Mar 28 2007

al Qaeda Brings Saddam-Like Brutality To The Sunnis In Iraq

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al Qaeda must be on its last legs in Iraq given the insane tactics they are now trying to employ. It seems it is al Qaeda now against all of Iraq – Sunnis especially:

Attackers killed a prominent member of an Iraqi tribe that had taken a stand against Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia, and in other violence today more than 53 people were killed in gunfire and bomb attacks.

Among the attacks were two suicide bombs in the northern city of Tal Afar and the murder of two elderly Chaldean nuns in Kirkuk.

Gunmen attacked a car carrying Harith Thahir Khamees al-Dari and fired a rocket-propelled grenade, killing him and wounding his driver, in Abu Ghraib, the authorities said.

“We accuse Al Qaeda,” said a relative of the family, Abu Abdullah. “The sheik has his stands against Al Qaeda, as Al Qaeda started targeting the innocent, civilians and children, police and army.”

The targetting of innocents is bringing to the Sunni population all the horrors Saddam used to lay on the Kurds and Shiites during his reign. With a common result – deep hatred for the killers. This retaliation will not bring sanctuary and support for al Qaeda in Iraq. They must know this, either that or they have no thoughts outside violence as the answer to all issues.

And the escalation of al Qaeda’s use of chemical weapons is another sign that al Qaeda is in desperate straights, and that the US cannot disengage now.

Insurgents with two chlorine truck bombs attacked a local government building in Fallujah, western Iraq, on Wednesday and 15 Iraqi and United States security forces were injured, the US military said.

“Numerous Iraqi soldiers and policemen are being treated for symptoms such as laboured breathing, nausea, skin irritation and vomiting that are synonymous with chlorine inhalation,” a US statement said.

It said no Iraqi or US. forces were killed in what it called a “complex attack” using mortars and small arms as well as the truck bombs.

If we do disengage, as the mindless democrats have been trying to do for 4 years now, then al Qaeda will make the connection chemical weapons are what finally did the trick and we will see these truck bombs in Europe and the US. The Chorine bombs are having less effect in terms of killing immediately, but they will add to the ‘terror’ these animals are trying to create. And while the Dems run in a panic for the exits, it is imperative we do not waiver. If al Qaeda is in a desperate, we need to move forward.

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  1. lurker9876 says:

    Hhhmmm…you may be right but the Democrats won’t see the connections.

    Hopefully, Bush will stand tall and veto that bill. No telling what will happen next. In a way, I’d like it to see it get ugly before it’s over with. It will force the Democrats to focus on that one thing instead of doing the show trials. Maybe???

  2. lurker9876 says:

    Mac Ranger says:

    UPDATE II: Remember 2008 is where all 435 house seats are up as well as 33 Senate seats!

    We have a lot of work to do to put the right people in government in ’08. Surprisingly or not so surprisingly enough, there are many liberal posters that believe the polls showing that the Democrats are going to sweep 08. Amazingly enough, they’re ignoring the size of PORK. One poster went on to say that it is bonechilling that the Bush passed the tax cuts under Republican Congress. Guess the liberals really want to pay more taxes?