Oct 20 2006

President Pelosi, By Impeachment?

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Update: Sorry Don! I did not realize you had noted the impeachment path as well! Seems good minds think alike – no wonder you got all that attention! Cheers – AJStrata.
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Blogger Buddy Don Surber (from West-By-Golly-Virginia) got a lot of publicity from his article about President Pelosi by noticing the Speaker is third in line for the Presidency. That reality becomes into even sharper focus when you consider the barely veiled desire of the Dems and their Liberal base to Impeach both Bush and Cheney. Are the Dems so whacked they would try and take the Presidency through Impeachment? Well, they tried to take the Presidency through the FL Supreme Court in 2000 (which was admonished by the US SC Court 7-2 for violating Florida’s election laws, the 5-4 ruling liberals whine about was how to proceed, which was to just give the latest count the final say). And the Dems ran from Texas to avoid having to correct the districting of the state to represent the people’s political make up. So is it out of the realm of possibility the Dems would use Congress to place their own in the Oval office without the vote of the people? Seems they have tried that before.

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  1. The Plan To Impeach Bush…

    Here is something to look forward to when if the Dems take the House:
    A plan is in place to censure and impeach President Bush and Vice President Cheney. Orchestrated and organized by the radical Left and Congressman John Conyers, Jr., this plan is r…

  2. Keith says:

    Sorry.. I seem to have done something wrong with my prior comment that messed up the format on the page.

  3. AJStrata says:


    I think I fixed it!


  4. momdear1 says:

    Not so fast. Pelosi can’t be president unless they impeach Bush and Chaney at the same time. Remember, first they got Agnew, and Nixon appointed Ford to be Vice President. When they got Nixon, Ford became President. It appears that the Speaker of the House becomes President only if both Pres. and Vice Pres. go at the same time.

  5. Keith says:

    Or.. if Congress refuses to confirm the new VP and then they impeach Cheney with no VP in place.