Dec 07 2006

Three Weeks Of Polonium Trails

The Telegraph has the most up to date timeline which shows three cycles of Polonium coming into the UK, each time Lugovoi met with Litvinenko. This clearly signals a smuggling ring trying to collate a large amount of Polonium or distribute it to many places.

The focus yesterday was on Mr Lugovoi, a former KGB agent who runs a security firm in Moscow, and his business partner Mr Kovtun. They arrived in Britain by Transaero flight on Oct 16 and stayed at the Parkes Hotel in Knightsbridge, meeting Mr Litvinenko and attending a meeting at the private security firm Erinys.

The following day, Mr Lugovoi met Mr Litvinenko again, eating at Itsu before a meeting at another security firm, thought to be RISC Management on Cavendish Place. Mr Lugovoi and Mr Kovtun then flew back to Moscow. The hotel and both offices tested positive for polonium 210.

The pair returned to London on a British Airways flight on Oct 25, staying at the Sheraton on Park Lane and meeting Mr Litvinenko again before flying back on Oct 28. The Sheraton has also tested positive for polonium 210.

Mr Lugovoi and Mr Kovtun’s final visit came by British Airways on Oct 31 to watch Arsenal play CSKA Moscow. They stayed at the Millennium and met Mr Litvinenko in the Pine Bar. As well as bar staff being exposed to polonium, traces have also been found in rooms on the fourth floor.

And there are recurring themes surrounding these three events. (1) Hotels seem to be a meeting point to integrate or distribute the Polonium material. (2) Litvinenko and/or Lugovoi meet with Erinys twice and another security firm once. (3) Contamination follows Lugovoi until something happens on Nov 1 where Litvinenko becomes a vector (as does Kovtun) spreading the material.

Clearly one shipment by one person can deliver a lethal dose of Polonium-210. Three rounds of smuggling by possibly numerous carriers is not just overkill, it indicates the Polonium was meant for some other purpose.

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  1. Carol_Herman says:

    Every single drop contained “leaking materials?”

    Is there an “art” to packing this stuff?

    And, given the propensity of islamic killers to choose children as their victims; wouldn’t hospitals that cater to women and children, and kiddy schools be most at risk? At least able to provide a reference to the contaminators?

    Isn’t THIS what’s had the door blown off?

    And, aren’t we lucky, or what?

  2. crosspatch says:

    Okay, my latest theory:

    It is murder but the Russians didn’t do it. At some point they realize that they have been contaminated and need to seek medical treatment or at least be checked out. They might even suspect that one or more of them are contaminates with a fatal dose (poisoned). They can’t exactly go walking into a hospital and ask to be checked for polonium poisoning.

    Litvinenko might not have been involved in the smuggling. He might have been using them as they say for their connections for business deals. But when the guys doing the smuggling realize they are contaminated, they need to invent some scenario to justify it. Who would have access to polonium? The Russians would. Why would the Russians want to use polonium to kill Lugovoi and company? They wouldn’t. But they WOULD possibly use such a thing to kill Litvinenko. Interesting that the “hit list” appears the same day Litvinenko gets sick … how convenient! Now Litvinenko gets sick, maybe even believes the Russians are behind it, Boris puts the PR machine in high gear and evryone can now go to the doctor and get checked out.

  3. Lizarde1 says:

    No, they were passing or planning to pass this stuff on to someone else – who? What is wrong with primitive nuclear people, i.e., terrorists, wanting the stuff for triggers – maybe these groups got the other stuff, berrilium (sp?) from somebody else

  4. jerry says:

    I’m moving this forward from the previous thread:


    big spills have been found in the Millenium Hotel Room and the Sheraton (five rooms contaminated). You are not comprehending how much Polonium we are discussing here.”

    This is where we disagree, and I think it is you who are mis-comprehending what’s been reported – because it is necessary for your smuggling story. I don’t think there were “big spills” in any of the hotel rooms, it certainly hasn’t been reported this way. It has been suggested that the Millennium seems to have been contaminated by the original source, this suggests a high specific activity, not secondary contamination, but still a small hot spot.

    I’ll also add that I’ve seen reporting that the “5x lethal” dose of Scaramella is false, which is why he has no symptoms.