headlines indicate that the Democrat political machine is desperate and flailing about as their support in the nation crumbles. Finally, after 2+ years of arrogant denial they are realizing they are not the darling of voters, nor are they the clever Svengalis of political leadership. At best they are naive and bumbling. At worst […]

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Sep 14 2011

Democrat’s Now Paying For Their Mistakes

In 2008 Democrats blew into DC ready to show the world how their visions of heavy handed and bloated government can solve any and all problems. After all, at the core of all their positions and planks squats their benevolent God “Government”. Can’t buy a home, the liberals will make home values worthless so anyone […]

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Sep 13 2011

Obama’s Insane ‘Jobs’ Proposal

Kill this bill now! Actually, no need. The thing is so screwy it is DOA anyway. Check out this liberal pretzel logic: President Barack Obama on Monday proposed paying for his jobs plan by eliminating $467 billion in tax breaks for wealthier Americans and corporations, meeting immediate resistance from Republicans in Congress. … A limit […]

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Sep 13 2011

The Great Social Security Debate In The GOP

Lots of interesting reactions to the GOP debate and its focus on Social Security. At Hot Air Allahpundit wonders why anyone would even broach the subject: Remind me again, then: Why are we obsessing over Social Security when it’s universally understood among politicos that Medicare is a much bigger/more immediate problem? I sense a lot […]

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Sep 11 2011

9-11, A Decade Later

No words can convey the importance and impact of 9-11 on this nation and on the world. A sleeping giant was once more called to wake and to take down the forces of darkness. On this day we remember those who died and those who became heroes, during that tragic wake up call. But we […]

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Sep 08 2011

What If The President Gave A Speech And Nobody Tuned In?

President Obama has missed his window of opportunity – big time. He has had many chances to salvage his presidency over the last 2+ years, and he ignored and missed all of them. The last opportunity he blew was when the nation’s voters sent him a massive GOP freshman class to the House of Representatives […]

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