Apr 27 2007

From The Duh! Files

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It seems everything coming out of DC is pretty inane and idiotic, so I have not had to use the Duh! Files tag for sometime. But occassionally something bubbles out of DC so ridiculous it is hard to believe anyone ever debated the idea for even a split second – let alone two years. Here is this year’s first offering from the Duh! Files:

The Justice Department and a Northeastern Democrat have formed a rare alliance intended to restrict gun sales to terror suspects.

The bill, introduced late Thursday by Sen. Frank Lautenberg, D-N.J., after two years of study produced an endorsement by the Justice Department, would give the attorney general power to block gun sales to persons on terrorism watch lists. In some instances, the attorney general could let a sale go through _ for example, when stopping the sale would hinder a terrorism investigation.

Two years???? Where was the confusion? Actually the article explains it (basically Dems did not want to exclude sting operations – leaving law enforcement legally exposed). This is just too painful even to post.

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  1. MerlinOS2 says:

    If the bill was passed, Judith Miller could call up the perps to ask their reaction to how they felt about being denied gun purchases that her sources had informed her about.

    Yet some wonder why I drink beer before I sleep and prey before I go to bed.