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Jul 27 2007

Islam Is Tiring Of Islamo Fascism

The dream of Islamo Fascism, the take over of the world and the final elimination of the infidels, was a major part of the glue that held the ideaology together. It envisioned the Islamic Warriors fighting the Great Satan and destroying it and its evil influences. And through the 1990’s (thanks Bill) and culminating with […]

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Jul 27 2007

Current Immigration Laws Cannot Fix Our Problem

The far right litterally lied when they claimed all we had to do was exercise current law and we could fix our immigration problems. They crafted this lie because there was a chance the comprehensive immigration bill would pass the senate, and those here illegally for a long time would only be punished by a […]

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Jul 27 2007

Hillary Shows Classic Clintonian Weakness On al-Qaeda In Pakistan

It is becoming almost a foregone conclusion that al-Qaeda’s brain trust us held up in the Waziristan region of Pakistan, based on reporting such as this: AL-QAEDA’S safe haven on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border is still almost inpenetrable to NATO forces. And US intelligence chiefs feel the mountain region inhabited by tribes loyal to Osama bin […]

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Jul 26 2007

UK’s Litvinenko Charade Continues To Fall Apart

The UK is on some kind of strange PR stunt over the Litvinenko case – either that or their intelligence assets just aren’t as good as one would think. The UK tried to bolster the Litvinenko assassination angle by having Litivinenko’s boss, Boris Berezovsky, come out recently in the media and claim another assassin was […]

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Jul 26 2007

Pakistan Is Where The Action Is

It is clear things are heating up in Pakistan where al-Qaeda seems to be marshalling its forces after the beating they are taking in Iraq. It was clear that as Iraq is purged of the Islamo Fascists they would have to run somewhere. I suspected more would go to Iran (and this still may be […]

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Jul 26 2007

Stifling Political Discussion

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I have seen a disturbing trend while on travel this week. I work with a great group of people and we have been in meetings and lunches and dinners (the usual travel fair) and one thing has been completely missing. No one dares talk politics. I have broached the subject here and there, but people […]

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Jul 25 2007

al-Qaeda Under Attack In Pakistan

It seems we are taking the battle to al-Qaeda cells in Pakistan through our Pakistani allies. The first sign of activity was the exodus of locals from the northern Waziristan area because they had hints or suspicions of a pending action: Several thousand villagers fled a Pakistani tribal region on Wednesday, where an army offensive […]

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Jul 25 2007

More Progress In Diyala As Shieks Sign Pact To Fight al-Qaeda

The wave of anti al-Qaeda sentiment washing through Iraq and the former areas of al-Qaeda influence continues as more and more Shieks sign accords to fight al-Qaeda, protect their localities and support the government of Iraq: Eighteen of about 75 Iraqi tribal chiefs signed an agreement to fight terror at a meeting with Iraqi and […]

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Jul 25 2007

Some People Cannot Connect Dots

Everyone has their limitations. For the liberal Surrendercrats and SurrenderMedia they cannot connect dots when they are mapped out in front of them with numbers to show the way. These people are big picture-challenged. It is stunning how inept they are at being able to see clear indicators of trends. Probably why the succeed so […]

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Jul 25 2007

Want To Sell iPhones? Get Off AT&T

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Apple is not seeing the sales they wanted from the launch of their iPhone (which are really cool – I saw one in action). Well I have some advice for Apple – get off the exclusive arrangement with AT&T. Apple and iphone are edgy, out of the norm, forward looking entities. They appeal to us […]

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