Jul 22 2005

Did Plame Bomb China Embassy?

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In what has to be the strangest connection of all time, it has been Nick Danger at Redstate has found that the same little rogue CIA group that sent loser Joe Wilson to Niger for a good bit of misinformation leaking to the press, also was responsible for the bombing of the Chinese Embassy in the balkan war….

It would appear that this little group in the CIA, now famous for being the home-away-from-home of Ms. Valerie “007” Plame, which had no responsibility whatsoever for designating targets in the Serbian campaign, decided they would designate one anyway. Then they slipstreamed it into the flow of orders headed into the Pentagon, and the next thing Clinton knew he had bombed the Chinese embassy.

So is it any surprise these egotistical screw ups in the CIA messed up the whole effort to determine Saddams nuclear intentions? Is it any surprise these rogue agents probably released the vast majority of the classified material during this whole Plame/Wilson debacle?

No, not really.

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2 Responses to “Did Plame Bomb China Embassy?”

  1. patch says:

    There was always something strange about the bombing of the Chinese Embassy during the Kosovo-Serbia engagement. Even President Clinton looked uncomfortable and disconcerted when he tried to explain it.

    Really weird stuff, and dangerous to boot.

  2. patch says:

    I can’t believe this.

    After reading Nick Danger’s article, I actually feel sorry for President Clinton.

    What have Plame/Wilson wroth?