May 29 2007

Cindy Sheehan Epitomizes The Warped Left

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Cindy Sheehan has been mind-washed by so much propaganda from the left she has become a psychotic paranoid. Want to see an example of a dangerous obsession? Check out her “farewell cruel world” letter:

I have also reached the conclusion that if I am doing what I am doing because I am an “attention whore” then I really need to be committed. I have invested everything I have into trying to bring peace with justice to a country that wants neither. If an individual wants both, then normally he/she is not willing to do more than walk in a protest march or sit behind his/her computer criticizing others. I have spent every available cent I got from the money a “grateful” country gave me when they killed my son and every penny that I have received in speaking or book fees since then. I have sacrificed a 29 year marriage and have traveled for extended periods of time away from Casey’s brother and sisters and my health has suffered and my hospital bills from last summer (when I almost died) are in collection because I have used all my energy trying to stop this country from slaughtering innocent human beings. I have been called every despicable name that small minds can think of and have had my life threatened many times.

I agree, Cindy needs to seek help. I said that the day she splashed upon the public stage in her martyrdom robes, the grieving mother out to denigrate her son’s cause. She has become bankrupt, ill, detached from her family and is at risk to lose her marriage. That is classic obsession. She wanted to be humanity’s savior and she is upset no one wants to be saved. Her rants are about people who do not do more than just whine and complain about an issue – but she refuses to honor and recognize the one person in her life who put everything on the line for what he believed in. I have more respect and gratitude for her son than she does

The most devastating conclusion that I reached this morning, however, was that Casey did indeed die for nothing. His precious lifeblood drained out in a country far away from his family who loves him, killed by his own country which is beholden to and run by a war machine that even controls what we think. I have tried every since he died to make his sacrifice meaningful.

Actually, she spent everyday of her life making Casey’s sacrifice trivial. She now sees specters of corporate greed everywhere, and mind control, and self absorbtion. At least the last one she can see in the mirror. Casey died to help avoid the next 9-11. A MAJORITY of us believed this to be the case, supported Bush, backed Congress when it reflect our views and authorized action, and re-elected Bush to see the mission through. I am grateful to Casey and all his fallen comrades for what they did for this nation. It was not about Saddam and al Qaeda working on 9-11. It was all about them scheming to create numerous new 9-11s, with Saddam’s WMD know-how (which he had). We will never know for sure (which is true about everything in life and all our decisions), but Casey could easily have helped avoid a nexus of hate and military know-how that would have killed many more than we lost on 9-11. We will never know, because Saddam is dead and al Qaeda is fighting us in Iraq, not here.

Sheehan is so obsessed about being right she denigrates the man who did more than sit on a computer and call people names, or sit outside Bush’s ranch and call him names, or pimp for the media. Her son, Casey, did what he believed would make a difference and it just may have made a difference. And Cindy is spending her entire time left on this earth making sure no one ever sees what Casey did for this country. It is clear how Shakespeare could come up with so many tragedies if he had a lot Sheehans around to give him examples. There is nothing more tragic than a mother belittling the death of her own son. As to her farewell:

Good-bye America …you are not the country that I love and I finally realized no matter how much I sacrifice, I can’t make you be that country unless you want it.

Cindy, we rejected your hyper-paranoid view. America is STILL that shining city on the hill. The fact you cannot get us to buy your crap does not make us evil. It makes you obsessed and self absorbed. Good-bye, we will always have a place in our hearts for Casey – since you have decided to close him and America out of your heart. All because you did not get your way.

Update: More here on how Cindy’s family is responding to the news (and the mess she left). One interesting note: I did not read this before I wrote my post so the reference to Shakespearian tragedies is pure coincidence.

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  1. lurker9876 says:

    She should do better to live in Venezuela since the democrats (e.g., dKOS) is cheering for Chavez’s closing down of an old TV station.

    I kept wondering where she got the money to travel to many of the foreign countries…

    Hope she will go into obscurity soon. Don’t think she will run for anything. Who will donate in her name?

  2. Don’t Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out…

    The Sheehanapalooza is finally coming to an end, though not without going out in a blaze of glory on a day that should be reserved for honoring those who made the supreme sacrifice for defending our nation; Memorial Day….

  3. Terrye says:

    The sad thing is Casey can not tell us what he feels about all of this. We know he joined the military during a war and volunteered for the mission he died on. His country did not kill him, the murdering bastard who shot him did.

    I wonder if people really believe that all those mothers who lost sons in “good” wars like WW2 were all right with it? When my grandmother got the telegram telling her that my uncle was MIA she did not say, Oh well, at least he was lost fighting the Nazis. She prayed her son would be returned to her, and he was. Hundreds of thousands of other mothers were not so lucky.