Oct 31 2006

Kerry The Scumbag

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John Kerry – and the Democrats who made him their standard bearer – is scum. Pure, unadulterated and unapologetic scum. John Kerry said things yesterday that are pure hate and bile. He stated that only educated people would know better than to defend and die for this nation. He is not going to fool anyone with his claim his comments were about Bush. Bush went to school already, and he is not at any risk of going to Iraq as a soldier. So forget that lame excuse. Kerry clearly commented on how to not be stupid in the future, and implied only education would allow a person to avoid ending up as some poor smuck dead in Iraq.

There was NOTHING about Bush in those comments because we all know Bush is President. We need only remind people that Kerry voted for these poor uneducated fools to go to Iraq and die, after he voted against the idea. In a month were over 100 brave Americans died for this nation, Kerry just insulted them -many as their broken bodies are still making their way home, draped in the American flag they loved so much they felt it was worth dying for.

Kerry was following in a long line of Democrat dislike for the men and women of our militarty who risk their lives, and lose their lives, defending this great nation. I listened to Laura Ingraham briefly this morning as a mother called in to lay into Kerry since she had just, this weekend, sent her son off to Iraq. She was near tears as the rightful anger and hurt came pooring out of her. It was too much to bear to think her son might pay the ultimate price, and a classic liberal scumbag like Kerry sent him on his way with a ‘screw you, you dumb sap” send off. I swear there should never be a Democrat party in this country if this is how their top idiot speaks.

And he is not alone. Recall Sen Durbin’s claim that our selfless men and women in uniform are like Nazis, the Kmher Rouge, etc. This was not haphazard comment by Durbin because it took him weeks to knuckle under to the pressure to apologize. I feel for any parent or child burying a loved one this week. Kerry’s crass and ugly comments will be there at this time of rememberance. How dare Kerry use these tragic sacrifices for his political machinations! It is criminal.

What Kerry reminded me was not so much Dick Durbin, but Ted Rall. The fanatical liberal (mainstream in media parlance) man who made fun of all those dumb hicks who would die for this lousy country. It also reminded me of the liberal stupidity and ugliness found at DailyKos.

The leftwing was getting all confident in their march to take over the Congress they started blurting out their true feelings. Well it is time this nation expressed their true feelings as well. Kerry’s comment has been out all day and he refuses to apologize – and Dems refuse to call him on it. Fine. The comment will not be challenged or retracted. The window of sincere apology is over. I am not interested in any backpeddling from now on. It will be insincere. If there was an ounce of compassion from the Dems it would have shown itself by now. But the Dems are too busy checking their polls before they make a move.

So America needs to decide right now what kind of party will represent them. Will it be the Democrats who insult those who died in a belief they were sacrificing for us all? If this is a national election then let’s look at the choices. Bush, who honors our soldiers at every opportunity and feels the pain of the losses, or the Democrats who joke about these sacrifices.

This election will end the politics of hate. A Dem loss now will end this sickness because it will not survive the loss. We need to send a message to the left they are being completely and clearly rejected, just as clearly the left dishonor our dead heros.

Realize one thing folks, the reason there was a Democrat heckler at an Allen event was to get Kerry off the news cycle. Trust me, that is why it happened. The Dems needed time to run polls so they tried to distract us. CNN and Mathews and Olberman will dutifully attempt to focus on the Allen heckler instead of the national insult laid on us by a sitting US Senator. That is their job as useful idiots for the left. But we will remember what Kerry said.

There was a great picture after 9-11 of a soldier taking the flag from fire fighter at ground zero. It was a wonderful sentiment and we all knew we would be losing more brave souls as they went off to fight this cruel and determined enemy. What we didn’t realize is how much the Democrats saw that as pure stupidity – as a joke. Now we know. Vote “no” to democrats and their callous, uncaring jokes. Vote “yes” to the heros who died trying to protect us. These men and women were not uneducated, stupid people. They were the best. The absolute best. And they did what they felt was right. Not for the Kerry’s – but for all of us who refuse to be a John Kerry. To all of us non-democrats. No one insults those who laid down their life for me, my family and this country without having to deal with me and millions of others like me. This heinous act is too much. Bring on this election!!

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  1. Sue says:

    John Kerry – and the Democrats who made him their standard bearer – is cum

    Typo? Or Freudian slip?

  2. AJStrata says:


    At one point it was right!

  3. patrick neid says:

    on the bright side he is making progress. stuck in iraq is better than his previous statements of calling gi’s murderers and rapists. as to the big picture, are you trying to tell us that you didn’t know that kerry works for rove?

  4. CJ says:


    Thank you very much for those words. My husband and I are regular readers of your blog. He is active duty AF. I called him today at work and asked him this question, “If you were sitting listening to a speech and this person said (I quoted John Kerry) what would you think that person meant?” Right off the bat, he said that our military were morons. Then I told him that it was Kerry who said it and of course you can imagine the comments that came next.

    He calls me back later to tell me he asked the same question to a bunch of other military folks and received the same response. Trust me, those military that have heard about this are EXTREMELY mad and offended.

    In our office there are many medals and awards, amongst those plaques hangs a Master’s Degree in Software engineering earned by my so called non-educated, soldier husband. My husband was ROTC during college and recieved his commission upon graduation and then received his masters through the AF. He came from a middle class family and was well educated through his high school years. ALl he has ever wanted to be from the time he was 8 years old was a soldier. EVERY military member I know has some kind of degree including their wives!!!!!!!!!! This military wife and southern belle (spits, lady like of course) at John Kerry and his lame attempt at lying.

  5. Barbara says:

    Why the surprise? We all know Kerry is a fool. Only a fool would tip his hand like this one week before an election. This guy represents the sheer arrogance of the democrat party. He has no idea how to keep his mouth shut. The people of Mass. are ridiculous for voting for not only for this cretin but for the other slime ball, the swimmer, also. This guy is a barefaced traitor who got away with his treason not once but several times. He not only commited treason in the early 1970’s but all along his career also. I thank God every day that Gore and Kerry lost both elections. It boggles the mind about how this country would fare if either one of these idiots were president.

  6. kathie says:

    Kerry can’t get out of this one because he has a pattern that he has repeated over and over again. He joined the military not because he believed anything or because he thought this was a country worth fighting for but for political reasons. Those who fight for us and this country are the best, he is not one of them.

  7. Snapple says:

    Dear CJ,

    Thank your husband for serving. Kerry just said that to pander to the arrogance of some young people who think they are smart but have little experience of the world and its danger.

  8. DubiousD says:

    “If anyone thinks a veteran would criticize the more than 140,000 heroes serving in Iraq…”

    Someone ought to clue in Brigadier-President-Emperor-Lord-Dog Catcher John Kerry that the true number of those who have served in Iraq isn’t 140,000… that’s the number of soldiers serving at *any one time*. The true number of those who’ve served is probably closer to 400,000 — if not higher. It’s this funny little thing the Pentagon does called rotation. Army units serve a year in-country, then rotate out, then another army unit takes their place. Marine units serve seven months at a time, then out.

    You would think Master of the Universe Kerry would know that. Being, ya know, a veteran and all.

  9. retire05 says:

    John Kerry has done many things that had he been a Republican, he would have wound up at Fort Leavenworth for a long, long time. But just as Jane Fonda got a pass because her father was a famous man and loved by millions of Americans, Kerry got a pass because he was an insider to Camelot.
    Well, forty years have passed since the days of Camelot. And the middle age American who is now taking an interest in politics are not impressed with the (real) JFK fairy tale. Teddy Kennedy, who was the master to John Kerry’s act as lap dog, is just another senator from a state that most people can’t spell.
    Kerry just cost the Democrats the vote of every military person who was registered Democrat. Why would you vote for a party that doesn’t distance itself from the words of a traitor? Where is Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid doing damage control? Or do they support Kerry by remaining silent?
    Someone needs to tell Kerry that no one cares about Camelot anymore, that Walter Cronkite is not covering the war in Iraq telling us how we are losing when we are not, that the MSM does not have a strangle hold on the news anymore and that newsprint like the NYTs is going down the tube.
    It seems in their desparation to take control the Dems are self imploding. Charlie Rangel calls the VP a SOP and Kerry insults every person wearing the uniform of our nation and putting their lives on the line for even scum like him.
    I can only hope that the Democrats are now in line for a November surprise.

  10. Brandon says:

    John Kerry keeps reminding the cut and run crowd why we can’t trust the defeatocrats with national security!

  11. Barbara says:

    But…you know the dems support the troops. They said so. Not the war, of course, just the troops. And don’t question their patriotism. Why, they are just as patriotic as your average jihadist.

  12. AJStrata says:


    Well you tell your husband this is one person who admires and appreciates his efforts. My son is JROTC and will be heading into the service at some point. My father fought in WWII. The Democrats need to pay for not drumbing Kerry out of the party. This is simply the worst thing I have ever heard. I truly cannot fathom how these comments must have hit anyone of those 103 families of the brave soldiers lost this year in Iraq. It must have been like a gut punch.

    The Dems need to pay for this.

  13. Ken says:

    …”lost this month in Iraq,” Strata, a telling error on your part.

    Kerry is an opportunist who tacked to the left , pre-Iraq War,
    to ward off the Howard Dean steamroller…then betrayed 80%
    of his party rank and file who polled opposed to giving Bush the
    right to conduct a pre-emptive war based on lies.

    Let Kerry take his hits; the real winners are…jihadists and
    Iran, both whose power grew as a result of the failed unwinnable
    war..and whose power will be given a further boost by the
    increased polarization of America’s body politic and political
    class, polarization spinning off the Kerry remark.

    Editor and Publisher did a story earlier which gave evidence
    that families of those who lost members in Iraq were split
    evenly pro and anti-war, and this was before the October

    The Democrats might suffer somewhat from Kerry’s
    remark, but not much. Strata and his fans still don’t
    understand that Americans have irreversibly and bitterly
    turned against the war.

  14. For Enforcement says:

    The usual “blame America first” drivel from Ken. He didn’t say one thing that is worth addressing. How can one man be so consistently wrong?

    Ken’s motto: “what me worry?” I don’t know enough to.

  15. For Enforcement says:

    Excuse me for assuming Ken is a man. I may be wrong on that.

  16. Terrye says:

    I can’t believe that even Kerry was stupid enough to say this. Why not just apologize and move on? Why get all paranoid and weird? Oh yeah, this is John Kerry we are talking about. The loon.

    and ken. blah blah blah.

  17. Dc says:

    Lets not forget…Kerry has a “long” history of this. The one before this was…that our troops were “terrorizing” Iraqi’s in their homes.

    Of course..the ultimate Kerry misundertanding/mistatement used against him..was his treason and slander against US forces fighting in SE Asia…as noted.

    Here’s a few other odds and ends maybe Lurch should consider…He(Kerry) voted for the war, Bush’s IQ is higher than his, Bush’s grades in college were higher than his, Bush…is the “president” of the US.

    And it didn’t seem to me at all that Lurch was trying to make a “joke” when he started this. (that was one explanation..that this was supposed to be a scripted joke). Kerry intterupted himself to say..look..and he was dead serious…not joking.

    Beyond that..when such mistakes happen (or unfortunate wording..where it gets taken the wrong way)…the quickest and easiest way to deal with it…is to simply say….I’m sorry…I didn’t mean it that way…I apologize to those insulted. That’s what you do REGARDLESS if you “really” still mean what you thought you said.
    God…..as Lewis Black said….after trying to follow Lurches speech for one night in 04 ..he didn’t have enough bread crumbs to get home.

    The idea that Lurch has a Swift Boat dellusional complex is interesting. That somehow..he is reliving or trying to “re-do” or re-make his humilation in 04..and that he’s being personally swiftboated.

    Whatever his personal issues are…he’s really making this worse. It’s like watching somebody in quicksand. God love him…and in the last week of the election.

  18. TomAnon says:

    Happy Halloween Lurch!

    Thanks for the support.

    To late, he cannot appologize now. At this time it would look totally contrived as it would be. Besides, he meant what he said. His explanation has been, ,,
    poor joke told badly, however, I appologize for nothing,,

    What a moron. Moron’s moron

    Ken, If
    “Americans have irreversibly and bitterly
    turned against the war”

    Why is Lieberman kicking the tar out of Lamont?

  19. the good doctor says:

    Just watched Hannity & Colmes. Colmes and the democrats absolutelly beleive people are stupid. They read Lurch’s satement which has no mention of Busch,Lurch is addressing the students and then they state it was a joke about Bush. They are not only insulting the military but the whole country. They are toast!!!!

  20. archtop says:

    I cannot believe that Kerry would say this was about anything or anyone other than ** the military **. I read the statement – how could ** anyone ** be confused by what he said!? This incident says a lot about the Kerry and the Democrats – don’t apologize, try to tell people you really didn’t say what you said, try to put the blame on someone else…he’s like a 2 year old child!!

    I can say without reservation that this is perhaps one of the biggest blunders I have ** ever ** witnessed in politics in my lifetime! What will the all Democrat candidates say? If they say nothing, are they endorsing Kerry’s statement? If they come out against him, will they have to face the wrath of Howard Dean and the Democratic party machine? It’s a no-win situation. Plus they just energized a ** huge ** military voter block for the Republicans…

    Quite possibly, Kerry just single-handedly lost the election for the Democrats…