Oct 05 2007

Americans Will Accept Bush Or Dem Iraq Withdrawl Plan

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Interesting poll out from Gallup. It seems Americans will support either the Petraeus/Bush Plan or the Democrats Plan to lower troop levels in Iraq. If forced to choose it is about 50-50 with a slight edge (at the moment) to the Dems. This must be shocking to the left that they are not seen as the overwhemingly preferred choice. H/T to Gateway Pundit for this one.

Too bad Gallup did not have the guts to ask a real bottom line question. How many American support a plan the eliminates any opportunity to succeed (the Dems)? Probably very few. How many Americans would support a plan that would throw Iraq into bloody chaos and reinvigorate al-Qaeda (the Dems)? The fact is if someone stops focusing on the mechanics of each proposal and instead looked at the possible or likely outcomes then there is no real support for the Surrendercrats. But I could care less how long the media and the left delude themselves. Polls of American are not going to change a thing on the ground in Iraq. And right now al-Qaeda is on the run and we are the ones Iraqis call when they need to get rid of al-Qaeda pests in their neighborhoods. We patrol the streets of Iraq, al-Qaeda is scared to death to be caught by Iraqis alone on those same streets.

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  1. Terrye says:


    I don’t have links in front of me but there have been plenty of polls out there in which the American people have stated plainly that they do not want to run away or quit or give up. They just want to feel like things are improving.

    I also think there is some difference on opinion as to what withdrawal is. Some people think it means everyone leaves, some people think it means a small base somewhere, but no combat.

    In the end people have shown that they support doing what the military leadership says is the thing to do.

    I think the latest poll I saw on this was in Investors Business Daily.

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